U.S. officials ‘don’t know yet’ if Russia intentionally struck U.S. military drone

U.S. defence officials said that Russia's interception of a drone was aggressive, but that 'incidents happen' in international airspace.

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    1. ​@Bob Woods kherson is actually mostly all held by russia if you had any brains. Do a bit of research. A small part they retreated from but go and actually see yourself.

    2. @jimmie matho everybody knows russia did it, it’s about that same as russia denying there were russian troops in Ukraine up until a couple months ago

  1. The jet exhaust blast alone can take out the propellers; it would be foolish for any aircraft to use its body surface to contact the propeller. More “accidents” will happen if Austin’s bravado continues.

    1. Also, based on the shape of an MQ-9 and the propeller at the rear, it would have been a pretty heroic feat of flying to just hit the propeller and not destroy the whole drone straight off.

    2. @David Krushelniski An exhaust blast in front of the reaper may also disturb the navigation system causing it to lose orientation and eventually crash into the sea.

    3. Surely an unmanned vehicle pilot bears more responsibility to stay away from a manned piloted aircraft. Is a drone worth more than a human life?

  2. For the safety of the world as a collective ,because the risk of nuclear war is so great, everyone must pray that Ukraine surrenders and is defeated soon

    1. For your information, if Russians wins and Ukraine surrenders its land, Poland is next. Russia isn’t stopping anytime soon. We need an armistice of some sort. Where Russia works a deal with Ukraine and it’s surrounding and United States makes an agreement to help some of their trade. Russia economy has gone to shits and United States isn’t budging.

  3. “Don’t know if it was intentional” why would they ever crash an expensive fighter jet, with an expensive pilot to take out a drone?

  4. How can you say it’s aggressive even when the previous sentence you said it’s unknown if that was intentional? Unintentional aggression, what a breakthrough in logics, Aristotle is turning in his grave ! Shows how little intelligence is required to be an American general! Be scared very very scared to have this guy in charge of our countries safety.

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