1. @Blue Collar I’m normally off Thursday night and Friday night, they changed my schedule to be off Wednesday night and work Thursday night. They make you fill out an availability form, with which they’re not supposed to be able to schedule you on days you’re not available, which I am not available on Thursday. Also they give you double points if you call in on a holiday.

    2. Oh without a doubt there was definitely more to the story because Walmart upper management is extremely shady to both the employees and supervisors.

    3. The story is guns are extremely easy to get in the U.S. and major stress is caused by poverty wages and too few employees so upper management can fly on planes, ride on ships and sip champagne. And…seeing other shooters/murderers on the news encourages others to do the same.💔

    4. @J D Almost everyone is on either legitimate meds, street drugs, drinking, smoking or eating pot (especially seniors baking brownies, my god!)and damn well strung out of their minds!

  1. This stuff is becoming so common… scary, it can happen at *any time, anywhere.* Depending on the *mental state of a stranger.*

    1. @susana brown I can understand guns but knives might be a issue, since if your a package handler a knife makes your job so much easier. Try opening an industrial taped box with your bare hands and try opening them with a knife.
      It’s a night and day difference

    2. @luis velez Here’s the story. Dr. James Watt didn’t like the European industrial revolution using marine mammal oil and crushed Egyptian mummies for fuel and lubrication. 25% of locomotives in the American wild west were fueled by crushed Egyptian mummies. He increased the efficiency of production in every country by a minimum 60%. As representing a Scot endeavor, he invented electricity, practical steam power, horsepower and wires. Other scientists named the watt after him. I’m not using his native language.

    3. @John Watt Crushed Egyptian mummies now thats nuts . ever hear of coal from the ground crazy person .HE DID you have not done anything .

    1. @Someone Out-there I had false complaints made up about me. By my boss. A fake disciplinary. But when I asked what EXACTLY it was about, they couldn’t decide what exactly the complaint was — each version was incompatible with the previous one — or with their own paperwork. Folks: KEEP records. Jot down your schedule / completed tasks every single day and keep all records of shifts etc. For years. It also comes in handy for resumés, as you often forget that you stepped up in roles etc.

    2. What’s the number for Americans? How many senseless mass shootings before you just pull the plug on the “we all need guns” nonsense.

      Thoughts are with the victims of all these tragedies and their families.

      ~ everyone from outside the USA

  2. This just doesn’t happen at Wally World I work for a healthcare company and my lead is the same way! I don’t think she’s capable of this but many of us have filed complaints and people are told to watch out for her! She is still a lead!

    1. You guys in the usa only know kill or walk huh, no punch in the face to teach a quick lesson?!?? Confront the woman a bunch of you and give one nice hard slap as a warning to stfu. Hard enough she learns or leaves.

  3. It’s not just Walmart. I have worked with others who made veiled threats and upper management did nothing but cover it up. I quit several jobs because of this kind of behavior. I just did not feel safe.

    1. @field31 i know about mk ultra, harrp is a red herring… actually, all of this is a red herring. are you blaming the government for mass killings?

    2. @field31 i believe the stuff you say about them pitting us against eachother, but i don’t buy the stuff about them making mass shooters. we have always been violent.

    3. @Save 🇺🇸 Good to know that not all shooters are white Fox news propagandised fascists! We have exceptions now. And guns, lots of guns. So liberating to have more of them.

  4. I used to be a customer host at Walmart. I sometimes would have customers that wanted to fight and some would even showed me their knifes, I would report their behaviors to my Team Lead Manager, he would just tell me to ignore them. They don’t care. #SUEWALMART

  5. Dang this was close by my area. Sad part is this isn’t the first major shooting around here in a while. Really hope those that are hospitalized will be alright…

  6. I’d like to add that during the holidays that some people in the U.S. are very depressed, and stressed out. And those factures can lead to people cracking.

    1. That is because these holidays are never about being helpful and understanding towards your fellow man… it’s a dog eat dog world and nobody wants to hear how bad somebody else had it.

  7. Not surprised this happened when you don’t treat people right. Very bad company for the store employees we are not treated well at Walmart.

  8. RIP 🌿🥀♥️🥀🌿. May the families and wounded physically and mentally get the help from professional and empathic humans.

    1. May the six figure bills these people are going to have be sent and paid by the gun manufacturers and lobbyists

  9. I told someone earlier that this happened because of some unresolved conflict. And now an employee admits that she had heard of an existing issue with that lead staffer and his crew. I know from experience that upper management is often dismissive and negligent when workers express concerns about ill-treatment and hostile work environments.

  10. Walmart UNDERSTAFFS, even at Christmas 🎄 and this puts incredible stress and pressure on TeamLeads and Supervisors. May these Employees Rest in Peace.

    1. You’re seriously implying that this is due to Walmart putting incredible stress and pressure on their Team Leads and Supervisors? This is the behavior that should be expected when a company puts incredible stress and pressure on their employees? No…this is a mental health issue. Perhaps there were warning signs that Walmart and other employees should have recognized and reported to law enforcement but don’t start saying that company’s should be more gentle with their employees. If someone is a snowflake and/or can’t handle the pressure of a job, then that job is not for them. A mentally sane person doesn’t commit mass murder. Again this is a mental health problem, not an issue of putting too much pressure on an employee.

    2. @Molotov Cocktail Of course it’s not an excuse. What’s she’s saying is that terrible work environments, measly wages, current inflation, and pressure set upon by higher ups to make profits in a short amount of time can cause one’s mental stability to crumble, especially over a period of 10 years. Yes the person gunman should of sought mental help (if any is available and if they could afford it). Unfortunately, for some people, they eventually snap and lead to tragic events like this before they can get the help they need. It’s no reason for them to go down this dark path, but it might be a factor. Either way we need to focus on the mental health aspect of mass shooting problem alongside the gun control problem. This is a problem more complex than what the media and politcians are protraying.

    3. I’m an overnight associate at Walmart. We’re ALL stressed and exhausted. Our managers are being overworked. A lot of nights a majority of us run on only a few hours of sleep if any at all. Our team is very understaffed and the work falls on our managers and 5-6 of us who carry our team. Not once have I ever felt like one of my managers would “snap” and do something like this. I get times are stressful but if he couldn’t handle the job then he should’ve stepped down or left. This isn’t the issue. There’s a lot more to it and my heart breaks for the people that lost their lives thanks to this monster. I heard about this happening whenever I was in our break room on my lunch last night. Very surreal I just couldn’t imagine. This hits way too close to home and I my heart goes out to these victims and their loved ones.

    4. @Toy 2 X 4 The U.S likes to pretend that mental health issues don’t exist and its the reason why this keeps happening

  11. Having worked Walmart corporate IT overnight talking to these team leads I can see how the job could make an already unstable and or fucked up personal snap.

    Walmart breakrooms are small with only one way in or out. The thought of being in there when he did what he did is terrifying to me.

  12. I worked for a department store as a greeter and eventually loss prevention assistant for my first job during my working career. I can tell you from first-hand experience the stress on managers especially assistant managers is incredible. And it’s part of the reason there is so much turnover with a lower level staff. Fortunately I didn’t have any issues with my assistant managers during the time I was there our biggest headache was our store manager who was okay most of the time but he had a tendency to do things that were rather unsettling. I think that’s part of the reason they rotated him out and transferred him to another store. What pretty much trashed his reputation among his employees was the day he shows up on Halloween dressed as Hitler.
    I can tell you it did not go over well with employees, customers or regional staff once they heard about it.
    Companies hire from all different backgrounds and educational levels, personalities and sometimes you end up hiring people that in hindsight you should never have.

    1. A no channel content troll worked at walmart
      Your grammar denotes higher education putting suspicion on your post
      Walmart conservative owned hence all the stories about crime and Walmart
      Target has just as many incidents, but the fruit run target

    2. But if he’s unhinged and you complain and he’s terminated, there would be the same outcome. Better off just not hiring nut jobs altogether

  13. Remember when the slang was “going postal” because these things kept happening in Post Offices? Large retail stores have taken over

    1. Perfectly stated. We all have adversity in our life it’s how we handle it that makes us the individuals that we are.

    2. because if they only focus on the murderer it will make more people commit these acts, and it won’t tackle the societal problem the US faces, No other country has this level of shootings or mass violence

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