1992 Tape Of Trump And Epstein – The Day That Was | MSNBC

November 1992 tape in the NBC archives shows Donald Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to felony prostitution charges in Florida. MSNBC hosts discusses.
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1992 Tape Of Trump And Epstein – The Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. @jordana Cohen But you do know that’s bs? Pizzagate is fantasy. And you base your like for Trump on it?

    2. cornskid PizzaGate certainly appears to Fantasy for those who were/are involved in that creepy disgusting crap? It is amazing how the owner of that store was ranked as 4th most influential person in DC, and the person who shot up the place, happened to shoot a hard drive in the centre? If PG is a farce, there appears to be a lot of fire associated and connected to this smoke, i.e. Epstein, which I hope the Trump administration can shut down. Hopefully the Dem’s help, but I won’t hold my breath on that? Who said PG wasn’t real?

  1. 🍊The system is rigged folks especially if you’re rich you can get away with trafficking underage girls

    1. But dont be dark skinned and get caught with a joint…😱 they’ll move heaven and earth to get you put under the jail… but it’s ok to be an old white perv..

  2. 🍔One percenters don’t pay their taxes and they’re very cheap. I am so glad that I have never had to pay for it

    1. NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP I see you are a typical sheep who only listens to what you are told to believe. Not only do the 1% pay 80% of ALL THE TAXES they are why SHEEP like you have a job.

  3. The Shiney City on The Hill has been transformed by trump and others into th house with the Red Light over the door.

  4. While watching this…keep in mind Trump points out the NBC cameras to Epstein. That means what they were doing there was toned down for the cameras. I’d hate to think what they do behind closed doors.

    1. @Marti Wynne Seems like any other guy celebrating his divorce by dancing & coming on to every cheap trick at the local bar….js

    2. lights my apology he was caught shagging Marla basically in 89, in 93 he married her, and after she gave birth to Tiffany, you’d have to be on some drugs to shag him even then.

  5. Is anyone curious as to why, at the time, Congressman and former NBA player, Tom McMillian was there in broad daylight and then seen later, hiding in the background…really curious and interesting how the muck just keeps rising! 🤡

  6. Trump has the 2005 indictment of epstien he should release it and go after all those involved

  7. Wow! Quite the grope-fest! Can you imagine trump *without* a video camera pointed at him? On second thought, don’t do that …

  8. He speaks the language of the brothel, expresses the same ideas which led to the Holocaust [Lebensraum], is barely literate and lusts after his own daughter. What a despicable and insufferable jerk. His best friends include pimps, prostitutes and purveyors of snake-oil.

    1. @Tom Cat : Quite frankly, the “Bipartisan Swamp” is deeper than the Mariana Trench. He is the prime example.

    2. I get the feeling that he’s going after Omar, claiming that she’s anti jew, to begin a fight to protect Epstein. Trump’s is/has been deeply involved with him, I suspect. I dont know, just seems funny that he’s escalated his racism just before Epstein goes to court.

    1. @Don Williams There were accusers prior to the tapes. And the reimbursement to Cohen indeed came from campaign funds per Guiliani and Trump’s, “it’s not a crime” media campaign.

  9. Child Rapists Trump and Epstein both belong in PRISON for the rest of their anti-American lives!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!

    1. @car. A As long as we are in agreement that it’s all go down or none. It’s not Trump and Epstein vs the people. It’s Epstein and all the garbage otherwise these stories of Donnie T and Epstein is trash.

    2. @Barbara no you triggered someone who wants every dirty person even Eminem who was caught with Jeffrey at one time. In the words of Queen.. I want it ALL. And I Want it NOW. Trump only goes down if all go down. No scapegoats in this pedi ring of flirtbags

    3. @Rick Sanchez ZIONIST PUPPET? That’s every politician/POTUS going back to Reegan for me I’m a 80s baby. You understand that. Obama was a ZIONIST/Globalist… George Bush was with SKULL AND BONES… Don’t just say 1 person is when MANY ARE and was in office before TRUMP.

  10. I just can’t wait to see this fake president go to jail
    He already have 3 close friends in
    Manafort Cohen and Epstein

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