Will Hillary Clinton Get Prosecuted Now? 11/15/16

Will Hillary Clinton Get Prosecuted Now? 11/15/16

Hillary Clinton Investigation Update: Will Hillary Clinton be sought out for prosecution? Will Hillary Clinton go to jail? November 15, 2016



  1. Short answer? Absolutely not. To many people involved and we will have
    nobody left to lead the country. Trump is my President 👊

    1. WRONG!
      Hillary is going down!
      Absolutely going down and THEN the country can begin to heal under an
      administration that adheres to and respects the rule of law…equal justice
      for ALL!

  2. Can’t stand Megyn Kelly. Poser. Loved her until she shows her agenda plain
    and simple. I s this show supposed to be journalism or her editorial

    1. Colleen Schaming You r absolutely right. She is one of the reasons why we
      don’t take these idiots in the media seriously.

  3. Kelly is still a want to be blonde bimbo….I stopped watching Fox News
    because of her … I only watch Hannity and Judge Jeanine ….Fox is really
    CNN in drag

  4. fox news is a pro Clinton. the people demand that she be tried for all the
    crimes that she has committed. fox news if you can not report the truth
    then pull the plug and lock your doors and quite spreading lies.

  5. Trey Gowdy, Judge Jeanine Pirro or Rudy Guliani for AG…..we need TEETH in
    that position, and I’m not sure Cruz
    is that tough!!!

  6. Why put her in jail, she’ll have luxury accommodations. The fact she lost
    the presidency and if possible freeze the Clinton Foundation assets would
    be more than enough payback……..SHE LOSES!!!!

  7. Laws play one way for the elite and another for the rest of the people is
    wrong! Trump should have her in court for all her issues know to the
    public. 👍🇺🇸😎

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