Watch: Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster | USA TODAY

The coffin with late Queen Elizabeth II’s body travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster through central London on a gun carriage, with the king and other royals walking behind.
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  1. L’enterrement c’est pour quand même si elle est congelé elle tient pas le grand puissant est en colère 5jours de 🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧laisser la partir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Amazing send off for our beautiful Queen. Can’t help but think she’s somewhere wondering why so much of this for her. It’s because Your Majesty the world truly loved you so much and we will miss you so dearly and this is how we show you that. RIP.

  3. Tried to view the procession today, but arrived when all access to the route were barred ,due to the number of people. The only option was to go to Hyde park and watch on the giant television.
    God Save the Queen.

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    1. Red is the cerimonial uniforms of parts of the British army esp the monarch’s gaurds. Traditionally, in history, the British army always wore red. Hence waring all black would NOT be appropriate for them.

      Black does not have to be worn to show respect, e.g. my mum loathed black and banned it at her funeral saying ‘if anyone wares black at my funeral, I’ll come back and haunt you’

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  6. I was here today. The amount of phones and videoing to me was just so wrong but the silence from the crowd I was in was beautiful 🤍

  7. Impressive. From time to time an old-fashioned ceremony, well planned and well executed, is great. But … how comes it that so few (if any) ladies are in the soldiers accompanying the coffin, in the band, and so on? Britain, the country of the suffragettes. Only in the police along the street there are some policewomen.
    Also, the coffin might have been very heavy, but I am sure that, within the British army, they could have found a lady tall enough and robust enough to be one of the eight members carrying it.

    1. ridiculous comment im kinda sure the sovereign of these islands didn’t pass her last breath hoping that there would be women carrying her casket !!! 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards has 0 women amongst its rifle company platoons.. wasn’t a day for that also the first horse has a female captain pulling the gun carriage chosen for her skill in horsemanship pulling a gun carriage nothing whatsoever to do with male or female zzzzzzzzzzz next you’ll be saying why were there no trans soldiers on parade ffs enjoy the dignity those SOLDIERS gave their late colonel in chief no one …. no one does it like the brits we are unmatched in this department.

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