Unacceptable: Education Ministry Disturbed by ‘Stone Throwing Student’ Video | TVJ News – Dec 1 2022


  1. Why are stones there? Why not change the landscape of the school? Moe? And safe playing areas and counseling for the children Moe?

  2. Mi nah lie when me did ah go ah school 2 big stone mi fling pon di bigger bwoy dem.
    But now I’m older and more mature, I know that these actions are wrong and don’t condone any violence but I’d be a hypocrite for condemning anyone.

  3. Disturbed but no policy change or adjustment as to students behaviour on this matter. Bouy the teacher still get blamed by the minister as the fact that even if she closed the grill an it has no padlocks to secure it the child cand still throw stones as the teacher would run from the grill

  4. She is saying that she is disappointed that teachers did not do more. Teachers are fearful of children and their parents.

  5. These children’s are from parents in the garrison from some careless gyal that just open up to every single criminals with there pants below there wasre.

  6. You can gwan talk I think the teach did more that enough these kids are criminals next thing they get there relative to hurt teacher

  7. The adults have decome way to indeciplined in the full view of the children, too much nastiness is considered normal that nothing is wrong in the eyes of the children.

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