Who should clean up the mess your kids make in public places?

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass has sparked heated debate on social media after claiming that a United Airlines employee “made” his pregnant wife clean up the mess left by his children on a flight. CNN’s Victor Blackwell and Amara Walker ask their guests: Who should clean up the mess your kids make in public places? #CNN #news


  1. Parents should always, ALWAYS, do something to clean up a mess their children leave. Doesn’t have to be perfect but effort is imperative.

    1. the pregnant card should be respected. and when its time to get off the plane you cant wait for toddlers to do it.

    2. @Javier Fernandez except no it shouldn’t be respected. She’s 19 weeks pregnant and flight attendants are required to work until they are 32 weeks pregnant… She has no excuse not to clean up her own damn messes until she is 33 weeks pregnant

    1. Tell your kids to clean up after themselves, and they’ll probably not throw food on the floor next time.

    2. ​@Javier Fernandez If this mother was at home, she’d have to clean up after her kids -pregnant or not.

  2. My mom told me (EVEN AS A CHILD) clean up after yourself, when we leave this restaurant to stack everything nicely and neatly so the workers have an easier time cleaning up the table and if we’re at a fast food place like McDonald’s put everything on the tray empty it into the garbage as we leave and leave the table clean!

    1. @Earthcat Thank you she always instilled the sense of treat everyone with decency and respect.

      And as the Good book says Matthew 22:37-40 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. “Love others as you love yourself!”

    1. I made my children pick up any popcorn they dropped in a theater. I did the same when they had friends come with us — I will say, a few of those friends were shocked at the idea of having to pick up their own trash.

    2. We made our kids be careful not to drop popcorn, if they did they picked it up when they were done eating theirs. Common sense for most people

    1. ​@Joshua Coldwater You’re totally right!

      No, actually you’re talk’n nonsense. There’s tons of responsibility and compassion in this world.

    2. @Brynn Esterra Edmark maybe in the world as a whole, but certainly not in this situation… The mother should’ve cleaned her own damn mess up

  3. I watched a toddler pull clothing off hangers & throw them on the floor. When the man said something to his wife she said there are ppl paid to pick it up so she wouldn’t. Also was at a restaurant & a toddler was tearing biscuits up & dropping it on the floor. Neither parent moved to put the biscuits out of reach. IMO parents should be responsible for the messes their children make!

    1. I think the kid should help. At the toddler stage, they are old enough to pick things up. In fact, it’s important to be teaching this at the toddler stage so it becomes an expectation for when they are older.

      Parents should not be allowing those things to happen.

    2. There’s definitely a clear difference between dropping served food and kids throwing random retail products on the flood with total disregard.

    3. @Logical1Bible teaches to bring up a child in the ways of the Lord and he(she) shall not depart from it.
      He who spares the rod HATETH their child.

  4. A vital lesson was at hand to teach the young child to be accountable and responsible for his/her mess. The parent should have been parenting. And if all fails, oh Dad you are needed.

    1. What?? The Dad is the one who didn’t think his wife should have been responsible for cleaning up the mess his kids made

    2. @Jazzy Vazquez more the reason to have him clean it. The point is it falls on the parent. If it had been reversed and someone’s kids made a mess in their property, I’m sure they would want their parents to step in and help.

    3. You don’t even know the father was there. As they said, it is quite likely that he was with the team getting ready for the game, which may have been an away game. She and the child were traveling to see him play

    4. @Linda C wonderful! She should be responsible as a parent and clean the mess up herself. She’s 19 weeks pregnant and flight attendants are required to work up until they are 32 weeks pregnant so no excuse… If she can’t train her kids to not be messy, then she can pick up the mess her damn self

  5. SAME SCENERIO RECENTLY- the correct thing to do is apologize before anyone says anything to you. Attempt to clean up and usually it seems the staff will say they’ll take care of it or help as you clean!

  6. This is why we have kids terrorizing entire communities because parents REFUSE to hold themselves and THEIR KIDS accountable.

  7. I believe the parents should. Obviously I am not saying parents should clear the tables and wash the dishes in the back of the restaurant, but something like kids spilling popcorn on an airplane should be the responsibility of a parent. Unless a parent is in a wheelchair or somehow physically unable to do it, I don’t think it is cruel or unusual to ask them to clean it.

    1. @Jay Mass I’m talking about the adults. Those who attend sporting events, ride trains, and planes, go to movies, walk in parks, etc.

    2. @Howard J
      Still not ok to litter and intentionally make a mess. Just lazy and disrespectful. Anyway this story was about cleaning up after a child. Stop deflecting

    3. @B Bodziak My family owns a very busy small town pizza place. I can assure you that we don’t expect or want the customers to clean up before leaving. First they might get injured, and two by law we are required to use cleaning solutions, mandated by the department of health. And three they might think they are helping but they are really gumming up the works. “We do have people here to do that”. For very good reasons.

    4. @Jay Mass Stay out of the way of the professional cleaners. You are may think you are helping but you are just getting in the way.

    5. @Jay Mass This story was about making a child and a pregnant woman clean up after an accidental popcorn spill on an commercial airliner This would entail the woman and the child get down and come in contact with a surface that is subjected to foot traffic that could be contaminated by hazardous substance that might have adhered to shoes. These substances might include human and animal feces, urine, blood, in addition to drug, and chemical, and other residues. That is why the management of public venues hire people who clean public places. And why they wear protective equipment, gloves, masks, footwear, and eyewear. And why those places are regulated by agencies that make inspections, to certify the cleanliness. They might have also been subjected to personal injuries that would make United Airlines liable. The employee who made the demand, and created this public relations situation, probably already been located and remanded or fired by United Airlines human resources.

  8. Parents at the very least need to make some effort to clean up any mess their kids make, wherever they are. It just teaches kids responsibility and respect for others. No brainer.

  9. The nerve that the mother thought that someone else is responsible to clean up your child’s mess is WILD. And pregnancy is NO EXCUSE. If I can work until my due date, go home then go into labor she can clean up after her kids. Or else don’t give them popcorn if they’re going to do it everywhere. I wasn’t raised like that.

  10. It blows my mind that anyone would think it was anyone but the parents’ responsibility. The entitlement of parents is amazing.

  11. Imagine a world where moms paid attention to their kids and did not ignore them long enough to make a huge mess in the first place, or flight attendants that didn’t ask a mom to get down on their hands and knees to clean up said mess because they understood that someone gets paid to clean the plane and some jobs are just worse than others.

  12. When I was a kid, I was responsible for cleaning my OWN messes. I vividly remember spilling a small bowl of cooked rice once when I was in elementary school, and my dad made me pick up the grains by hand out of the carpet because he didn’t want cooked rice gumming up the vacuum cleaner. It took a long time, but I was more careful after that

  13. Love that the man with no children brings up the danger of giving a two year old popcorn…”Who gives a child that age popcorn!” That was my thought from the beginning of this conversation.

  14. This was a teaching opportunity for her older child to help Mommy out. No muss, no fuss and the older child that helped would feel capable, important and hopefully praised for being such a good helper. Never forget to say Thank you when children step up to the plate, it teaches them to say it to others as well.

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