1. You can look for dozens of photos/videos where fields are full of dead bodies of russians from wagner. By sending them wave by wave they are gaining territories. But there are trained wagners(with battle experience) and convicted criminals who are being used as a cannon fodder.

    1. I’ve seen footage of many dead Ukranian soldiers lying in fields as well. Doesn’t mean that they’re using human wave tactics lul

    2. While at the same time trenches are full of Ukrainian soldiers killed by Russian artillery. In this war 90% of KIA are by artillery shells. Only 10% in direct combat. And Russians have huge advantage in that, so the results are in according to that around 5:1 in Russian favor.

  2. The plot is a complete fiction of journalists who do not know the material!!! In Wagner, military professionals who have passed many ‘hot spots’ serve and are created as a competitor to Western (especially American PMCs)!!! Russian PMCs and American, Polish, Canadian, British, and French PMCs collided in Soledar!!! As a result of the fighting, the Russian PMCs and the Airborne division destroyed all those who were surrounded in Soledar!!! That’s why there is such hysteria among Western officials and journalists who are afraid to tell the truth, not half-truths!!!🧐

  3. “We tried to negotiate with Ukraine but their negotiators refused to die after we poisoned them. They are completely unreasonable!” — V. Putin, 2022
    The Islamic Republic is not legitimate and it is not the choice and will of the people of Iran, another example of this regime’s crime is giving drones and military weapons to Russia

    1. If you search “2013 Ukraine protest” their president ordered azov military snipers shot dead 53 people, hundreds more missing that protested their corrupt government… Those videos are available by CNN, fox, BBC, cbs etc 🤣🤣🤣 oops it must be photo shopped videos

    2. Buddy, the SBU (Ukrainian Special Service) is bragging about killing one of their own negotiators this week.

    3. That was CIA actually, they tried to poison Ukrainian negotiators because results of that negotiations were going in favor of Russian side. Blaming Putin for that is exactly like the statement that he blow up Russian gas pipeline to Germany while in reality we all know who did that.

  4. “They’re contracts are over, they’re going home”. There is a special place in hell for that Wagner guy.

    1. He is already there and It’s name is Bakhmut. 14k dead Ukrainians on Bakhmut part of the front only since beginning of this conflict.

  5. This minor Wagner success will ultimately work in Ukraine’s favor. The more the allies realize it’s still a very losable situation after Ukraine’s “come back” successes in the fall, the better for Ukraine. More western fear equals more equipment going to Ukraine quicker.

    1. Not really most countries are getting pretty tired of sending Ukraine equipment in weapons if it falls in the hands of Russia

    2. If you think a nuclear powerhouse will accept defeat on their border you are naive. All this means is prolonging of the war and more deaths on both sides which in the end will harm Ukraine more. You can’t compare this to afghanistan etc. Russia cannot lose this war and the west knows this even if it causes the destruction of Ukraine.

  6. They are effective cuz it’s the only unit that tries attacking Ukrainian forces as for now. but it’s been half of a year already since they started and Bakhmut is still under Ukrainian control. Bakhmut is not even main city in Ukrainian part of donbass so it will be a very long story for wagner to take whole donbas region if it’s even possible

    1. Typical CNN BS. They are attacking in small assault groups of 3-6 soldiers each. Number of groups depends on the situation usually 3-10 and they are well coordinated during the assault.

  7. Well with so-called legendary murderous group of killers and their Leaders name is Jenny we should all be terrified LMAO😂🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Better trained. Better equipped. Higher morale. Brutal (but effective ) combat tactics. Sounds to me more like the Waffen SS.

    1. Lol no U.S would mangle their bottoms just like their higher ranks did before they went to be killed

  9. Similarly other countries were using military contractors to fight the front lines. British colonists were using the Gurkhas who are known to be as fearless for 200 years. Many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, are not signatories to the 1989 United Nations Mercenary Convention banning the use of mercenaries

  10. Wagner is just using standard WW2 Russian infantry attacks; human waves, lots of casualties, and no retreat. It is effective if you have the men to lose and a brutal regime pushing these troops forward.

  11. Imagine a group of convicts owning professional troops trained and armed by the west 🤣🤣🤣 West = paper tiger.

  12. It would be interesting to find out if Wagner is hiring ex-military members from the west. Mercenaries only care about cash, if the price is right I’m sure they could easily recruit from the west.

    1. It’s worth remembering that Erik Prince, Betsy DeVos’s brother and founder of the Blackwater mercs (Now known as Constellis), had alleged business dealings with Prigozhin and Wagner before.
      Prince offered to assist Wagner _on the Russian side_ of the Syria fight. Prince the _Trump_ advisor.
      Trump, who fired General Mattis after US Troops defeated Putin’s mercs in Syria at Khasham in ’18.

  13. Key Wagner ingredient is amorality. This allows the leaders to completely disregard consideration for any and all life.

  14. Wagner’s story in 2023 will be very different….The last prison he stopped at recently got him 8 vs 115 a couple months ago…..Those tactics are well known with one prisoner telling GF that out of 11 he knew of….8 are dead….he likes his cell just fine….LOL

  15. They appear to keep sending a lot of troops to draw fire on positions. Locating and drawing fire then providing intelligence for shelling to beat down the enemy is a smarter option. If that commander keeps on loosing soldiers without gaining more ground by artillery and shelling before sending in a wave of infantry he will probably get shot and someone else will take his contact.

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