Watch: Former CDC director Robert Redfield testifies before House on COVID origins

A new classified intelligence report prepared by experts from the Energy Department's national laboratory complex, including scientists in the Z Division, concluded the pandemic probably started with an unintentional laboratory leak in Wuhan, China. The findings have been sent to White House and key members of Congress, according to The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news.

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The report has ignited a backlash against the Biden administration from members of the scientific community and elsewhere who are pushing the argument that the virus most likely emerged through natural means, such as animal-to-human transmission.

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  1. Has this hearing been re-screened by Yoel Roth or Nina Jankowitz?

    If not, should I be able to hear it?

  2. If America can just get to the bottom of the main issue that over arch is everything – who does David Duke like best? The Democrats will get an answer!

  3. It’s rather funny that in 2019 my family and I said “I wonder what the CIA will do to keep Trump from winning?”

    Do you think 2020 was an unusual year?

  4. Though I’m no fan of Trump’s handling of the “pandemic” and particularly his pride about the speed of the rollout of the jab which was probably already in the pipeline, his attempt to downplay the fear hype surrounding what was happening.

  5. Those who keep going after Wade actually raises his visibility and his book. How does that make sense?

  6. Only Dems keep bringing up Trump. It’s not about the American people, it’s always about politics

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