Voting Rights Advocates To Protest Sen. Manchin In West Virginia

Rev. William Barber of the Poor People's Campaign discusses a planned Thursday protest caravan from Madison, W.Va., to Charleston intended to pressure Sen. Joe Manchin, whose vote is necessary to repeal the Senate filibuster.

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Voting Rights Advocates To Protest Sen. Manchin In West Virginia


    1. Hate for minorities and power and money. Those Republicans don’t think karma is real. But they are idiots anyways. Idiots don’t believe nun but lies.

  1. Manchin is a republicans mole ,,hes supposed to be a Democrat not a replublicain, but yet he votes just like the Republicans ,Another member of Congress that wants more power and money

    1. Lol..hes a democrat in a RED state. Be thankful you have him, because there would be a Republican there in his place.

    1. @Rose Faulkingham You failed to read what I said
      when many others understood it perfectly
      the flaw is not in my words
      the flaw is in your malformed brain

  2. Why aren’t there more people standing with the poor people campaign, you can’t tell me people are to busy working when most people our out of work its not a a black campaign its a poor people issue white and black stand up be accountable for your own freedom and future because Joey ain’t gonna stand for no one but big donors him and cinema

    1. Chris Evans the one that is so did you power just hope it is ok now that new one is a great day and time to come back to work tomorrow night this week my life is good news and you power just hope you can help us future time that works best so now

  3. I doubt that Sen. Manchin will find the good, friendly people of West Virginia happy to watch the Republicans destroy Obama care (A top priority), nor wish to see their roads & bridges further erode. Manchin will be held responsible and be turned out of office.

  4. Perhaps Manchin and Sinema don’t realize that if the Senate gets back in McConnell’s hands they will suddenly lose all their newfound power and no one will care what they have to say. Or perhaps handing the Senate to McConnell is their end game.

    1. I’m sure they do. And its likely that’s what they want.
      Next Senate election try harder to grab another 2 more seats to offset these 2 saboteurs

    2. I’m sure they do realize that, which is why they aren’t voting in such a way that their constituents would vote in a Republican.

  5. Losing elections by getting the most votes is a uniquely American Exceptionalism.
    “NO. We Can’t”, “It’s Too Hard” and “We Can’t Afford That” are the REAL U.S. mottos

  6. All politics are local. West Virginians need to rise up in numbers to great to ignore by joe, shelley, and their corporate donors – same for krysten’s constituents in Arizona.

  7. Right on. The poor and struggling middle class got to vote for good health care and affordable housing and education and infrastructure. The 1% do everything they can to make the 90% fight each other. And the rich keep getting richer

  8. If voting didn’t change anything, the GQP wouldn’t try so hard to stop you from doing it. Vote blue in 22, vote blue some more in 24.

  9. You got that right Rev. Barber!! All lower income and working class Americans across the country should stand behind W. Virginia and help push this cause. We’ve been ignored for far too long. The RICH get RICHER while others struggle to live month to month.

  10. Glad these people are finally standing up against this man they need a real governor that care’s about them

  11. I’m glad someone is standing up to Manchin, you get him Rev, Manchin does not care about poor people period.

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