‘Why didn’t they do anything for seven months?’: Poilievre questions children’s medication shortages

CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre questions why the government did nothing to prepare for kids' medication shortages they knew were coming.

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  1. ……asked why they didn’t to anything for 7 months.
    she keeps repeating they did do something about it… yesterday…
    Doesn’t understand the question?

  2. Can they address all questions to Freeland in French please, just so that we can end up hearing the translator instead?

  3. it is deplorable for a female minister to preface an argument with “as a mother”… this in no way confirms the quality of “mother” that she is… it’s cheap, sanctimonious and hypocritical misandry!!!

  4. Her level of stress is definitely not on the same level as regular Canadians! . Our government needs a complete overhaul!

  5. Part of the problem is packaging and labelling. My understanding is that obtaining the medication is not the problem, as Australia is ready to help provide the drugs. But the labels are only in English and do not meet the governments language laws. All the labels have to include French before they will accept and distribute. My proposal would be to send the English label meds to English parts of Canada and then get dual language label meds for everywhere else.

    1. @Dave Duncan Correct, you don’t know the real issue. It’s that children are getting sick at a much faster than expected rate. That’s it. Thanks CPC for fighting masking mandates.

    2. @Pickles Sorry, that argument doesn’t fly with me anymore. There is nothing stopping parents from having their kids wear masks, if that is your position. We have had several years of respiratory issues. Those that choose to not wear a mask won’t do it regardless of mandates. Vaccines are available. Hopefully the medications will get back on the shelves. Mandates are not the only approach.

    3. @Dave Duncan Well just fill up the hospitals based on the judgement of children, but don’t cry when all the meds are used. Can’t have it both ways.

  6. I had a baby in April, we haven’t been able to get baby Tylenol pretty much the whole time, she was teething pain med free lol

    1. Yeah well my kid didn’t need it either for teething just chewed a cold facecloth but she did when she had Roselia and her fever was dangerously high with a rash too so would you laugh then too? Like in the States during the formula shortage some said well I am a stay at home mom and breastfeed so I don’t care about others problems.

    1. It’s all about power. That’s all he cares about. Same with Jagmeet. I hope the Canadian voter wakes up to this soon.

  7. Yeah understands what families are going through. Surprised she didn’t tell everyone to cancel their Netflix and everything will be ok

    1. She’s so hilarious. Drop Disney plus. 15$ saved a month. Whoopie! And to top it off you’ll have more time with the kids when your tired with your spouse trying to work overtime to make up for inflation. Bravo Freeland bravo

  8. Pierre Poilievre NEEDS to become Prime Minister Yesturday. Audit all these Sicko Liberal, NDP Coalition and send the guilty to Prison.

  9. A sociopath is “very aware” of suffering because they enjoy it. She’s aware because it really puts her gingerbread house in jeopardy.

  10. I don’t even know why they ask questions when they just simply don’t answer them. So infuriating 🤦🏻‍♂️

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