Ukraine: Video shows people arriving to Poland amid Russian invasion | USA TODAY

Ukranians arrive by train in Poland amid a military offensive attack by Vladimir Putin and Russia.

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  1. 2 U.S. Invasions
    1914-1918 – a series of invasions of Mexico.
    1914-1934 – Haiti. After numerous rebellions, America introduces its troops, the occupation lasts 19 years.
    1916-1924 – 8-year occupation of the Dominican Republic.
    1917-1933 – military occupation of Cuba, economic protectorate.
    1917-1918 – participation in World War I.
    1918-1922 – intervention in Russia. In total, it was attended by 14 states.
    Active support was provided to the territories separated from Russia – Kolchakia and the Far Eastern Republic.
    1918-1920 – Panama. After the election troops are introduced to suppress unrest.
    1919 – COSTA RICA. U.S. troops are landed to “protect American interests.”
    1919 – U.S. troops fight on the side of Italy against the Serbs in Dolmatia.
    1919 – U.S. troops enter Honduras during elections.
    1920 – Guatemala. 2-week intervention.
    1921 – U.S. support for guerrillas fighting to overthrow Guatemalan President Carlos Herrera for the benefit of the United Fruit Company.
    1922 – intervention in Turkey.
    1922-1927 – U.S. troops in China during the People’s Revolt.
    1924-1925 – Honduras. Troops invade the country during elections.
    1925 – Panama. U.S. troops break a general strike.
    1926 – Nicaragua. Invasion.
    1927-1934 – U.S. troops are stationed throughout China.
    1932 – Invasion of El Salvador by sea. There was a rebellion there at this time.
    1937 – Nicaragua. With the help of U.S. troops, dictator Somoza comes to power, deposing the legitimate government of J. Sakasa.
    1939 – The introduction of troops into China.
    1947-1949 – Greece. U.S. troops participate in civil war, supporting fascists.
    1948-1953 – hostilities in the Philippines.
    1950 – Uprising in Puerto Rico is suppressed by U.S. troops.
    1950-1953 – Armed intervention in Korea by about one million American soldiers.
    1958 – Lebanon. Occupation of the country, counterinsurgency.
    1958 – confrontation with Panama.
    1959 – America enters Laos, the first clashes of U.S. troops in Vietnam begin.
    1959 – Haiti. The suppression of a popular uprising against the pro-American government.
    1960 – After José María Velasco is elected president of Ecuador and refuses to submit to U.S. demands to break relations with Cuba, the Americans conduct several military operations and organize a coup.
    1960 – U.S. troops enter Guatemala to prevent the removal of a U.S. puppet from power.
    1965-1973 – Military aggression against Vietnam.
    1966 – Guatemala. …U.S. troops enter the country, massacring Indians who were considered potential rebels.
    1966 – Military aid to the pro-American governments of Indonesia and the Philippines. . (60,000 people were arrested for political reasons, with the government officially employing 88 torture specialists).
    1971-1973 – bombing of Laos.
    1972 – Nicaragua. U.S. troops are brought in to support a government favored by Washington.
    1983 – Military intervention in Grenada by about 2,000 Marines.
    1986 – Attack on Libya. Bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi.
    1988 – invasion of Honduras by U.S. troops.
    1988 – U.S. warship Vincennes, in the Persian Gulf, shoots down an Iranian plane with 290 passengers on board, including 57 children.
    1989 – U.S. troops suppress riots in the Virgin Islands.
    1991 – large-scale military action against Iraq.
    1992-1994 – Occupation of Somalia. Armed violence against civilians, killing of civilians.
    1998 – Sudan. Americans destroy a pharmaceutical plant with a missile strike, claiming it produces nerve gas.
    1999 – Ignoring international law, bypassing the UN and the Security Council, U.S. NATO forces launched a 78-day campaign of aerial bombardment of the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia.
    2001 – invasion of Afghanistan.
    2003 – Bombing of Iraq.
    2011 – Libya.

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