Wrong Approach to Crime in Jamaica? | TVJ News – Jan 12 2022

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  1. Everyone is going aroud the issue. But things will never be better except we find ways to deal with curruption. Simple 1,2.The government needs to value the armed forces! Those should be the highest paying jobs!! When people are motivated they want to do their best. The energies will be redirected to the task at hand. For now everyone is trying to survive. I’m not a police, but I don’t see what I’m putting my life at risk for when I am not even regarded in my own country.Cynical world.Sad, but true.

  2. Jamaica need better border security to stop the flow of guns into the country until they fix that problem it not going to get any better, and the criminals where are they coming from they’re the same young people in the country, so the question is how do we get to these young people before they get involved in crime.

  3. People…the entire Jamaica need CCTV, and there are solar cctv with GSM connection. First on every other utility pole then in every town. If a car go up the at 11pm and shots fire and the car drive back pass at 11:30 what does that tell you? You don’t necessarily need to see the crime, but you narrow your lead and grab suspects. Occasionally drone footage across volatile areas. You can track, trace, gather evidence from these footages. The next approach is body cams for all police operators, community policing, then strengthen the justice/prison system them the culture.

  4. Honesty I’m tired of the talking who didn’t do this or who did that both party need to come together work together for a better Jamaica if not it will remain where it is

  5. Okay but militarizing the police won’t fix crime, cause police are only ever used to try to fix the symptoms which a lot of the problems they aren’t ever equipped for .they are hired for the symptoms of the issue rather than the real issue .which in most cases are poverty and a lack of care for mental issues. Making the police force more powerful ignores the fact that police already over police and escalate issues when it needs to be deescalated , furthermore through the news fixation on promoting the country as this crime infested ridden country is no wonder the police treat almost every poor person as a criminal until proven otherwise.42 people dying is tragedy ofc and it should not happen but the populations is in the millions so what is the answer to turn Jamaica into a police state with cameras watching every single person? What kinda freedom is that . That’s what I don’t think many people think about freedom doesn’t mean 100% safety and 100 % safety doesn’t mean freedom. Fix the courts, fix how we treat mental health, fix housing ,fix the ghettos, fix over policing ,fix corruption ,fix the fascistic way be treat ppl who aren’t “ mainstream black”, actually try to have a democracy where everyone’s voice matters ,fix the way we treat ppl who aren’t Christian cause not all Jamaicans are and create a culture that lives up to the motto out of many one people cause we have never even done that .do that and you will lesson crime.

  6. See the game being played by the devious Prime Minister n his cronies.
    Shuffle a cabinet but, LEAVES the failing security minister Chang in place .This thing deep and sinister. Think , people think.

  7. everyday them come out with a bag of talking no action behind it. and the crime start with the political you sir so fix them first and then the bottom of the stream would be much easier to fix

  8. Agree, leadership need vision, and people need to be more responsible and caring for each other. A house divided must fall. Jamaica as are many other countries unfortunately is very class structured, these barriers must be broken down. People need to have a better understanding and appreciation of self.

  9. The Prime Minister should have a national employment program so everyone knows that u have an income so those who choose not to work able bodied people should face the consequences

  10. How you gonna solve crime with crime?
    Explain that to me?
    The biggest problem is that a police is that the mindset they have is not going to solve crime. How you gonna solve crime when all you think is taking the person out when you should be seeking
    What causes the problem 😕
    How can I prevent this from happening to someone else
    And how to conquer the way you implemented the idea in which you want to prevent it..
    That’s all you guys had to do but all you do when you heard of bad guy is killing them. So tell me something how do you expect friends and family gonna think and what you think they want to do?
    Let me answer it for you

  11. Jamaica is slowly becoming a crime hub
    How can this guy who clearly holds an important office say we can’t fight crime
    The ministry needs to contact me and place those guys in the filing room
    It’s all about the talk and who wants to sound different or brighter smh

  12. Unless the mindset of the people change things will only get worse 💯 there is little love an more hate against one another

  13. Wrong approach. when the head of security can be in parliament and sleeping what is he listening to when sleeping. You need a DNA data base in Jamaica, more cctv and better payment for police Officers, get rid of this Dishonest officers from out of the police force, clean up the police force get rid of the criminal element . that’s why they don’t want a DNA database

  14. The crime in Jamaica is out of control the government of Jamaica need to get some help from the USA and England to help sort out the crime and to save the life of the Jamaican people’s.

  15. Gun Amnesty Program must be implemented and promoted by the Government of Jamaica as a priority. The Root of the problem is the Guns not just the people. Allow people to help clean up the island without penalty. Give reward for weapons . Simple. Money mek the mail run.

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