1. I feel for this kid. I saw his face. It broke my heart.

    I honestly don’t know what happened in his life that drove him to that point, I just know he is not the only one.

    What can we do? How do we help? I’m at a loss here.

    1. Checkout awkward occurrence late night show. Oregon Coach Disarms student. Video breakdown in my library

    2. Showing true compassion, offering hope (not automatic condemnation) , a hand UP – not a hand pushing down… and pass the word of opportunity ON to others who may be needing it just as much <3

    1. M 3 : True, “toughness,” is the courage to face the possibility of harm to yourself, when you save another. That coach goes on my list of American Heroes ✌️

    1. Checkout awkward occurrence late night show. Oregon Coach Disarms student video breakdown in library*

    2. psycologo121 : I was thinking that. Love defeated hate. Courage in the face of fear. Trump Trolls are gonna’ hate this . . . ✌️

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  2. *Armed — with insight, maturity, compassion & grace –*
    *No greater Amendment to the Human Condition.*

    *Bring it on* .. 😍 😥 😑 💏 💞

  3. I’m glad no one was killed. The coach saved that boy from himself. Every student got to leave breathing. It’s a win for America and humanity.

  4. Now, if the #NRAterrorists had there way, the coach would have had a gun and would have shot the student dead. Guns are not a solution to our problems.

    1. @Chris Anderson little Chrissy every situation is not the same, what if this gunman was intent on killing a bunch of people, the coach would have been dead as well as a bunch of students, to paint this situation with a broad brush and say this is the solution to all our problems is idiotic at best, after all that’s happened it’s clear that school officials still don’t take school security seriously, and there this will never happen to us attitude puts everybody at risk

    1. Its Columbine fake news time !!!! I couldnt tell if that was a trench coat or not but he went with the classic shaft slash Columbine movie look. Then he gave up after walking in the classroom. Reports are he wanted to off himself only. Instead of doing it at home he decided to go the school with it.

    1. @Drudge Infowarrior Only the weakest men feel they need to defend themselves with a gun. And who are you defending against? Most of the people who espouse this type of rhetoric have never had their life threatened which actually proves you people are afraid of your own shadow.

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