Zelenskyy reacts to Ukraine’s EU candidate status | USA TODAY


  1. Zelensky: we need more long-range missiles
    Putin: heading your way

    Ukraine is losing the war. The problem is that the comedian and his gang are getting more and more unhinged by the day. He reminds Hitler in 1945 with his deranged fantasies about wonder weapons.

    1. Except he isn’t the one conquering, except he isn’t the aggressor. Sure, there are some far right military groups in Ukraine, but that’s about it. I’ve been to Ukraine in the past, and it’s a beautiful country, no nazism. If anything, Ukraine is doing well fighting against a country that’s much larger than them along with holding out way past the Russians predictions.

  2. Guys, may everyone in this world be healthy and happy. I wish everyone who reads this comment endless happiness, health and love. God bless you friends!

  3. 😅 The 6 requirements for Ukraine to meet, basically is insult. This is just like empty promises to girl , to get laid , then abandon…

  4. Nice. WTF was up with that Russian Air Defense System malfunction. That was tres weird. Real or a trap plan . Look Weak when Strong.

  5. Republics of the whole free world. Message for democracy.

    You saw the joy of the Ukrainian people when the political leaders announced the start of Ukraine’s entry into the European Union.

    The joy and victory of democracy is to equip the Ukrainian army with modern fighter jets, modern tanks, modern missiles, modern bombs, modern automatic weapons.

    THE REPUBLIC IS SHOUTING weapons in the Ukrainian dynamic attack as in the battle of Kursk 1943.

    — 1500 tanks abrams

    — 300 F-16.

    — 50 F-15 bombers planes .

    — 20 F-18 multifighters

    — 20 Eurofighters

    — 2000 M-113.

    —- 5000 Humve vehicles,

    — 1000,000 high-precision automatic weapons.

    — 2000 cargo drones 60 kg load.

    — 200,000 pieces of camouflage sniper uniforms.

    The West to guarantee the security of the borders of European Ukraine.

  6. In the 1930s, she directed the Nazi propaganda films Triumph des Willens (“Triumph of the Will”) and Olympia, resulting in worldwide attention and acclaim. The films are widely considered two of the most effective and technically innovative propaganda films ever made. Her involvement in Triumph des Willens, however, significantly damaged her career and reputation after World War II. Adolf Hitler was in close collaboration with Riefenstahl during the production of at least three important Nazi films, and they formed a friendly relationship.[5][6] BBC CNN MSNBC ABC

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