Will Donald Trump last in U.S. presidential campaign? Hear from Anthony Scaramucci

Former WH communications director Anthony Scaramucci weighs in on the legal woes facing Trump and what’s next for the Republican Party.

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    1. @vic garbutt  Ok then name the felony. Because the D.A. of New York so far hasnt been able to, but Im sure youve got it.

  1. He says, I never though anything could happen like this. Ohh, I am sorry, you never thought you would get caught or someone would hold you to what you did? Ohh, what a looser.

  2. “I thought nothing like this could ever happen” That’s because nothing like that had ever happened to bring him to this result. Actions have consequences.

  3. So does stormy get criminal charges for accepting illegal payments or for charging money to be quiet?

  4. Anthony Scaramucci ??? Anthony ScaramucciAnthony ScaramucciAnthony Scaramucci??? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha imagine listening to Anthony Scaramucci hahahahahah omg

  5. How can tfg possibly win?
    Every time he opens his mouth more of his ‘uneducated’ wise up.

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