What the end of COVID emergency declarations means for Americans | JUST THE FAQs

The Biden administration plans to end both the COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency on May 11. Here's how that affects Americans.

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The administration plans to end both the national emergency and the public health emergency on May 11. The announcement came in a message to Congress about measures House Republicans are considering this week to end those emergency declarations immediately.

The administration wants to wait until May to end the emergencies because Republicans' "abrupt end" would create "wide-ranging chaos and uncertainty throughout the health care system," the White House said.

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    1. yeah diseases don’t go away just because your gay orange dad refuses to acknowledge them until the last second when it’s too late

  1. In simple, it’s if you don’t have the money you don’t get the care. Medicine and doctors are a big business in America.

    1. It’s still costs just as much when government is footing the bill, only it’s actually even more costly because it’s even more money we didn’t really have in the first place being printed out of thin air to even further devalue every dollar we do actually have.

      All these people didn’t have to die from this in the first place. The government imposed policies that kept the sickest people from being able to be eligible to receive the most effective treatments and they were consistently being put on treatments that were actually doing more to insure their death’s rather than increase their chances of survival.

    2. @Restricted Information
      I never said anyone should work for free. An I used to do lawn care. If I made quota for the day I would mow for an elderly person or veteran for free. On average six to eight yards a week. I understand the desire to make money and be profitable.
      But charging six dollars for an aspirin or thousands to deliver a child is ridiculous.
      I understand that insurance plays a big role in the overhead.

    3. @baileytom78 it’s mostly the insurance for sure. But non profits aren’t any better. There are boards, corruption and much more at play, just like our government.

    4. @Restricted Information
      This I know. Everything is a racket and if government money is involved it is a mismanaged racket.

  2. It’s we.l past time. History teaches us that those who are granted powers rarely give them up afterwards.

    1. True. This criminal president wanted to abandon Afghanistan so he’d have more money for the Ukraine issue.

  3. Will the vaccine manufacturers have to pass FDA trials now? What about every booster? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Emergency Authorization Act let these manufacturers bypass testing because of this act? So I’m curious how this will affect them. Not holding my breath!

    1. This is why everything is not covered any more so he is going to use it when it’s time for running around with the Richie Rich and Karen’s and Black Lives Matters Tight Gear and Caring about LeBronDonna Sneakers and Taxes for The other people’s in America.

    2. Pure blood vaxx free pcr test free and COVID free I never wore a mask and just lived my life like normal COVID what’s that?

  4. The administration is trying to act ike they put an end to it. Plus take all help away when prices are higher because of you. FJB

  5. Their also cutting foodstamps down to nothing. They left that out. A lot of people will be going to bed hungry

  6. It never even started for me..I didn’t fall for their BS for 1 minute..I’ll never listen to anyone who tells me what to do..NO SHEEP HERE..

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