Watch how Biden reacted to reporter questions on classified documents


  1. I am a democrat, but Biden has serious questions to answer on this. If it’s not OK for Trump to do it, then the same rules apply to everyone including Biden.

    1. @Mojo R Totally agree. I didn’t even think about the funeral thing trying to garner sympathy, but that is very plausible. And for that last part, it just shows how fucked up our country is.

    2. @Couper Dogg do you personally know what the supposed documents really are that “Trump” had? I’ll wait. Even MSN is reporting Biden had specific intel he wasn’t suppose to have. Obviously Brandon is really the one who has the documents presenting a national security risk.

    3. @Diana Crawford Trump declassified those documents just like he got the Mexican President to pay for his wall! Trump doesn’t even know HOW to declassify a document. Trump doesn’t even know HOW to spell declassify!

      Trump knows diddly squat about the US Government or anything that it entails. Trump is just a lying con man.

    1. biden does not think people tell him what to say and think he is nothing more them a puppet and he took classified paper to his think tank with people who do not have security clearance to look at those document to tell him what to say and do i bet china has full copy,s of everything

    2. The real truth about Biden will only come out after all that’s involved in the corruptions is long dead and gone
      Just Like what we are finding out about the JFK assassination and the real involvement of Oswald, the FBI,and the CIA
      it’s funny how conspiracies of the 50s,60s,70s are slowly becoming fact’s
      Especially the one’s the government pushed as conspiracy theory or had there hand in it

  2. how do these documents sit in a office for 4+ years and the person who is supposed to keep track does nothing??

    1. Six hours prior to my comment, here, Ging W commented, if you scroll down in the replies, user ialsoagree’s response is very helpful

    2. @Brian this whole subject has gotten off track. You aren’t going to change my mind that we are seeing and living the worst Prez along with his minions, policies etc in my lifetime. His comrades are dangerous people with their incompetent policies covered up and promoted by a corrupt media, FBI DOJ, and many other corrupt government officials like Adam Schiff on an on. The status quo government had no time for any outsiders coming in and exposing their corruption like DJT did. Since DJT was not one of them he had to be taken out by ANY means possible and I also mean by certain Republicans as well. Trump exposed how corrupt our government is along with the corrupt media and Biden is a big part of that corrupt government regime of incompetance. I have personally dealt with the federal government for many decades and there is no low level they won’t sink to and no lie they won’t tell. If I wrote a book, I would want to be put in the witness protection program but Epstein is dead proof that I can’t count on the government to protect me and that isn’t Fake News.

    3. @Brian yep I am in that group and it’s laughable that you think Biden has surrounded himself with competent people. Apparently your idea of leadership is lower than whale sh*t just like the lying Left Wing media whose ratings are in the toilet as well.

  3. Will someone please ask/answer how/why the national archives didn’t miss these documents previously, in the last 7 years, or more. If there’s a log, it needs to be audited on a regular basis. Come on, people 🙄

    1. Biden knew the documents were there. It wasn’t till the republicans got control of the house and said they were going to investigate that Biden had his lawyer retrieved them and tell the media. Now they can hide what was in the documents from the republicans.

    2. @granola funk so are you trying to tell me that the Judges of the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit DIDNT note “the declassification argument is a ‘red herring’.” when rejecting trump’s case?

    3. It’s only an issue with Trump. The DNC wanted to raid his home and fish through any classified material they could launch another investigation with…

    4. @Bob Cob some people are still really close to that heritage sadly.

      But yes, sky daddy does not exist. The big bang has been proven for a long time, and with string theory we even know how the big bang started out galaxy.

      Science is wonderful, it’s only put limited understanding what is limiting our potential.

    5. @John Rutkai  logic tells me all classified documents are logged or should be. I accept that the NARA isn’t all-knowing. What I’m saying is tighten up security and tracking of classified documents. Common sense, no?

    1. @James A. B. But a reporter had to find out the story 3 months later???? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….it’s a coverup!

    2. @ Joe Guzman, Biden did purposely allow illegal immigration for the last two years while Trump was securing the border at the disdain of Liberals. There will be an investigation of that also.

  4. In any party, for any role in government, how does any Top Secret SCI documents end up outside a secure compartmentalised area?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. You mean like 45? He stole them. As for President Biden, we need to wait to find out the classification level. We don’t know if they’re Top Secret SCI docs or not. We have proof that 45 stole documents Top Secret SCI.

    2. @nerdaterp We’ll never find out what level clearance they were. Biden administration is going to sweep this under the rug because he’s still president and the power to do so.

      As far as Trump, prove he ‘stole them’. Lets not forget just a new months ago we found out Obama also took documents with him when he was no longer president. It’s called declassifying documents and being the president, having the ultimate authority to do whatever the hell you want with them. Him just saying “this documents are declassified” makes it so. A president doesn’t need to seek anyone else’s permission. If he declassified them before his last day as president, he had every right to take them with, just like Obama did.

      Stop being ignorant!


    4. @lance fulbright 😂 funny. Also, you have caps lock on. Just thought I’d let you know in case you weren’t aware.

  5. The big question is. Why didn’t someone notice they were missing for 6 years? It’s bad enough it happened and should get new overseight so this doesn’t happen anymore. But it’s really bad nobody noticed it for 6 years.

    1. @Gary Szewc You do know that, that doesn’t matter. Even IF Trump declassified them, he still doesn’t get to keep them. Its still govt property. If it wasn’t still against the law, presidents could just take them all home and the archives would be empty.

    2. Seriously, now I understand why liberals are so dumb. Everyone thinks. Biden took the originals from a safe, and left empty folder behind that an audit would find….. Have you all ever used a photocopy machine? Seriously people, you’re smarter than this.

  6. Clearly we need a better system for keeping track of these documents. We should know when they’re missing, not need to be told by the people who have them.

    1. There’s no need to worry about those documents you can bet money that either Joe or Hunter done sold the copies to them

    2. @Ryan T he didn’t pass up to anything, the lame stream media AKA fake news will do everything to cover for him. He was vice president not president he never had any rights to those documents whatsoever he should not have had them at all

    3. @Willa Johnson now that’s reaching. When all the facts come out everybody’s going to know Joe never had rights to the documents he was only vice president when he took them those are only privileged rights to the president. It doesn’t matter the copies to him have probably already been sold to Russia China or both. So I’m sure those classified documents doesn’t mean what they did when Joe took them

    4. My husband was a Marine security guard at the Embassy in Lisbon Portugal. Part of his job was to check all offices every night to make sure that no sensitive documents were lying about. There was a strict system in place for chain of possession for all sensitive documents. So the system is in place, but, as he said this morning, “They aren’t following protocol.”

    1. And only AFTER the speaker of the house was selected. If it was a democRAT we would have NEVER heard about them.

    2. @shroud Oh, it was in an envelope? That explains everything. 😂 Did the envelope walk out of the national archives all by itself?

    3. @ Seymour Butts, Liberals believe the border is secure, Jussie Smollett was beaten up by MAGA supporters and spend too much time on beat off zoom meetings with Jeffrey Toobin of CNN. They are a disgusting bunch.

    1. @Shane Alan Republicans and Democrats make mistakes, when the Biden lawyers found these documents they immediately notified the national archives. MAGA corrupt cult mobsters (not real conservatives) are different, when the DOJ requested the classified documents that Trump was hoarding at Mar-a-largo, he gave them only a part of them and made his lawyers lie in an affidavit, then proceeded to move several of the classified documents to his office. That is called obstruction of Justice and is ill-intended and degenerate.

  7. I dont understand how these documents get released from the archives without a chain of custody and are tracked

    1. The archives don’t have these documents until much later. They don’t keep them while they are actively in use.

    2. @Sany Tubdoor There is a stark difference between consciously removing, Drumph claiming that the documents are his, lying that all are returned so that the FBI have to get a Search Warrant and subsequently find 100’s more, Drumph claiming that the FBI planted them…. but wait: there’s more (found in a storage unit).

      Biden has 10 documents in his old office.
      They were immediately returned. He’s cooperating.

      An observation from afar

  8. If my local library can keep track of who has and hasn’t returned a book and attempt a return in a timely manner, why the hell can’t the National Archives keep track of classified documents and request their return or report their loss in a timely manner? This is beyond ridiculous!

    1. Because powerful documents when examined especially classified document can cause problems for statesman. In a library you can be fined story ended.

    2. There’s a bit of a false premise in your question.

      You’re assuming that all classified documents originate at the National Archives, or that the National Archives is immediately aware of the creation of any classified document in the government, and then they’re failing to keep track of it.

      This premise is wrong. Agencies themselves create and determine the classification of documents. Biden can write an e-mail that becomes classified, and the National Archives has no idea that email even exists. If that email gets printed and put in an envelope, and then Biden takes it home with him, how is the National Archives suppose to know that a document is missing that they never knew existed in the first place?

      It’s a bit like saying, “I bought this book online, and it’s going to belong to the library. Why doesn’t the library know it’s missing when it arrives at my house from Amazon?”

      Well, they don’t know it’s missing because you haven’t told them you’re giving them the book yet. Likewise, the National Archives doesn’t know a file is missing because it was never told the file existed. That’s what a former Executive branch employee is suppose to report to the National Archives. “Hey, I made this classified file, and here it is.”

    3. Six hours prior to my comment, here, Ging W commented, if you scroll down in the replies, user ialsoagree’s response is very helpful

  9. *Quote* : “Not surprised that Republicans were trying to argue that the two incidents are the same, but “one person handled it right, the other person handled it wrong. … So, intent on criminal issues, particularly, [is] very important.”

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