Watch: President Joe Biden holds press conference after Chinese President Xi Jinping meeting

President Joe Biden said he remains hopeful that the U.S. and China can work together during a Monday meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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The meeting between the leaders of the world's two largest economies is happening on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit, which is being held this year on the resort island of Bali.

Leaders were expected to discuss simmering tensions between China and Taiwan, a self-governed island that Xi has a strong desire to bring under mainland control, Russia's war on Ukraine, which will soon enter its ninth month.

China has been irked by the United States' close relationship with Taiwan. Beijing responded to an August visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island by firing missiles into the Taiwan Strait. The nation has also been put in an undeniably a difficult position by Russia's war in Ukraine.

"I'm committed to keeping the lines of communications open between you and me personally, but also our governments across the board," Biden told Xi on Monday, emphasizing both countries share a responsibility to "manage our differences, prevent competition from becoming anything ever to near conflict, and to find ways to work together on urgent global issues that require our mutual cooperation."

Xi responded by saying, "The world has come to a crossroads. Where to go from here. This is a question that is not only on our mind but also on the mind of all countries. The world expects that China and the United States will properly handle the relationship.”

Biden and Xi last met in 2017 in Davos, Switzerland on one Biden's last days as vice president. Since becoming president in 2021, Biden had spoken with Xi by phone video five times, prior to their meeting on Monday.

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    1. @Gihan
      “I’m not allowed to answer questions!”
      -Joe Biden

      He literally has said that. Who’s telling “the president” he’s not allowed to answer questions?

    1. @Gihan
      Biden dropped out of the presidential race in 1987 due to lies and plagiarizing speeches. He hasn’t stopped since then.

    2. @Pamela Lee truth like ” injecting bleach will cure it”
      truth like Donnie was never friends with ole Jeffie Epstein.

      Donald trump ran a teen beauty pageant while he was best buddies with the guy that owned a pedo island….

      lol yeah truth like that?

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    2. @Glitter and Suds ASMR Let’s see.. Would a “Russian troll” be pointing out democrats who sold Putin US held uranium interests, approved his fossil fuel pipeline (while killing them for Americans), take Gasprom and other Putin energy super pac contributions (open secrets), the democrat president’s son INEXPLICABLY getting 3.5 million in wire transfers from Moscow billionaire oligarchs (I’ll provide the name if you want).. etc etc etc… OR… OR!!! Would the “Russian troll” be combing the comment section to intercept comments, to distract from these facts? (We’ll let others vote on that)… but when you NEVER return to challenge this, since I DM’d it back to you, all will no the answer to that.. right?

    3. @Debbie I used to like our two sided politics. Repubs vs Dems seemed to keep our politicians on their toes in service to their constituents. It’s different now, we are divided. Some of the points you make are true, some are talking points of the right. They assign blame to each other now vs it’s really all of them that profiteer within war, and now our division. We won’t be able to stop their wars until we cooperate, both our leaders and us. It’s all a game of getting the masses behind their decisions. They take what they can wherever they go, all those with affluence and power

    4. @Glitter and Suds ASMR I agree with everything you say, and thanks.. The only wrinkle is we have the majority of a western press culture that protects and promotes (even invents).. one side’s propaganda ..
      I’m not a republican, trump supporter, either,but I don’t have to waste my time digging into their candidates and policies, because we have a gazillion left wing journalists (many anti American) combing through every aspect of their candidates… (what we expect from a free press).. Only they became a state run media for the other side…
      Thanks for the reply…

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