Watch: Trump Georgia election probe hearing in Atlanta


    1. @JS I wish it was that simple…i have it turned up to max and its still not loud enough for me. I did rewind it all the back to watch it from the beginning and the volume did improve a bit after the first 5 or 10 minutes but still not as loud as it should be with the volume control pegged at 100. I see from the comments below and the likes on my comment that I’m not the only one not being able to hear this hearing (pun intended) very well. 🤠

    2. @jim howard I was was watching it on my PC, that has auxiliary SONY speakers. I usually have my head phones plugged in. For this video, I had to unplug my head phones and turn up the volume. I totally understand your frustration.

    1. Your assuming their not using other means to distract or obfuscate the report which needs to be in public purview!
      These are notable efforts to stop the publics cognizance, until some nefarious agreement continues.

  1. There is a reason the audio quality is sh1t; you might hear something you aren’t supposed too.

  2. Mr. Clyde obviously wishes to see redacted names are placed in obvious danger of a defendant marking his target by supporters or by public.

  3. But hold up hold on I thought trump was off the chair why they still advertising him ?
    U in my mind when someone is tooken off chair it’s over u supposed focused on president now
    At the same time trump is famous
    Even got his name of hotel in Vegas NV.

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