Watch: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and President Biden hold a news conference

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will meet with President Joe Biden and address Congress Wednesday in his first trip outside his country since Russia began its violent invasion of Ukraine in February.

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Biden invited Zelenskyy to Washington to reinforce the U.S. "stands with Ukraine for as long as it takes," according to a senior Biden administration official who discussed the trip on the condition of anonymity.

During their meeting, Biden will commit $2 billion in additional U.S. security assistance to send Patriot antimissile batteries to Ukraine amid the bombardment of cities by Russian missiles and drones.

Zelenskyy's joint address to Congress, set for later in the evening, comes as lawmakers prepare to vote on an additional $45 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine. The U.S. has provided about $68 billion in military, economic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine since violence between it and Russia renewed.

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  1. RESPECT TO BOTH PRESIDENT 🤗💔✌️🤝🙏 Zelenskyy and Biden.. kindest regards God Bless 🌏✡️☯️🕉☮️

  2. I am Ukrainian who is living and working in US. And I ‘m proud of Ukraine and US as democracies that defense peace and future of our planet.

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  4. long-range defenses instead of medium-range defenses that are stationed at the ukrainian-russian borders, and patriot systems are stationed at the polish-ukrainian borders. they are used only when the ukrainian army needs to use them until the russian army is expelled. the use of thermal scanning devices to know the presence of any person or object in the area and the presence of snipers with the request to identify itself not to use the patriot system against russian territory.

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