Watch: New York Times staff stages walkout


    1. They work at one of the most respected newspapers in the world. You do what? Stock shelves? Drive a truck? 😂

    2. @Kevin C “The Long March Thru The Institutions” has long hollowed out any sense of real journalism at the NYT.

      These days it’s nothing more than cover for political allies and pushing CIA lies (Project Mockingbird).

    3. ​@Kevin C Whatever my job is it’s more honorable than the generations of your family engaged in prostitution 😂

  1. Bunch of Reds if you ask me. Reds?!? Whats this all about, everytime you turn around somebodys calling somebody else a Red.

  2. Stupid people betrayed honesty and integrity in reporting – and completely betrayed more than half their customers. They don’t stand a chance

  3. Damn, my parrot has to use the Washington Compost now. Polly wanted equity of equal equality to equally poop on on. Well USA today, your market share went up a little.

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