1. Sad, hard to give a thumbs up to something like this… However I firmly believe that the Warrior/Heroes of Ukraine will take the Road of Life and rename it The Road of Victory! Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

  2. I wish I was there fighting the only true war for liberty and freedom we have seen since WWII. Unfortunately time catches up to us all and my warrior days are over. I wouldn’t last 10 minutes today. To all those fighting the good fight, fight hard my brothers, fight hard…

    1. And sisters. Please don’t forget the brave women of Ukraine who are fighting, and dying, alongside the very brave men. Thank-you for your service sir, it is greatly appreciated by this Canadian woman. 🇺🇦

  3. War should not exist. Harappans were far advanced for their age because no army existed in their town. And modern armies should have a sole purpose – DEFENCE.

  4. When tiananmen massacre happened, no one listened. Don’t let it happen again or create another demon in the future.

  5. When this will end, it is too much for me 😢 the world gone mad lord father put a stop to this madness😢

  6. I praise Ukrainians for their bravery. This conflict has proven to mankind once more that victory in the battlefield is not just a function of large army and ammo but of courage and strategic manoeuvres.
    Thumb up for great Ukrainian warriors!

  7. Government does not have enough money to protect the people, not to mention the poor are the ones left holding the bag💯

    1. Bro banks do this, do you actually think the money in your bank account is there? they lend that out or invest it, they only have to keep a faction of what you put in. If everyone ask for their money at the same time the bank would need bailed out

    2. Awesome! your potential seems timeless.Understanding your financial needs and chalking out a plan remains the smart way to prepare for the unexpected. 2yrs in investing space and extremely pleased with the decision made. The good news is – it’s not too late

    3. Congrats! I’m fascinated with investing, as a single mom and juggling all these things are quite difficult. Invested $ in few sectors but haven’t seen any profit yet. Do you think l’m missing out something?

    4. Just because there are opportunities in the market doesn’t mean you should go in blindly.
      To understand the potential factors that contribute to your financial growth, l’ll advise you to seek the help of a professional.

    5. ❤️❤️Inspiring! do you think you can give me some advice on how to invest in a healthy way as you are doing?

  8. Its so awful watching beautiful architecure and churches being burned. But its nothing compared to the lives that have been destroyed. I pray this violence ends very soon peacefully.

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