Watch: Democratic National Convention: Day 1 | MSNBC

Coverage of the Democratic National Convention, including speeches from Sen. Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and more.

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Live stream: Democratic National Convention (Night 1)


    1. That’s what I thought not many Republicans can stomach watching cnn,MSNBC it’s so obvious their full of s..t but most of the comments were pro Trump

    2. I think Hillary and Joe reconnected the computers in the basement and are pretending to be Russians

    3. The Democrat party is perfect but to make it even more perfect get rid of cops and if you try to defend yourself your screwed, turn your guns in voluntary or we will take them

    1. @Rudolf Fenz : This is the American Trumpandemic due to his massive failures and his blatant lies innocent people died that didn’t have to.

    2. What a flippin joke. All lies about our President. Everything they blamed P Trump for they did
      Obama had the cages built not P Trump. No Policy. Their scared because they’re friggin DONE!
      Micheal you make a bad Husband
      You do wear the balls, right? Yeah I knew

    3. @Jean Montinat Yea but since those 15 cases went down to 0, That makes 100% of covid cases harmless .

    1. @Be Free Biden’s channel has comments disabled on every video. They just can’t handle anyone having an opposing opinion.

    2. @William C I actually never been on Bidens channel also didint mention him in my comment. My comment was on Fox News. Not sure why people like you deflect so much. If Bidens comments are closed for all his post so be it. I would have an issue with his post being open for some videos and not others which is what Fox news does.

    1. Only one of the two major parties is interested in putting America first, and it isn’t Trump’s party.

    2. @NeverGiveUp NeverGiveIn President Trump doesn’t own America First Party, Patriotic Americans do. President Trump was voted in to Guide Americas ship to a better future now and beyond, stopping the mob and slanted media and the sad sheep fooled by them.

    3. @TheBestWayOne ignoring a pandemic for several months and refusing to take action to mitigate the effects of the economic toll the virus has brought on us…those are part of his plan in guiding this ship? No, the majority of us Americans don’t want our country being taken down the road of fascism. We don’t want an oligarchy run by a totalitarian dictator. Trump is exactly the type of leader conservatives used to have nightmares about. Now all of a sudden conservatives like yourself fawn over him. You are too stupid to realize that he has played you. He has used your willingness to respond to everything with emotions, rather than intellect. He has played on your willingness to scapegoat other groups of people for your own problems. Whatever happened to the conservative mantra of personal responsibility? I thought each person was capable of creating their own American Dream with hard work and persistence. That’s what conservatives have preached for decades. Now all of a sudden it’s the immigrants’ fault white people can’t do better financially. You followers of Trump are weak-minded, easily manipulated, and incapable of doing your own thinking. Once he is taken away in handcuffs, once the dignity of this country is restored, we will welcome you back to to the discussion table. But, any notions of having another leader like Trump who has aspirations of never leaving the White House will have to be put to rest. Your experiment in a leader who has no experience with governance has failed. Let it go. Accept the fact that Trump has not done the job. He cannot do the job. One of his main campaign promises–the border wall–he came nowhere near fulfilling. That’s the main reason you idiots voted for him…”…and Mexico will pay for it!” Yeah, the art of the deal was exposed as a sham with that one. So you still think that Trump is leading you to some sacred promise land? Yeah, those who believed in Hitler thought the very same thing. If Trump gets another 4 years, most of us may not survive, including you. Is your life worth giving up so this despot can ruin everything the Constitution stands for? Is that your American Dream? I know you will give some stupid one or two sentence response that ignores just about all that I have written. That’s fine. Your hero is still being voted out, he is still going to prison after leaving the White House, and you will still have to decide “what next?”

    1. @Diane Hooper Which polling places have been closed? Lmao This democRats can’t accept the fact that we the people want 4 more years of Trump. Simple as that.

    2. Alvin McCarver IV so, service men and women overseas can’t vote. Got it. Trump supporters now against troops voting.

    3. M. Julian White because people have a choice whether to go into a store or buy online. People should have a choice to go vote in person or by mail-in ballot. There is 0 evidence of mail-in voting leading to any fraud.

    1. @Mona Monae But when Obama said Marine “Corpsemen” (more than once) that was fine, even though he was their Commander in Chief.

  1. So… Last night this stream had no live chat and an overwhelming amount of dislikes… Deceitful @#$@%/××=s

    1. @SoMuchMass i answered your questions and accused you of something you’ve failed to reply to…simply ignoring it doesn’t make you superior in some way

    2. @SoMuchMass if answering your illogically rhetorical question and then pointing out how it relies on a flawed subjective opinion and a stretch of some kind of nonsensical causation means i lost …Then yes i lost the “arguement” that you never presented because you just keep pressing a non existent point

    1. My 2 cents: God it’s so predictable they were going to talk about Trump 90% of the time at the convention. We get it, you think he’s a bad guy. But it’s just lame to crap on about your opponent while offering no solutions yourself.

    2. They wont get fired. All of your comments are good to know. “Standing fierce against hatred”.-Mama Michelle

    1. @Bruce FisherMr Fishet, I am an older black lady and I used to feel the same as you. Then I started seeing some bad policemen killing young black men/women whose crimes were small being killed instead of being brought in alive. Then I watched the policemen cuddling the young man who killed nine people at Mother Emmanuel Church making sure that he was brought in alive. I saw George Floyd murdered for $20.00. It was then when I was able to say that Black Lives Matter. I grew up when there were separate waiting rooms and still believed that one race should not be acknowledged over another, but I am convinced that with a racist like Trump as president has made Saying, BLM even more relevant today. Bless you!

    2. Look up “Michelle Obama white flight” on youtube. (YT won’t allow me to post a link as they delete my posts.) If you want to see a lady who seems to want to fan the flames of division. She claiming “white flight” racism when it’s more likely her wealthy neighbors are moving to get away from all of the publicity and paparazzo that surround the Obama family.
      Whites move in and blacks move out is called “gentrification“ and the whites are blamed and called racists.
      Blacks move in and whites move out is called “white flight” and the whites are blamed and called racists.
      There’s no winning!

    1. Also from the same speech…”And I learned about roaches.” “And by the way, I love when kids jump on my lap”.

    1. America and their 244 years old failed legal jurisprudence and systems dont want the world to let them know that they fooled us once shame on them but we will not allow ourselves to be fooled twice; that would be a shame on us the world.

  2. sad part is these people have no reguard for the actual american people that are struggling right now. They are using us as puppets for their own power and success.

    1. Just realized? Even Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the style of the democrat campaign!

    2. @Political Correctness is a means of control. no didnt just realize but alot of others are just realizing im well aware of the joesf goebbels experiment. The democrats probably have a mural of him somewhere. They probably think hes a genius.

    1. The Republican convention is currently dismantling the Institutions they claim to cherish. The future isn’t looking good for your nasty type. #BIDEN2020

    2. @Ulysses Morando brainwashed Twitter user. The Republicans and democrats are anti American and just want big corporations to rule over the country. Stop being brainwashed and doing what the media wants you to do

    1. At least he’s still alive in that basement. Anyway what’s wrong with living in a basement. It’s better than flying around everywhere, not wearing a mask and infecting everyone. ❤🙇‍♀️❤

    1. I tried, did not make it. Besides the lies I had to pull away due to just the extreme bad vibes I was getting from watching this. I don’t know how people could support such corrupt politicians. I watched the Republican convention and that was fine, they had way better structure as well.

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