Who Will And Will Not Need A Covid Vaccine Booster Soon

With pharmaceutical companies putting out information about potential booster shots, we talked to our medical expert Dr. Vin Gupta about who will and who will not need a Covid vaccine booster shot before 2022.

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  1. Of course we will need a “booster” shot. Just like getting an annual flu shot as the flu changes each year. Now we have a new flavor of covid. I will happily take my delta-tailored third shot.

    1. Me too, if it is made available. But, it sounds like politicos want to make it political again, and prevent people from getting a vaccination they want, to save it for idiots willing to take their chances.

    1. None. Those doctors are pushing the science you reject to treat a virus you don’t acknowledge. Go back to sleep.

    2. Every doctor I’ve seen in the past year has been in favor of the vaccine. I get tested every time I go in. My doctors play a huge role in this.

    1. As it causes more spread, no.
      This is basic critical thinking skills.
      The grocery store is open for 15 hours, customer base x…..to the grocery store is open for 9 hours…same customer base x – ensuring good cramming.

      You have a population – and thousands of stores to spread out in and maybe not encounter a sick person.
      — To the same population – 10 big retail stores allowed open, ensuring great spread.
      “lockdowns”, similar to mask-wearing – is just another way to ensure great spread/weaken you.

      Ever run the 100m dash with a mask on? You feel like you’d pass out quick right?
      Well as mask-wearing is mask-wearing, it’s the same intake/damage done while sitting at a desk – it’s just not as emphasized as if you were sick.
      It’s why common complaints are headches/dizziness etc.
      Oxygen/proper expulsion of co2 in your blood is essential for good health…like water.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas But you just DID play Russian roulette by taking a vax with ZERO long-term safety data. Haha! I mean, there’s no denying that. And the NIH called it experimental in 2021 as well, because that’s what it is! NIH: “Experimental coronavirus vaccine highly effective”. Too bad you didn’t do any research before playing.

    2. @robotron17 No one with any sense is going to take notice of a politically-driven base chasing conspiracy theories that have them crowding our ERs and morgues. You seriously flatter yourself. The right is simply outraged that it’s practice of owning the Libs—i.e., cutting off its nose to spite its face—has set it on a literal road to extinction and the rest of the country is ignoring their constant plays for attention by simply excluding them, isolating them and ostracizing them. Consider this your political timeout.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas Problem is, everything I said is obviously true. YOU are the one believing the propaganda. Hospitalizations are provably down 85% off their winter peak. Ha ha. And you can’t provide long-term safety data, and you think the vax isn’t experimental, despite NIH telling you it is. You’re about out of time to figure out that you’ve been conned.

    4. @robotron17 Everything you said is cherry picked to support your political point of view. Doesn’t matter; a deadly contagion doesn’t care how you vote.

    5. @Demetria Karnavas No, it’s not cherry picked. These are broad categories, not some narrow sliver of reality like you see on MSM. ALL covid hospitalizations are way down. There is zero long-term safety data on the vaccines. ZERO. This is fact. It is a brand-new vaccine platform. This is also a fact. You are literally not going to make it, and I feel sorry for you.

  2. Ya know, every sane person in the US has had plenty of time and opportunity to be vaccinated, the stupid are on their own, I’ll get a booster when its available.

    1. @Cory Dude you’re trying to tell this to the Liberal community. Good Luck they aren’t very bright! They rely on MSM to help them breathe.

    2. A few months from now: “The pandemic of the unboosted!”. Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated will be on the same boat.

    1. And it’s not over for those who keep making new accounts just to be a pain in our necks, Mr. 2 day old account.

  3. My niece works in an elderly high rise apt complex. 120 tenants all were vaccinated 79 now have covid. They think it’s being brought in by unvaccinated home health care workers or maintenance workers.

    1. Why are unvaccinated home healthcare workers allowed to visit elderly patients. That seems like malpractice.

    2. @Deborah Freedman idk it’s independent living unlike a nursing home. The tenants dr would have to order a daily or weekly visit from a nurse thru an agency. I’ve seen nurses all over this country quit rather than take a vaccine so I just don’t know.

  4. What’s funny about this is they’re not telling you the real numbers of the vaccinated people that are getting reinfected by this and they’re not just getting a mild case they’re getting the same symptoms as they did before where I work all but two people that got sick or vaccinated

  5. Florida has about a 70 percent vaccination rate. Part of the problem there is they are indoors and younger people are getting it.

  6. Problem with this is when the booster is given, the virus will definately be in another stage or variant. If vaccinated people are pretty safe as of now from the Delta Variant then shoudlnt we be trying to figure out what changed and try to get ahead of the next Variant stage(which we all know is coming) prob during the WINTER

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