Whistleblower Alleges Poor Treatment Of Migrant Children At Fort Bliss

NBC's Julia Ainsley reports on whistleblower allegations brought to Congress over the poor treatment of migrant children by a contractor specializing in disaster cleanup.
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  1. It is an OUTRAGE that President Biden hasn’t ended Trump’s policy of migrant children abuse.

    1. @hopndon And neither one of those presidents did what trump did by tearing children and parents apart, and adopting their children to total strangers without the parents knowledge.

    2. @hopndon They’re being separated by choice – the parent’s choice. And since when did any trump supporter care what happened to any of those people? they don’t. You say whatever suits your purpose at the time.

    3. @Jay Gray there you go again,
      Biden is all ready on track to deport more immigrants than trump ever did,
      He will have deported almost as many as Hussein..
      His boss.

    1. It started under Obama and is only gettin worse under Biden the whole country gettin worse under Biden

  2. I hope you all know that you’re blaming Trump for something that happened originally under Obama

    1. The difference here is these kids came to the border alone. They weren’t ripped out of their parent’s arms like under trump

    2. @Thyalwaysseek Maybe, I have not seen the conditions in these centers for well over a year. No, it’s not ideal but Republicans won’t spend money on anything but a wall or a prison so it’s really difficult to get funding to fix the problem

    3. @Nikolai Sikes Stop with the tribalism, these children are being locked up in the same cages by BOTH administrations. Instead of doing something about it and demanding better you’re all just bickering among yourselves about your political allegiances rather than caring about what’s happening to these children.

  3. Can we just assume that civilians being put in a for or camp is never a good thing? This generation it is migrant children, who happen to be all south Americans, in ww2 it was the Japanese, and before that is was the Native Americans…

    1. Veggie Biden and Kacklin Kamaltoe don’t care. The Kackler went to ElPaso 850 miles from the border!!!!! There are kids on suicide watch. Democrats are worthless.

    2. @David Eby Yay for insults! If that’s what you’re resorting to, you don’t have a good enough argument that stands on it’s own.

  4. Trump left a real mess at the border.
    Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to be waved to make it all better overnight.
    However, the next best thing to a magic wand is Joe Biden.
    He is cleaning up Trump’s border mess.

    1. @Dan Archer In case your slow brain hasn’t noticed, the Republicans got away with it too.

    2. The trump traitors should be in those cages because they forsake and abuse their freedom, unlike the migrants fleeing terror.

    3. Trump’s mess?! How idiotic can a person be?! It was Biden’s rhetoric and policy that caused the massive influx in illegal immigration! Come on guy! Seriously?!

  5. lol the first thing the republicans would do is to demand the identity of the whistleblower, THEN they would question the political affiliation of the whistleblower.
    This admin is paying attention to it WITHOUT all that.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH lol, whatever. You have just another cultist defending trump and attempting to not take responsibility for your parties actions.
      Second..I never argued who started it… I said the republicans would have responded differently and try to prosecute the whistle blower.
      Do you to stay up with the class

    2. @Dale Hartley what makes me a cultist? because I don’t jump at the first judgment I see at an individual? would you like that if someone did that to you?

    3. @Dale Hartley your argument doesn’t make any sense because Republicans believe more in freedom of speech than anything it’s Democrats aka the left who likes to cancel everyone so get over yourself

    4. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH lol BS, maybe you have not lived in the US. Republicans ONLY believe in free speech for themselves. This has been proven Time and Time again….Want the evidence and facts to back it all up? There are so many examples of it, that it really is ridiculous for someone to make the statement you did.

    5. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH lol, you are defending republicans… That makes you a cultist. Period
      BTW your first comment was a judgement 😉 lol You DID do that to me. You lack any proof of your statements, and further your continuing statements prove that you are using republican talking points that have been debunked…. ( like their freedom of speech)
      So you are a cultist…I suppose you could be a foreign agent…but being a cultist is that as well…So I think just saying cultist is enough. 🙂 Ta have a nice day.

  6. Why is it surprising that Biden is putting migrant kids in cages when he was part of the Obuma administration when kids were also being put in cages?

    1. @Ry Black Exactly what? What would you suggest any government do with them, let them roam the streets free? trump put kids in cages too

    2. Don’t oversimplify. Does anyone truly understand how much Trump’s toxic hatefulness tainted the whole US government? Biden will still be cleaning up Trump messes until after the midterms. Some fixes do not work the first or even the second time. One just has to keep trying.

    3. @Jay Gray Yeah. The point is libs were crying about it then. Now it’s twice as bad. Maybe worse.

    4. @Dan Levan These are kids arriving alone, not with parents whose arms they’re being ripped out of like trump did

  7. Where is this? Texas? Yeah, good luck Republicans trying to pin this on Biden for the next three months.

    1. what difference would it make it would still fall back on Biden because he was in the same administration where it started the Obama administration ☝️😎

  8. Biden kept all the Trump appointees in every aspect of life because he just wanted to be nice….

    1. Well what exactly do you think happens when he takes over? He makes a list of everyone who looked like they supported Trump and got rid of them? Right down to the custodian at Fort Bliss? Is that the world you live in?

  9. Love of a parent got these babies there. Love will free them. Americans should come together as fosters or state approved volunteers. If we do this for kittens and pitbulls from state to state on The Dodo. We must for children who need QUALIFIED help. That’s what makes America Great. Period 🇺🇲❤

    1. You’re right. Problem is hundreds of children were transported for that reason and they lost track of them not all reunited with moms

  10. Oh my god 🙏🙏🙏 immigrants illegal waiting at border to come USA we need food stamps and medical please 🙏🙏🙏 please open borders now rite now . We will votes for democrats when we coming in usa .

    1. Exactly. There were plenty of people who came forward during the last administration, it’s just that none of the people who were up Trump’s behind cared. It was a one-sided cry for action. Now, not only are democrats STILL trying to make things right, but FINALLY (though, not surprisingly) republicans are pretending to care. Imagine that…NOW they care.

  11. Oh, what a difference an administration makes! There were plenty of people who came forward during the last administration, it’s just that none of the people who were up Trump’s behind cared. It was a one-sided cry for action. Now, not only are democrats STILL trying to make things right, but FINALLY (though, not surprisingly) republicans are pretending to care. Imagine that…NOW they care.

    1. Let’s be real here, Fred. The only reason you even know there are child migrant facilities is because the media published a bunch of pictures from ICE facilities under the Obama admin and tried to blame them on Trump. Now that a Democrat is back in office the media is back to hardly reporting on the issue, and you think that means the situation is better. It is far worse than any point in the history of this country. You can find that out by going to official websites and reviewing the published data. You don’t do that. What you do is turn on hyper partisan opinion shows and “inform” yourself that way.

    2. “Now they care” says the very concerned guy who didn’t know this was a thing until the media used pics from 2012 to pin it on Trump. Dude, are you really this easily manipulated?

  12. Let me guess..this whistle blower worked for 4 years under the Trump policies and never said anything huh…. how fortunate that he talk now.

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