‘We need to repair these divisions’: Watch Green Party Leader Annamie Paul’s post-election speech

Watch Green Party Leader Annamie Paul’s full address to supporters and volunteers in the Toronto Centre riding.

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    1. Even though her party is a joke and surface-level by definition , I think she did fairly well in the English debate

    2. @James Charles almost all of her talking points are either childish rhetoric of oppression or racism. I think you are confusing her tone from the words.

    1. The conservative party or progressives as they are better known as, are not conservative and anyone that voted for them is not either.

  1. The best way to repair division is to remove such a racist and divisive leader from political leadership. How Annie was ever selected as a leader is beyond me and obviously most Canadians.

    I can tell by her resignation speech has learned very little.

  2. Fairvote petition because every vote matters
    green party had 2% of the vote and should have 2% of the seats not 0.6

  3. When will the current leader step down and go away. She totally ruined our Green Party and needs to go try something new.

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