What’s the future for Trudeau? Nanos thinks PM is focused on some key “legacy” projects | TREND LINE

On an earlier episode of Trend Line, Nanos' Research's Nik Nanos said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's speech from the throne would give some key insight into his plans for the future — here's what we've learned since then.

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  1. His legacy will be teaching Canadians that budgets balance themselves 🍻 And those same Canadians realizing years down the road that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Let’s hope for prosecution for his crimes Lavlin , We charity and let’s not forget his threats and removal of legal actions against him and his cronies .. can we start there then move onto his disregard for the military vets , aboriginal promises , Blatant foreign monetary gifts etc . the list of his disregard for his fellow Canadians and acts of buffoonery foreign and domestic is shameful . 🤡

  3. What “electoral Fortunes?” In practice, there’s only one party now.

    Just as well they modified the “dislike” button. They would have run out of screen space.

  4. 15 years in prison and in the general population not segregation. His stance pon feminism will be well appreciated there.

  5. Well he certainly isn’t focused on the economy, debt, inflation or the housing crisis. Always has been and always will be what he wants, and what he wants is to be seen as some idol. A long as it feeds his ego and benefits him personally, that is what he will focus on.

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