Trump Pulling FEMA Money For Border Wall As Puerto Rico Braces For Storm | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Florida and Puerto Rico are bracing for damage as tropical storm Dorian heads toward the coast all while the Trump administration is pulling millions of dollars that could be used for disaster relief by FEMA and sending it to the Southern border for wall construction. Chris Jansing is joined by University of Texas Professor Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Republican Political Consultant Shermichael Singleton, and Democratic Strategist Basil Smikle to break down what we know.
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Trump Pulling FEMA Money For Border Wall As Puerto Rico Braces For Storm | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Tyler Street I don’t think u do either dude. Bankruptcy is bankruptcy either way. Try some intellectual points. 🤦.

    2. @Tyler Street But, he got the money to invest with co-signers from foreigners to make it happen. He’s a trader . And that’s what his taxes will show. And believe it when the facts will show it when democrats get his taxes. Dumb , dumb. Mentally Trump dude.

    3. @Martha Soledad It’s not hard to reply to these idiot’s, 99 times out of 100 they have no facts to back up anything they say. In actual fact, they don’t care whether what they say is true or not. The evidence is ALL on our side.

  1. This is Normal for Trump and the Republicans! No
    FEMA money for Hurricane Damage or relief for US Territories of Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico! I am not even sure if North Carolina, Florida, South Georgia or Texas recieved much in Federal funding for the Hurricanes
    Last Year! Trumo moved 10 million dollars to Homeland Security for Border security Now Trump wants another 155 millon dollars from FEMA to go towards the border
    concentration camps!

    1. So far, $13 billion from the $92 billion fund have been used. The rest is for future disasters.
      They are probably making the claim that the border is a “disaster” and qualifies to be paid for from that fund. Mexico is paying for it!?

    2. We should not act & speaci as if it’s “normal” he’s been too far off his policies, but wait there’s more now FEMA $$$

  2. Bs I’m in Florida preparing for another storm. There are still blue tarp roofs and damage from last year and he’s taking fema . Really?

    1. Think that’s bad ? look at New Orleans all these years after Katrina. And trust me, New Orleans on the lower Mississippi is far more important than Florida. Trump wasn’t president then. Who was?

    2. @chop 362 neither bush or Obama were white nationalists so what’s their excuse for not doing nothing for Black People ? or not doing nothing for American citizens or Vets or what’s their excuse but nowadays everything is the “White Nationalists” fault smh stop lying

  3. while he is running for relection he is goin to say half the USA looks like a bomb went off but hey we got a wall. We need that to protect the waste land we have

    1. @Man Splainer I think you need to take a close look around our nation then come to your own conclusion. I have been in half the states In Our country. I have seen the “waste”

  4. This storm bounced like a rubber ball yesterday. After it leaves Puerto Rico it could bounce into Miami, bounce out to sea, bounce into Jacksonville, bounce out the sea, and bounce back into Savannah. On each bounce out to sea it will pick up water and wind intensity. It may not happen, but these are climate change times, and the weather is not behaving itself.

    1. Man Splainer you do understand the majority of people don’t have the means, or resources to just up and move their whole lives, but I see that you’re to self centered to care about the lives of others

  5. Yes, Trump is INTENTIONALLY killing off every one on the island. He must want the place for a new resort or something…

  6. So what happens to poor Puerto Rico…..are they going to be ignored so that trump can play his “I am going to build a wall” scenario? Some day surely he will meet up with the injustice he deserves in life!

    1. He’s not ignoring them, he’s insulting them (“most corrupt country on earth” etc) by way of throwing his base another blue pill. Their hearts will be all aflutter with “Oh, my, Donald, you’re so ….. BUTCH!”

  7. …almost as if he doesn’t think Puerto Ricans are people? Can’t wait for all the excuses from the “base” when he refuses aid and people die again, though!

  8. Since México is not paying (shocking, right!?) US disaster victims will …
    I hope Congress takes this administration to court, the President cannot re-allocate funds, that would be against “checks & balances”.

  9. Look I’m not posting personal stacks, but this is not an American policy. Pulling FEMA $ away from those who need it and hurricane season is not over, who will stop and get the $ back? The Senate Mitch who will not mustard the courage to do the right thing is a testament to the party & weakness. Congress can only do so much they need the Senate too.

  10. Wonder if Trump plans to attend the clean up event after to throw paper towels at the crowds again. 2020 cannot come soon enough!

    1. I wonder if he’ll repeat his geography lesson to us again. “This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water”

  11. If Trump’s precious bed bug infested Doral golf course gets hit buy a hurricane you bet FEMA will be in there doing all kinds of expensive work Trump’s corrupt

    1. What has he done for you to say that ? The biggest problem we have is democrats and their controllers. They control most of the media, the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. We realize this, and allow propaganda to make decisions for us and form our opinions. Is that what we want ?

    2. @pinch mesh no we want you to take your meds and get better,or stop taking them and die. simple really

  12. What can the American voters do? Go to the ballot box and vote your conscience and heart. If you do POTUS 45 would be turned out with McConnell, Graham and later Cruz

  13. This is straight up illegal. Congress is the only one who possess the authority to decide how money is allocated.

  14. Jeezus, he’s such a tool. This fake president is a low point in US History and the world will be a better place when he slithers away

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