Watch: President Biden remarks on Russia’s assault on Ukraine | USA TODAY

After Monday's surprise trip to Kyiv, President Joe Biden will highlight a united front with key allies in Poland Tuesday as he marks the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Biden’s trip to Poland, which kicked off a day early after stopping in Kyiv, comes as Russia has started what is expected to be a fierce spring assault in Ukraine. Although Biden announced new assistance to the war-ravaged ally, the trip also comes as polls show support softening among the American public for providing Ukraine with taxpayer-funded weaponry and direct assistance.

Ahead of his remarks, Biden held a bilateral meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda. In remarks ahead of the bilateral meeting, Biden highlighted his visit to Poland last year, saying that "a year later that NATO is stronger than it’s ever been."

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    1. @pierce Johnson hey he’s your leader to. I get it he’s not a dictator and you love a racist. Con man President Biden isn’t any of that. So I get it you’re homesick for that. Sucks to be you

    2. Lmao dark Brandon is the most awesomest president in the world. And Trump will go down in history as the biggest terrorist con man.

    3. @Gail Brown You got that right – sorry I accidentally tagged you earlier. Meant to respond to someone else

  1. Тарас Бульба из могилы встанет..,флаг Украины и Польши рядом.

    1. @Benjamin Franklin coming from a guy that can’t even use his real name. Hey there’s a lot of Republicans that don’t use their real name. But most of them are headed to jail

    1. @Gail Brown sorry to burst your cult bubble, China owns pedo Joe. Just ask hunter. If you can’t see why this is the most incompetent administration ever, you’re hopeless. How long have you been involved in politics? That highly classified information? Fake. Nice try

    2. @Gail Brown Trump presided over the fastest growing economic recovery in American history. Instead of continuing Trumps policies, biden passed several trillion dollars worth of unnecessary spending that fueled historic inflation but…but… RUSSIA!

    3. @Arizona Kickstartsee that’s the problem with you crazy people you don’t think for your self. Look up the definition of cult. And it has maga written all over it. In fact maga stands for make attorneys get attorneys. Everyone in that group will have to get an attorney because they was insurrection

    4. @Gail Brown so you’re going to ignore my last comment, right? That’s what a cult does. Doesn’t live in reality, like you. If you support this incompetent administration, you are the real cult. What is your political education?

  2. This is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever seen 🤬🤬
    Crowd loves him and his multi billion dollar hand outs🤬🤬

    1. Wow do I see a terrorist there. Must be if you can’t see he’s working for the people and not billionaires. Biden is doing his job.

  3. We have so many Americans struggling right now and all he continues to do fuel a political war with our tax dollars.

    1. Those people are our people. You all would just let Putin just walk right into the u.s.a. Donald’s already did that. So yes our money will go. This country is a lot better because of Biden and not a dictator

  4. “Worry about your own fortunes, gentlemen. The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers.” – jacks sparrow

  5. I don’t inderstand way Tromp say America first and he is opposit of war in Ukrania but Biden say Ukrainia is first and the better Obama strategy Pacific it’s between them becaus the America is the power biggest and best country in the word
    The model of Kennedy USA it’s the best all peoples in the word they remember his nice and good policy around the word about the freedom and the pace in the word.

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