1. Romney is correct, Santos should be embarrassed. An adults job is to set an example to the younger generation. This person shouldn’t be one of our examples.

    1. @David Bullis The Democrats are way beyond embarrassment – and he is right Romey will never be President.

    2. Santos did lie but so has Biden often . Biden said he gave his uncle frank Medal of Honor while VP. However bidens uncle frank died years before he was ever VP. so it was a big lie. They are many more lies. Both santos and Biden are liars.

  2. Santos’s is a disgrace to the USA government. He should be ask to leave and never come back. That’s not fair for the candidates that ran against him.

    1. @p H Did he not pay a porn star to keep quiet about their affair? Did he not ask the Secretary of State in Georgia Brad Raffensberger to help him find 11,780 votes? Lmao. More like you wish.

  3. I live in Massachusetts, so I don’t have the utmost respect for Romney. But damnnnn, he grew cojones, first going against trump, now corrupt George. I’ll keep watching this with enjoyment 😁

    1. To SPORTSWRLD4life:
      I live in Worcester. I was not a big Romney fan when he was governor, and did not vote for him when he ran for president (voted for OBAMA), but I am with you one hundred percent. Thanks for your post. I am also watching with enjoyment. The look on Santos’ face is priceless.

    2. @haritaḥ
      Hey, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying:

      If you’re going to call out a liar and a grifter, make sure your record is immaculate and spotless 😅

      But Romney is a no good five time draft dodger that spent a missionary tour in France instead of taking up arms and defending his country or going to prison as a conscientious objector when the draft required it.

      I call it as I see it.

      Romney was and is a yellow bellied coward. Like I said, I don’t condone violence, but do you really want a cowardly rich man’s son that avoided the draft and sent everyone else around him off to die while he got naked with French girls being your president? 😅

    1. Could be a setup by the Dems but that’d be difficult to prove. The perfect smear job. Whoever was in charge of vetting in the R’s failed miserably.

  4. The only thing McCarthy will do to Santos, no matter what an ethics investigation reveals, is remove him from committees. The only thing.

  5. I don’t know what the problem is with Santos. Appears to fit right in with the Republicans! Probably be next Speaker of the House for republicans.

    1. BLS lies about jobs. Bloomberg, which exists to serve active traders on Wall Street, is throwing shade on the January jobs report that “surprised” a lot of people with its positive numbers. Before addressing the technical factors used to produce the rosy numbers, consider the buried truth hundreds of words into the piece. Stripped of all the technical jargon is this stark reality:

      On an unadjusted basis, payrolls actually fell by 2,500,000 million last month. The BLS 517,000 jobs number was a LIE. Never, ever trust the democrat government, never. Almost all the employees at BLS are democrats, go figure.

      But it turns out that there were changes in the way the data were gathered and reported that made things look rosier:
      Seasonal adjustment factors appear to have flattered the headline as smaller-than-usual post-holiday layoffs bolstered the payrolls numbers. If it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is too good to be true — the gain is mostly due to seasonal factors and revisions to past data. We are in a recession and have been for many months and it’s getting worse !@!@!

  6. SENATOR Mit Romney is one of the last remaining, if not the last, Compassionate Conservatives we have these days in Ameican politics. His late father who was a Governor in the 1960s marched for the Civil Rights along side other Noble and courageous Americans of all races and religions who supported that great movement. I am a young Liberal Democrat but this Republican Politician has my utmost respect and he deserves the same from all of us, good and patriotic Americans who love our Country and are not racist, sexist and Fascist Lunatics!

    1. @Charles Finnegan  Joe the Clown? Which administration was it that gave massive tax breaks for the rich and mega corporations? That would be Trump and his administration. Joe passed an infrastructure bill that puts working class Americans to work across the country. Only 🤡 here is you.

  7. The best part was when Romney told him: “Bye Felicia” and Santos thought “but I’m not doing a drag show this weekend…”

  8. Don’t tell me Romney is surprised by Santos’ presence in the United States Congress…
    Remember the Republican Party wanted Hershel Walker to be elected Senator

    1. The difference between Herschel and Santos: Herschel could claim to be a member of law enforcement because he was given an honorary badge and was too stupid to understand it didn’t make him a real deputy. Santos could claim to be a member of law enforcement even if no law enforcement agency ever gave him a badge.

    2. @termsofusepolice Please stop. Walker lied about every single thing regarding his life not just the badge. Walker’s own son even called him out because of his constant lying. Santos, Walker, and Trump are one in the same.

    3. @Auntie Z , because the party of family values has shifted to the party of anyone and anything to win. Culture, race, election fraud. If it’s not true, just make it up – anything that will get enough votes to win. But it’s the voting public that has to change. Good luck with that.

    4. Look at some of your Democrat Officials. Most of them never run a business in their entire life and so the cities they represented for years are the Hell Hole Cities of America. Bankrupt, rat manifested occupied by crackhead homeless criminal zombies.

    1. @Glenn Hubbard 😭 he’s not my twist, but you made me laugh. And I love laughing, for it soothes the soul. stay well

  9. He’s not an accident he’s a result of allowing dishonesty to go unchecked in leadership

    1. And the result of America’s poor literacy skills or interest. If anyone would have vetted him, i.e., READ i.e., RESEARCH i.e. T H I N K things thru… but we don’t do any of this. Pretty much we listen to our friends, loved ones and social media followers. We follow the crowd wirhout doing our homework. That is why we are here. JMO

    2. Biden has been telling lies for 50 years is up to the voters not the media . He’s a clown but an elected one

  10. Mitt , along with Liz , and Adam are among the very few Republicans I can disagree with but still respect their opinion and them as Americans.

  11. Santos will never do the honorable thing and resign for a very simple reason. Santos, if that’s even his real name, has found the best grift of his life.

  12. Mitt Romney, one of the few republican congressional members I have respect for. Romney is trying to shame Santos. Trying to shame the shameless is useless.

    1. ” I never had talks with my son about his overseas business dealings”………..Let’s talk about that Big LIe.

  13. What never ceases to amaze me is the shamelessness of Santos and the support of McCarthy and Marjorie Green. Santos walks around like some kind of emperor with shamelessness as his crown

    1. He doesn’t have to answer to anyone other than his constituents voted for him. They can recall him if they want to. It’s nobody’s business other than those he represent.

    2. Can you really be ashamed when you have no conscience , no principles,no moral values and you have an oversupply of selfishness?

  14. Thank you Mitt Romney!! Omg – I almost had a heart attack with this – A Republican actually speaking a truth!!! Wow!

  15. George Santos! The gift that just keeps on giving. We all know how this is gonna end. The fact he’s sticking it out is proof that the one he’s most dishonest with is himself.

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