What Needs To Happen Now In Louisiana After Category 4 Hurricane Ida

Retired Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré, former commander of the Joint Task Force for Hurricane Katrina, gives Lawrence O'Donnell his assessment of what the emergency response needs to be as Hurricane Ida left more than a million without power.
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    1. Some of those people in the hospital, including staff will not have a house to go home to when it opens again.

    2. @Reply Soon I’m all for that. But not “recounting” fraudulent votes. A true audit whereby the legitimacy of ballots is examined. Surely you would support that since it was a “free and fair” election. Let’s examine why, in some jurisdictions, more ballots were received than were sent out. Let’s examine why DemocRATS think it’s “racist” to show an ID to prove one is eligible to vote. Let’s examine why, in some precincts/counties, election laws were ILLEGALLY superseded by the dictates of election supervisors or judges. Let’s examine why some election boards refuse to comply with SUBPOENAS to provide voting machines for inspection. Critical thinkers everywhere know why you will never support this.

    3. @Mike Darren I don’t know if that is accurate, but if it is my opinion stays the same. They have preliminary hearings and if the judge (many of whom were put in by trump) doesn’t have enough evidence to justify a case it is dismissed. So all you are saying is there wasn’t enough evidence to even justify a lawsuit.

  1. People don’t really understand how much it’s going to take to get this city and many towns back to being livable

    1. @Val Zee and what do You mean by “WE”…? You have Not commented on this thread until your comment to me…

    2. @Traveler Mother Nature is out of Balance so it is now time for us to suffer the consequences, no conspiracy theories necessary.. Just plain ole Life taking its course ..

    3. @Yvonne what exactly have I stated that was a “conspiracy theory”…?
      Nature is Not out of balance… Nature is on It’s Own Cycle of Life.
      Governments have always Created conflict, chaos, unrest and division through misinformation to the public to gain their support.
      You have been fed Lies concerning “climate change”… the Con is that climate change is inevitable, You cannot stop it by throwing Billions of dollars at it, Nature Cannot be Stopped.
      you people are the Dumbed Down of Society.

    4. @Traveler If you think every single of those Afghans refugees are ‘potential terrorists’ then i wonder why US under a republican president decide to invade Afghanistan 2 decades ago as retaliation for 9/11?? Had that time US decide to left them alone sure enough today you did not have gonna spent your life on deep paranoia just because today US need to accept those Afghans that were tried to fleeing from Taliban almost in the same pattern like few decades ago when US need to accept pretty vast number of Vietnamese that were fleeing from Vietcong after the fall of Saigon. Your double standard is very astounding.

  2. What needs to happen now is gather up yourselves, grab what you can and go to Minnesota cause Hurricane Season ain’t over till November.

    1. I’m in Dallas, we accepted Refugees from Louisiana back in Katrina and we are ready to accept our Southern friends once again. (Californians stay out)

  3. everytime there is a hurricane, the nation is reminded of the importance of simple preparedness: a few extra gallons of drinking water, a portable radio, etc. there will be another hurricane at some point.

    1. Shouldn’t that be a standard action to take? Specially if you have advance notice of the storm. Stock on water, food, light, full charge all gadgets and all other contingency plans.

    1. It’s to keep people here in a bubble so they won’t panic. Most people in the US don’t know how bad things are worldwide.

    1. @james robinson I just read a news article about an old man wading through the floodwaters from his house to check on his shed. He was attacked and dragged down by an alligator. They can’t find him.

  4. It’s average elevation above sea level is just 100 feet. It’s largest city, New Orleans, is 6 feet below sea level. Basically, it’s pretty much built to be hurt by every flood or hurricane that hits it.

    1. Tell me you don’t care about black people with out telling me you don’t care about black people.

    2. @Andrew Enriquez it is the ignorance of the United States, it refuses to change with the times. It refuses to change its message to be more inclusive of other groups. It refuses to reach out to others.

  5. When a storm strikes, there are no high land masses to weaken the wind. Man happens to be in the way of the paths that hurricanes follow. These hurricanes are necessary to bring gulf moisture far inland.

  6. 2:38 Idiotic “False Dichotomy” thinking 🤔 or lack of thinking 🧐. Get SUPPLIES/SUPPORT IN & HELP PEOPLE OUT.

  7. Thanks, Lawrence, and General Honoré. My first thought, also, was that the need for potable water means we have only few days to react, and to get the general population out of acute danger. FEMA and the Services can cover the SAR / Infrastructure help, I think. But the thought of Cholera makes me cringe!

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