Trump praises Alex Acosta amid fury over Epstein ties

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has been “excellent” and a “very good secretary of labor.” As for Acosta’s future, Trump would only say that the White House would be “looking at it (his role in the Epstein case) very closely.”

Acosta is facing renewed scrutiny for his role in handling a 2008 plea agreement for Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged Monday with allegedly having operated a sex trafficking ring in which he sexually abused dozens of underage girls. As a US attorney in Florida more than a decade ago, Acosta helped the multi-millionaire Epstein secure a non-prosecution deal for similar charges, described as a "deal of a lifetime" by an investigative report in the Miami Herald last year. Epstein ultimately served only 13 months and avoided a federal trial.

Trump said Tuesday that “a lot” of people were involved in the 2008 case in addition to Acosta and he later added that he felt “badly” for his labor secretary.
Acosta's future in the Trump administration is likely to depend on news coverage of his role in Jeffrey Epstein's plea agreement and how loud the calls for his resignation become, according to people close to Trump.
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  1. He’s always “ LOOKING” at everything, we’re lookin at it strongly, how do you do that?🧐

  2. Trump changes his tune! Loves Jeffry Epstein (he’s a fun guy loves younger beautiful girls, like me.) Not a fan though more of an enthusiast.

  3. Well of course that orange clown praises a corrupt, vile pig, drumpf is exactly the same.

  4. “I think it’s Miami, is it Miami?”
    “I think her name is Stormy, is it Stormy?”

    Can’t stand hearing this pathological liar open his rotten piehole.

    1. CNN is lying a joke, All BERNIE, TRUMP, TULSI GABBARD, ANDREW YANG, RON PAUL and ROSS PEROT(Rest his soul) supporters know this!

    2. Can’t stand your worthless pathetic vagina mouth ideas. Your worthless. Get a [passport and see the world as it is. Ignorant fool.

  5. Don’t you do a background check on your cabinet members before you pick them for a job so not to have a scandal ? The famous words ‘I don’t know him’

    1. Just because someone is clean on record doesn’t mean they are not scandelous. It may mean they are better at their B.S. And vice versa.

    2. Like the UK ambassador. Who told what he sees in Trump. And Trump retaliated with slander of UK ambassador and then says he don’t know him.

    3. Ok! Trump followers remember what Trump told you all. What you hear or see it’s not true, so on that note he said Acosta is great and a good man and he feel bad for Acosta. So he really means Acosta is not a good, but bad man. Also he feels bad for Acosta really means he doesn’t care. I got this figured out

  6. “We had a falling out…..”
    Meaning “he asked me to pay my bill for having sex with his underage girls and what he doesn’t understand is I dont pay my bills.”

    – The 45th President of the United States

    1. @DoItDifferent The first question, those two things aren’t mutually exclusive, and in his case, I think both apply.👍🏻

    2. Rapist Trump ODA 595 you are a fucking idiot lol if trump was guilty of anything in this you would know about it because the media wouldn’t shut up about it

  7. Yes he only surrounds himself with very very fine people lol 😭😂🤣 now he claims he was not a fan again 😭🤣😂that’s not the story he told at the time.

    1. @Rapist Trump ODA 595 Hunt that jew down anyway. He will only get a year or 2 in his special Jew jail where there is badminton and tennis and saunas. Just like Auschwitz without the labor.

  8. “ I feel bad for secretary Acosta…“

    No mention of girls being sex slaves and feeling bad about it. Just that he is “not a fan“

    1. @Plasma Plasma John Doe Yeah, watch out for all those ‘evil’ Jews dumbass lol

    2. @Bail 10k Drumpf Models Management was shut down in 2017 for underage Human trafficking.
      Guess he kept his promise to retards.

  9. Terrific Secretary of Labor that doesn’t charge leaders of child trafficking, and now oversees human trafficking regulations. Seems legit.

    1. @Pinkie Bell They aren’t buddies and don’t go to private islands together. Trump said “All i know is he’s done a terrific job as secretary” and you have to remember it’s Trump saying that and he’s a businessman lol.

  10. “…the best of the best people…” …yeaa…”was long time ago”… soooo, was a 💩 and still is a 💩 today!

    WTF is with minimum moral and empathy in US???

  11. He feels bad about Acosta.Are you kidding me. Because of him Epstein has been free to take advantage of young girls.


    2. No, because of fake-news media that only defended for political reasons when Obama was in office, or when Clinton was running, since it is Bill Clinton that has the closest and strongest ties to that scandal.

  12. You think there would have been more political scandals & criminal prosecutions against our Govmnts, after Manning, Snowden & Assange exposed them <<< SHEEPLE

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