Will the Bank of Canada hike interest rates again? | Inflation in Canada

Jill Macyshon reports on the inflation rate seeing an uptick last month, as housing, fuel and foods became more expensive.

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    1. Incorrect , interest rates causes inflation Mrs doesn’t know how international trade works lololol

    2. @5th Element Cannabis Production it has absolutely nothing to do with inflation prices on goods. Your liberal knowledge is wrong

  1. Sanctions against Russia have caused the cost of gas to skyrocket. Since most goods are produced and transported using gas, just about everything is more expensive yet not one of our political leaders mentions this. For decades the Canadian government, regardless of which party, has worked for a ruling class that cares very little about Canadian citizens.

    1. Russian war has absolutely nothing to do with gas prices. We don’t get gas from there. It’s just an excuse

    2. @Jumbo Me We don’t you’re right , but everywhere we buy stuff from Asia , India , Africa , South america , and formerly Europe does and or did … Try and see further than your nose .

    3. @5th Element Cannabis Production lol a new dummy account haha nice try. Come back when you know what you’re rambling about

    4. @Jumbo Me Says the Lady who thinks Canada produces everything it needs lololol

    1. Jumping government spending from about $300 billion to $600 billion had something to do with it too.

    1. @toabs hahaha no I’ve just got a grandmother whose life savings I don’t want to see eradicated by inflation. Savers need a break.

      Oh and property tax reassessments are coming to Ontario.. sure be nice to have a housing crash before then lol

  2. Oh no mortgage interest costs are up boc you better raise interest rates again to try to fight the higher interest costs. 🙄

  3. Higher mortgage payments and high rents have bumped up inflation in April. So let’s do more of the same and hope for different results ?

  4. Yes mortgage rates are up 28%…because they’re raising the rates for the banks! Why would you include that in your report?

  5. Rents have or going to forty percent. And news ,said rents up across Canada…40 percent. 6.1 whats that youre saying. Bad stuff..on this report. I wish it were 6.1…not even close!

  6. The Canadian government spending money too much,the government have to cut spending.a lot peoples are dying.

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  8. Yes increase interest rates by 100 BPS. We want housing in shambles. Half the current prices.

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