1. “Why are you taking your daughter?”

    I’m assuming because he doesn’t want to leave her an orphan in a war zone?

    1. @Ranger9700
      That’s exactly what (predominantly russian speaking) provinces need to do.
      Go back to mother Russia.
      Because those provinces were part of Russia PROPER before bolshevics added them to Ukraine.

    2. @Steven Martin Stated the current. What do you think arming civilians and advertising for foreign soldiers indicates?

  2. It would be nice of this piece better explained why the sudden mass exodus to Russian territory – “the bridges are all blown up” – “something is odd this day” – the man needs to get his grandmother – this day is VERY incredibly atypical. OK Nick, so WHY?!

    1. @vetrocom vetrocom The bridge has suspected structural damage. They are simply not using it nor allowing anyone to use it and that has been the case for approximately one week now.

  3. leaving Ukrainian part to go the Russia part with most of your things your not coming back soon are you ?

    1. @Jim Stan
      The neo-nazis have invaded Ukraine and are annexing territories like the original Nazi’s.
      The mistakes of Munich 1938 won’t be repeated though.

  4. Если они останутся в Украине, Зеленский отправит их сражаться в бою, который они не могут выиграть.

  5. Crossing will be easier soon when the ground freezes will see possibly see more going to live on the Russian controlled side as the ground is easier to cross.

    1. @Alec72HD
      Either you are paid for your posts or you watch russian propaganda – your words are nothing in common with reality.
      Also, my screen name is my name. And Im russian leaving in the south east of Ukraine – not far from Odessa and Donetsk and Luhansk. So, I know a lot about that.

    2. @A n d r i i k o Русский по имени Андрийко? Уахахаха)) Обычный провокатор с западной Украины.

  6. They are travelling with lots of Luggage, cats- sure doesn’t look like they are going to come back

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  8. Why are you taking your young daughter with you? So that she can be with her mother and grandmother and father is better for young daughter than to be left alone in Ukraine..😂

  9. Take a look at Zelensky’s handi-work in this report by Eva K. Bartlett:

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