1. This is literally hilarious, let them devour each other. McCarthy bought this on his self. He allowed these off the wall parts of his party to go unchecked and cause chaos for the last 6 to 7 years. Now that they’ve turned on him he’s surprised ? This is a wake up call for him, he need expel these fringe parts of the party and move on to a higher ground .

    1. It’s a wake up call for you, you are one of them that is feeding the swamp creatures. Know your politics or be quiet. Slava Russia from Africa.

    2. Yeah because what would make this country better is if all politicians agreed with each other…
      If you don’t think politicians infighting is good, you’re not very intelligent

    3. “off the wall parts” sure that were demanding a reduce in a cut in military spending of around 100 billion that could be used on real problems like homeless in America. Meanwhile the “progressive” Democrats been lying war pigs.

    1. @V for Wombat Sam Bankman-Fried is crying right now! Dude cannot donate to democrats party anymore 😂😂😂

    2. @Bill Billerton Nope. On Dec 6, Fried admitted he gave equal amounts to both but the GOP money was “dark” money GOP PAC donations. The donations were to sway oversight of FTX away from the SEC and under the Commodities Exchange Commission. But carry on with your comment troll circle jerk! 🙄

    3. @Ryan lex sire, whatever, troll.
      trump tried to overthrow the government, and when that failed sent supporters he knew were armed to stage an insurrection. And republicans helped him

      and now the republicans have all but eliminated the ethics committee that kept them in line.

    1. @Sherman Dudley  . What are you talking about? They have the same access for over 40 years! Where have you been?

    2. @Jenise Jackson their access when a speaker and rules are in place is limited to only the two podiums. Since there was no speaker and no rules package in place, CSPAN cameras were able to record over the entire Chamber and provide those split screen shots that we saw and everything else.

    3. In the US of A, cameramen think formats, not journalism. They just film what they were told to film. Little robots.

    4. While the cameraman missed the “fight” he did capture, for all eternity, McCarthy doing his best cat walk strut then pirouette and stomp because “he got his wittle feelings hurt.”

  2. That’s the only way they can “win,” by threatening opponents, or giving them everything they ask for, or cheating, or all of the above.

    1. Take your shot or be fired, you’re a terrorist if you don’t. most secure election ever that was illegal to question.

  3. Should’ve rushed through straight to buyers remorse like every other vote in the past 10 years. 🙂

    1. RED PILL ALERT! SWALLOW this: “Glenn Greenwald & Jimmy Dore Talk McCarthy Speakership & #ForceTheVote”.

  4. Good job camera man. Literally missed a fight almost breaking out because you wanted to focus on McCarthy just walking.

    1. @Charli Mooster What giant 🤡 shoes you must walk around the bush in daily😂
      Make Australia Great in the First Place should be your slogan, lmao🤣

    2. @ethzero the SQUAD literally marched a mob of deranged leftists into Speaker Pelosi’s office four years ago, so…

    3. @Charli Mooster after watching Aussies getting sent to internment camps and never-ending lockdowns for COVID, it’s not surprising you don’t appreciate politicians willing to fight for your rights. Cattle you are.

  5. This is the most maladaptive thing I have ever seen. He gave up so much to those nuts who are just going to stage an elaborate no confidence vote the first time they don’t get what they want . . . Probably Monday morning. He’s shown everyone is congress that he has no mandate and now everyone knows how desperate he was to be the Speaker. What a maroon!

    1. @Golf N Crypto not sure why anyone wouldn’t want the opinion of the party who is actually organized, unified and ready to govern. You sound ignorant and embarrassed and I hate that for you.

    2. @Rz up i swear I heard a random Storm Trooper say the exact same thing as you in a movie. You stealing movie lines too?

    3. @Golf N Crypto you must be one of those mainstream Republicans we keep hearing about. What was okay about this whole situation? And I’m not being sarcastic here. I’m really trying to understand.

    4. @snowmonster42 unlike the “Squad”, who rolled over for my evil establishment representative Pelosi, they asked establishment McCarthy for term limits, 72 hours to read a $1.7 Trillion Dollar taxpayer pork deal, military industrial complex cuts, etc… ironic how the “extreme right wing” is now pushing for what were once liberal Democrat values!

  6. Infighting is always an indication of losing…as an athlete, I always knew we had our opponents on the ropes when they started arguing among themselves…

    1. @Awribalh Idugagk exactly and what’s actually embarrassing isn’t that actual democracy is taking place and the Congress is debating and actually in session working and doing their job for ones while conservatives are pointing out issues within their own party, leader ship, and challenging the status quo and establishment but what’s embarrassing is the democrats vote unanimously 212 every single time on every single issue and bill which just shows a lack of diversity of views or a marketplace of ideas as they all collapse behind leader ship social media rants and TikToks about how they are so dissatisfied with Washington and how things are done but the voting record of the so-called antiestablishment progressives is literally 100% consistent with that of any democratic leader ship and there is zero room for dissent on the Left! Conservatives demanded more of their own party and ended up electing a much much weaker speaker who had to give up a large portion of his power and authority back to the Congress in order to win the speakership and what they accomplished is now that power and concessions have been returned to the house of representatives and that’s the people whom they represent 👏🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

    2. @Nera Kar Zero room for dissent on the Left? If the Left has a policy platform that they’ve already disagreed with each other on behind closed doors, there’s no need for an all too public display of dissent such as we’re now seeing among Republicans, and people like Gaetz, Greene, and Bobbert are not serious people to begin with; they’re attention-seeking exhibitionist clowns.

  7. More free range C-SPAN. This is what the electorate need to see; their representatives in action. Who knows maybe people will vote more often.

  8. That’s pretty poor “stand over” tactics from Kevin.

    Kevin isn’t going to be able to hold this together even if he gets elected.

  9. If you listen carefully you can clearly hear their argument….”You’re a loser!” “No! You’re a loser!”

  10. You can win and lose, you can lose and win. Winning and losing is temporary however the Roots of the particular situation are what follow us in the long term ✌️🕊️

  11. Darn! He just got elected after all, so disappointed I don’t get to see him having to move his crap out of the Speaker’s Office.😒

    1. Everyone else sees “please please please please, I’ll suck you off!”
      Somehow, CNN and other retards see “I will rip out your throat!”
      maybe I’m too autistic but the bog trotter appears to be getting onto his knees.

  12. Who ever wrote and produced this movie deserve an Oscar. Great one but we missed the fight scene tho 🎬

  13. These people have absolutely no respect for McCarthy and will continue to challenge him until they’ll call to vote to vacate!

  14. Actually that’s a moment of humbleness. He went to beg him in front of the cameras. In the end, it all worked out.

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