Will Robert Mueller’s testimony lead to impeachment?

Former special counsel Robert Mueller spent all day testifying before Congress about his findings in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections. Some Democrats hoped it would be what they needed to begin impeachment proceedings. That’s not what actually happened.

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  1. Hey, Chris here — Robert Mueller’s testimony revealed little to no new information about the investigation, so why did Congress want the hearing so badly?

    1. @tubruton Well it backfired then. The only thing we learned was that Mueller didn’t write the report, and couldn’t answer most of the questions. He looked pitiful.

    2. So people would hear it since people working three jobs to keep their heads above water don’t have time to read 450 pages.

    3. the left isn’t going to give up that easy, and I really dont believe they just lost this battle, they have some kind of angle.

    1. Sad to see a decorated veteran like Mueller dragged over the coals like that. The democrats are so possessed to destroy Trump no one is off limit.

    2. @AMERICA FIRST, god particle, Present Dystopia, Wayne Bruce, and Zamasu, would you middle school brats quit exposing your pathetic ignorance go clean your rooms?

    3. BREAKING NEWS: Scientists now believe to have found the two main factors for why democrats cannot meme. In a new study publshed in _”Scientific American”,_ it is concluded, that 100 out of 100 democrats have 0 sense of humor, while 100% of democrats have negative IQ

  2. Nancy Pelosi has literally never been for impeachment and it cant happen without her. She decided no matter what she wasnt going to do it. Even if Mueller was better yesterday it still would not have led to impeachment. This entire topic has been a media creation.

    1. This guy should be water boarded and hung. These people are corrupt and; what we are witnessing is unprecedented and is the biggest scandal that America had ever seen.

  3. Will Robert Mueller’s testimony lead to impeachment? Well, this question deserves a comprehensive, complex and many-faceted answer. It’s LOL.

  4. What yesterdays Kabuki theater did was insure 4 more years of MAGA.
    The Very Fake News (CNN) will be cast aside in short time as they stand for nothing that is productive, positive or good in this world.
    Let the good times roll.

  5. The Mueller investigation was led by a man suffering from dementia and amnesia. Trump should give full pardons to Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos and Roger Stone. The people prosecuting them had no mandate, Mueller was not involved.

  6. Mueller doesn’t even know what Fusion GPS is all of us here know who Fusion GPS is. he might be the biggest waste of money the government ever spent

  7. Prosecutors never exonerate. You’re either convicted or acquitted. Dems and their media allies lying to the people as usual.

  8. No, but it will lead to hillary and obama going to gitmo for inventing and paying for the FAKE Russian dossiers to save themselves from the illegal email server in her bedroom closet that they both used for years to sell state secrets and pay for play.

  9. In Mueller’s Words

    I just can’t get into this….. I think he is actually referring to CNN, R.I.P. CNN

  10. LOL! Yesterday was the first official Trump campaign video for the 2020 election. Thanks Dems!

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