Tucker Carlson said he hates Trump ‘passionately’ in texts according to legal filings

In legal filings made public as part of Dominion Voting Systems' $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News, a trove of private text messages, emails, and deposition transcripts offered a new look behind the scenes at the right-wing channel. CNN's Paula Reid and media analyst Sara Fischer have the details. #CNN #News


  1. He’s the television equivalent of the tabloid “Midnight”. You would read the headlines about the most gruesome and unlikely events and think, this just can’t be true. It’s the way he speaks, as though he thinks his audience are idiots, which mainly they are.

    1. ​​@Gianluigi Buffon doesn’t make you the smarter bunch for knowingly watching a daytime drama. Everyone watched Game of Thrones too. Just about as truthful as Fox.

    2. ​@Gianluigi Buffon congratulations. You watch the “popular” news. Lol. That even sounds funny to say. If it’s popular it definitely isn’t real news. 🤣

    3. There are still good Republicans out there that follow Ronald Reagan’s / Lincoln’s ideals. They seriously need to cut ties with MAGA. I just want stable politics. Not this boat show filled with lies. It’s a complete joke.

    1. @RealTakerslady – Yes that was his testimony, in court and under oath and in personal text messages, emails, etc.

    2. @tony hunt
      The Murdoch family was kicked out of the UK? Are these the alternative facts I hear so much about? 🌹❤️

  2. Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs… and now Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson. What a legacy to build trust on. Kinda speaks volumes about this republican party.

    1. @arlene henry, I expect that you can in no way cite an example in which any media organization outright knowingly lies to its viewers to th9s extent in order to maintain its ratings, can you?

    2. @John B you see that ” record GDP ” you cite ? That was on account of the previous Administration. Do you think a country’s economy is built in a couple years ?

  3. *Has it not dawned on some Fox viewers that they’re viewed with complete contempt by their “heroes” on air?* 😮

    1. @IMACLOWN LOCKMEUP He’s insulting you, he didn’t praise trump at all. You don’t even understand what is going on 😂

  4. Holding a person responsible for their actions is called accountability. It’s not in the Republican vocabulary.

    1. Remember when Eric Holder sent guns to the cartel to find out who was supplying the cartel with guns? 😂 no you don’t, because you haven’t been conditioned to think about stuff, the TV tells you to jump and you jump…

      Never join the mob 😂

  5. I would be happy if I never had to see Tucker Carlsons face ever again. Even if nothing else comes from this other that his dismissal

  6. So they revile him for the monster that he is… BUT THEY STILL WANTED HIM TO WIN. Sick traitors.

    1. @Stephen Edgecock You have missed the crucial point. They, along with over 80 million people DO think which is why they elected Biden.

  7. Fox news are like James Bond villains that give away the their plot just before they think that they are about to kill him, only for him to escape and bring down their whole plan.

    1. Great to see my man Don back on the show. He definitely looking more reserved and that’s ok… Welcome back Don Lemon!

    1. Yes because Orban lost the first time, they are running part 2 of the same plan. Only they’re idiots 😂

    1. @Susan Kay they release them one day after tucker plays videos of Jan 6. What a coincidence 🤷‍♂️

    1. What I find the funniest is that Trump has been praising those same people in his MAGA rallies. People who KNOW that he is not only a fraud but also not like a very smart person. 😂

    2. @Mr. Robot I don’t approve of the riot and I don’t agree with everything tucker says . What I’m interested in is why certain politicians are so angry that this video footage has been released

  8. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Media companies have shown we need to break up their monopolies. Too much power in too few hands which are corrupt.

    1. @Michael Morningstar A monopoly in it’s final stage is just one but even very few in asector can be called monopolies

  9. I totally don’t understand , HOW MR Carlson can live with his self knowing the lying and destruction he’s doing and knows he is lying. And still just last night doing the usual thing is beyond me.SAD.

    1. I totally don’t understand either. What an evil guy. We know that he does it for the money though. Money isn’t worth that.

  10. The Dominion lawsuit could be the best thing to happen to journalism in a long time. Maybe it will teach some and remind others what journalists do versus what goes on at Fox. I hope it goes to trial because I’m sure the text messages are the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Hold on did she say Fox news needs to distant themselves? haha I’m glad CNN corrected and said, oh they left the Trump boat, they are not going to announce something like that publicly.

  11. Man I hope they don’t settle. Of course they will, but this all should be on record. It’s like on 1/6, we all watched it unfold in real time. We could see it coming weeks away. And yet, Fox covered it like it was some normal day with regular tourists. It’s crazy man.

    1. @BatMadd – there is no way in hell Dominion settles. This is for two reasons:

      1) This was an open and shut case well before recent revelations.

      2) The dollar amount awarded will likely be well above what they filed for. So settling is less money.

  12. Why would any judge even need to send this case to trial? Dominion has already proven their case.

  13. What fascinates me most is that Dominion was able to obtain so much derog – either through discovery or someone who is handing it off. Either way it has to be keeping Fox folks awake at night trying to remember what they said & to whom. And what everyone else might have said. 😂

  14. I’m loving this! The next batch is even more damning than the last one! Thank you, Dominion! You’re doing what the DOJ/FEC/etc. are too scared to do.

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