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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: March 1 | MSNBC


  1. The fascist administrators have had their vaccines. That’s it. They’re good. What’s the problem?

    1. @Muddy Water Your suggestion that the human race is unusually preoccupied with Trump is a bit like arguing that detectives investigating Ted Bundy were unusually focused.

    2. Trump kept saying he was immune. Why did he get a vaccine? Not one member of his garbage administration should have been vaccinated…

    3. @William H Music 2020 if you knew what the word fascism meant, you would know that it applies to the Trump administration…

    1. Indeed. Why would anybody vote for enemies of our country who want to overthrow our government, abolish honest elections, who support terrorism, and want to murder Democrats?


  2. I absolutely agree with reuniting all of those families it is our responsibility as the United States to undo the harm in the Injustice that was done to them.
    the ones who caused it yes should be brought to Justice. I don’t want to hear, we were just following orders!

  3. I like the part where the Commander in Bleach got the vaccine in January but didn’t tell any one because he was afraid of losing the support of the anti-vax section of his cult. 😅😂

    1. @Kimberly Hausmann No one is eating children. Take your trash trump venom speech somewhere else.

    2. I just received a political response from an anti-vax cultist when I merely asked if anyone knew of the ingredients in the vaccine ! EGADS !!

    3. @anne marie andrews I truly dont know a lot about the shot other then having Covid doesnt given you perm immunity. I have my shot scheduled for Friday.

  4. The Republicans make zero sense on this. Repeatedly they’ve complained about school’s being closed.

    1. It is very simple the Republicans only want to help the ritch. It’s amazing how many poor people vote against their own interest…..oh well such is life for the ignorant

  5. If accountability for them occurs, I demand accountability for all the torture upon us Black people by the sanctioned goons in blue! Every other group gets in line AHEAD of US!

    1. They couldn’t even get FBI director Wray to say “white supremacist” in the Senate hearings today, he instead used the ambiguous term “racially motivated violent extremist”.

  6. The current version of the filibuster demands nothing of senators other than the desire to gum up democracy.

    1. Compare current versions of the filibustering to Jimmy Stewart’s classic ” mr. Smith goes to washington”.
      Then, weep.

    1. @Sasha Hall I think a marker of intelligence is having the intellectual humility to welcome corrections and implement them in future endeavors.

  7. Isn’t it traditional by Republicans to find that anything that could help the poor to make it is unacceptable, unamerican, etc.?

    1. @Bryce Palmer ABSOLUTELY FALSE! Republicans want to control half of people hostage to their own bodies and dictate what happens to your body —- you must be a man and not recognize the invasion of the uterus that is at the HEART of modern day Republicanism.

      Obama’s promise of change was held up by McConnell in his quest to make Obama into a one term president — so the Republican message could be Obama can’t get anything done.

      And now the Republicans are attempting to do it again.

      Historically, Republicans were the party that supported minority rights — truly the party of Abraham Lincoln. That has not been true for a long time. It has not been true for a long time that Democrats were the founders of the KKK and represented racism at its worst.

      What do Republicans represent — the weathy, the white, the privileged — who are a minority of this country. So how do they gain support for continuing their privilege: lying, cheating, stealing and misrepresenting.

      Since Ronald Reagan started the tax cuts for the wealthy we have seen the most massive re-distribution of wealth this country has ever known.

    2. @Merry Avar Yep, there ain’t no help for stupidity. Sounds like a ‘bot’…Nobody could be that dumb…

    3. @Elaine Bower really so republicans mainly trump bringing in jobs that Obama said couldn’t come back unless he had a magic wand doesn’t help everybody? Historic low unemployment for ALL races helps no one? Median family incomes going up $5,000 under trump in 3 years helps no one when with Obama it stayed at $1500 for 8 years. You clearly don’t know republicans nowadays well enough to categorize all of us in the same boat. Me personally I’m pro choice as is every Republican I’ve ever talked to. What we want as republicans is every thing I stated above limited government, little to no government dependency, all of our rights do not being censored on social media. Funny how everyone said “if you don’t like it go somewhere else” so when Parler was created (btw of you actually went on parler you would see everyone was on there for everything video games, politics, food, travel, etc) Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, and all other media giant companies shut down use of it cuz they’re trying to propagate it was a breeding ground for domestic terrorism. I’m 22 going for my PhD in political science people who are like me which there are thousands of not millions of at my age are going to be the future of the Republican Party. If you guys actually had a conversation with us you’d see we can find common ground on a lot of issues

    4. @Merry Avar and you clearly don’t know republicans. You just believe whatever Rachel Maddow spits down your throat

    1. @Eddie martinez, I’m sorry, I thought that I was informing you about a racist comment.
      Where a virus comes from is largely irrelevant, it is what you do to control it that matters. Please help the Chinese people in any way you can.
      And buy a dictionary!

    2. @Stephen Harrison Your incompetent you ask for reason I was nice and gave you my reason you call me ignorant well moron don’t open this door it won’t end well for you.

    3. @Stephen Harrison There is nothing you can inform me about. You don’t understand your own question be very careful who you engage then insult you don’t know my capabilities. It’s child’s play to find your IP. We can disagree but don’t bring personality into it because your incapable of following logic.

    4. @Eddie martinez *you’re
      – the egg roll was invented in NYC
      – Elaine was born in Taiwan and immigrated to America when she was 8.
      – racism is always unacceptable even when you’re referring to immoral jagoffs

  8. Bring these families back together and fast track them to citizenry. THAT should be the least we, as Americans, can do. I’ve seen film of many of these kids being trafficked. Will we ever get the truth?

    1. We owe so many from bad stewardship and unclear policy. I agree with the least we could do.

    2. Some of the Republican Trump Orphans will never see their parents again. The US Taxpayer (you) will support them until they are 18. You can thank the Republican Traitor Trump.

  9. Senator Rachel Maddow sounds phenomenal, but I would sincerely miss her as one of the most common sense, level headed journalists in America today. Wish we could have both!

    1. Most angry journalists, perhaps. Level headed? Fear. Anger. Rage. She puts the MAD in MADdow.

    2. @Peter Weller I have a bridge thanks to it being built back better. Name calling? Hmmm… taking a page from MADdow I see?

  10. Why did Trump and Melanoma keep their vaccinations quiet? Could it have something to do with QAnon?

  11. He can’t ever appear wrong. He belittled the pandemic. Taking precautions would look like it’s serious. He can’t do that. It doesn’t matter that it would benefit the masses.

  12. If anything the last 4 years has showed us is America is not a land of law and order, unless you’re very rich.

    1. Whatever makes sense, republicans vote against. That is so ridiculous. They destroyed everything during 4 years and they want to keep on.

  13. France just locked up their former President for corruption. What he was guilty of is pretty tame compared to the sh*t going on under Trump.

    1. @Fred Hagemeister please provide some details of said sh*t (and no conspiracy stuff please you can take that over to Parler).

    2. Lol. My toaster malfunctioned this morning; I blame Trump. My tire was flat last week; guess what Trumps fault. MSNBC = everything bad = orange man. Lol.

  14. Rachel has a skill of exposing how illogical, how insidious, the wilful ignorance GOP leaders have. They care about one thing only. The dollar.

    1. Control of the dollar, loss of any Republican Common Sense, they say we want their share, before they even consider Representing you. Trump’s Company Bash! Where is their money? CPAC ked…..

  15. He kept it a secret because it would have interrupted the “Biden stole the Election” news spin cycle. And he couldn’t have that.

    1. And it would have made it even more obvious he and his homeboys lied about catching the ‘Rona and recieved some mystery SciFi treatment.
      That was another fiction. Just like him actually being *_physically capable_* of copulating with Stormy Daniels.
      Which also beggars belief. She and others got paid to _say_ he could do it. Just more of his dollar store Hugh Heffner schtick.

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