1. @John Sheffield hunter isn’t a politician never held a seat in any dealings with the govt unlike Trump’s children stealing millions

    2. Imagine still eating a daily sh*t sandwich from CNN pushing fake news, Russia hoax, 99.9% negative coverage of a former President and 99% only positive coverage of the current president. Talking about loyalty

  1. “I consider that to be very disloyal. But it’s not about loyalty. But to me it is. It’s all about loyalty” 😂😂😂

    1. @Kathryn Jones IKR!!
      It’s amazing Trump believes that no one else is entitled to move forward in their political careers. I’m glad Republican candidates know that he’s a loser and won’t win. That’s what they are afraid to directly say to him.

    2. @Kathryn Jones at one time he held that power as a billionaire celebrity and playboy. Now he’s a diminished man with bad press and losing money and credibility bc of his ridiculous rants and loser presidential videos. They are putting him out to pasture realizing they don’t need his endorsement.
      ..and as far as a playboy 😄😂🤣
      Well that orange makeup, 🤡 despicable anal looking mouth and pitiful diminished looks, he’s more like Pugsly in a horror flick. 🎃

  2. Geez how’s DeSanctimonious going to react to Trumps CRT “Critical Ron Talk” Republicans fighting for full control of the party is hilarious entertainment.

  3. DeSantis has zero personality. Ask him an unexpected question and he freezes like a deer in the headlights. Any good debater will crush Ron DeSantis.

    1. He’s a NY man. A real estate man where the rules say if you don’t make the payments for every yard of concrete you pour you become part of that concrete forever.

    2. @Bald Eagle Going on 7 years the MSM and the left has been trying to take Trump down and zero success. You people are low hanging fruit for the left and they sucker you everytime.

  4. This will be the best comedy tour of 2023 and if he gets the nomination in 2024 he’ll lose a second time, lose the popular vote a third time and the GQP will lose the House and not regain the Senate. This is comedy and democracy GOLD!!!

    1. @BLMLovesWatermelon and Chicken you wish! Pay attention, remember the big RED wave that was closer to spotting? Spotting, if you aren’t aware is the lack of flow during a woman’s period? Gawd I’m funny, 😂🤣 don’t you think? The only running IQ45 will be doing is away from the law!

    2. @Drumpfisidiot yo… desantis isn’t going to be “maga” he’s going to be a Conservative. The right has been fielding thinking that they couldn’t get people to worry about anything other then the next benefit but Desantis will run on managing debt and reducing programs that are unproductive to economic growth. Gaining control of southern border will save money for those states so for 1/4 of the country he can gain the vote just by reinstating sanity and control

    3. @Rankedscrub I hope so, I voted for Drumpf the first time and slowly changed my affiliation. Let’s just see what he does about the division.

    4. The election will be this year. He will be inaugurated in 2024.

      It’s so fantastic watching your narcissism over run your knowledge.

  5. So, the one who is incapable of being loyal to anyone but himself, is calling out Trump mini me for being disloyal! Yep, sounds about right🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. I am so tired of hearing about Trump and DeSantis. Please dear God, let there be someone better than them to the run for presidential.

    1. The party has shifted. You’re going to be stuck with this ilk until Republicans get their heads out of their asses and stop supporting this anti-democracy, pro-authoritarian bs.

    2. The Republicans have no agenda to improve the nation that’s the problem. That’s why Desantis leans on nothing but being “anti woke.” Yeah great, now what about healthcare and infrastructure and social security and….???

    1. @Jill Featherman Only a few days ago, he alienated the black vote all across Florida, and probably NATION WIDE! I know that there are a few black idiots who will still vote for him, but he’s knocking a big hole in his potential voter base. THAT is DUMB!!! And why did he go to both Harvard and Yale? Harvard didn’t like him? He actually sounds like a complete idiot to me…

    2. @388 Easy Money
      And yet they still managed to beat trump like a rented drum 😂😂😂😂. He lost in 2018, lost in 2020 and managed to turn the 2022 “red wave”into a tiny trickle of orange pee. Barking Yam sure looks like a loser to me

    1. I’m not a republican.
      Trump is the only President in my lifetime not to have started a new war.
      Donald Trump negotiated more peace deal between the Middle East and Israel then every other peacekeeping Nation combined.
      Trump negotiated a temporary peace deal between North and South Korea even setting foot into the demilitarized zone. A peaceful negotiation unparalleled by any one in history.

      Democrats are intentionally starting world War 3 for profit

    2. @Bill Robbins did he do what he said he would do for the American people when he was in office? Yes.
      Did he put himself first during that? No
      Did you have enough money to pay your bills without worrying consistently as you do now? Or maybe you have enough money you don’t have to worry!
      I’m so sick and so tired of hearing people dump on Trump that I could vomit! If you can’t see the difference between trumps presidency and the current regime, not to mention the Bush and Obama dirty deal regime behind the scenes then you’re never going to see a thing.

  7. When Georgia announces charges against trump, shortly after DeStupid, DeSantimonious will announce his candidacy.

  8. If Desantis wins the nomination Trump will stand as an in dependent, splitting the vote and handing the presidency to whoever the Democrat candidate is.

    1. Of course he will, you know Trump will sabotage the republicans. He would rather the democrat to win than anybody who beat him the primaries

  9. Trump and deathsantis going after each other will be epic . Two dictators attacking each other , I guess it’s kind of similar to Hitler versus Stalin

    1. Yeh like “ You ain’t black if you don’t for me” or “poor kids are just as smart as white kids” or the classic “ my kids and going to some racial jungle school” all great one liners by our most racist president of all.
      And an exclusive hit from Kamala “ I kept innocent black men in jail for free labor for our state”
      Ahh the lovely melodies our most racist White House visitors.

    2. Yes
      .talk about the black kettle calling the other black kettle black. It’s a freaking gong show. What a joke. Both of them are scum.

  10. Trump’s lifetime motto :
    ” If things come out good I take credit.
    If things come out bad, blame someone else! “

  11. Ironic that you say Ron DeSantis is in a class of his own being a “non-Trump candidate” when he does everything he can to mirror the guy.

    1. DeSantis may have started out that way, but now he’s become something separate and apart and even greater than Donald Trump.
      The student has surpassed the master.

    2. The republicans have two men that should be no where near the white house. I’ll be so glad when the republicans revert to the decent men they were at one time. All they do is lie and degrade others. There has to be some decent men and women in this party. Time they got some backbone and put their party back in good standing. A party that wants to work together to make the stench they are going to leave in history disappear and make our country whole again .

  12. “I expect him to run” …….really? How’s about the DOJ bringing indictments for his crimes, Atlantas DA, New Yorks DA…..? His failed attempt at insurrection should immediately disqualify him for any office!
    With all of that why on earth do you and your cohorts even give him the time of day reporting on his “run” for office? Let’s hear about his run for Rikers Island!

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