George F. Will On The Need To Defeat Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Good luck Americans. Just seeing this from across America it hard to see that will happen just because everytime he goes out for his rallies i see all this people out cheering for him. trump is an evil man. He just has opened so much hate in this world.

  1. I admire both the interviewer and the interviewee. I also miss having principled men like Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the US Senate.

  2. Of course they aren’t worried about the deficit. The next big war will be against Social Security and Medicare, the entire goal of creating the current massive deficit with insane tax cuts. They’re just warming up to it with blocking the 9/11 first responders health care bill. Get out the vote in 2020.

  3. Ok so he’s a outlaw and no one in his party cares. Ok so why are we calling them a “party”, when they conduct themselves as a “gang”?

    1. @Star Roddy Yes, he describes the Democrat Party well—a mob of angry radical socialists who care more about illegals than citizens.

    2. @Hope Emch you’re right. But I watched this country getting pulled further, and further right. And hs all been by design. There is a lesson to learn from this. We all need to examine how we got here to not let it happen again. We’ve have folks accumilating more wealth than ever and they get-off on watching others starve. We have some sadistic folks at the helm.

  4. The biggest difference between Nixon and Trump is that Nixon actually put America’s interest above his own. Trump puts NOTHING above his self interest.

    1. @Welcome to ClownWorld QAnon Incel talking of conspiracy theories…Ammirite?

      Tell me about pedovores and the serial killing pedophile ringmaster Hillary?


    2. Which ought to scare his cult followers–can they not see that he will turn on them once they no longer serve his purpose? He is loyal to no one except number one.

    3. @Sammy Bolo Sammy… simple Sammy… ‘pity the fool, for reason hath forsaken him’. Poor, hapless Sammy. Simple Sammy, the dunce.

    1. @Dan Ozomatli Have you ever heard of a religious fetish? Move to Idaho, they allow human sacrifices for a god there that will not let kids use insulin that their god did not make as it would insult him and this god that no one has seen would be upset if they let their kids (with pancreases that don’t work due their parents pathetic genetics) have a normal life. 183 kids sacrificed in America in the 21st century due to a religious favor in exchange for a vote against taxes. I guess it’s an evangelical thing.

    2. Not prophetic at all. The year that movie came out, we were already living Idiocracy. Limbaugh drove the Idiocracy train, as did O’Reilly. The GREED made them, and Oprah too, billionaires for dumbing down and dividing the population into smithereens. The latter is their weapon to keep the hundreds of millions from uniting and annihilating the tiny GREED minority.

    3. Dan Ozomatli I keep tryna tell my friends to watch that movie. I laughed so hard when I saw it, please believe I’m not laughing now. I’m speechless!

  5. George Will no matter my political of philosophical difference I may have, is an actual conservative who you can have a conversation with and represents what conservatism is supposed to be.

    1. @Eric Burkheimer 99% ? I ‘d say more like 99.9% percent are greedy and evil, bigots, etcetera.

    2. @Toob247 Toob247 OBama never yelled at crowed ‘send them home’, he was intelligent, trump is a complete and utter moron, hate monger and CRIMINAL, missed that memo IC!! 😉

    3. Toob247 Toob247 Through heroic efforts, Obama saved the US and the world from the Great Recession Bush teed up with his reckless deficits. Trump has plunged us far, far further into deficit than Bush ever did. Pig-headed intransigence, churlish racism and zombie party loyalty are the blindfolds Republicans use to prevent themselves from seeing the truth. But the economy doesn’t care what you want, or what you see and refuse to see. We are bouncing along on Trump’s bubble, still with no real wage increases for the workers, but when that bubble bursts, as all lopsided economic bubbles do, it will be with incomprehensible force that will produce excruciating suffering and devastate both the US and the world. When told of this and told when it’s projected to happen, Trump said it didn’t matter, he would be gone by then. Tell me again how much he loves you. I’m just not seeing it.

  6. As for Lindsey Graham; his conscience died with McCain not the McCain had much in the 1st place, stopping Obama’s nomination for the supreme court and even planning to keep the number of judges down to eight had Clinton won.
    GOP has become a crime organization rather than a political party.

  7. The difference between trump and nixon is that when people understood what nixon had done people removed their support. It is clear what trump is doing and there are still c. 40% of support. The difference between trump and nixon is not the person, America is more than a person irrespective of its power, the difference between trump and nixon is that now the world can see how a large part of their population thinks and they are in direct contradition with everything American leader sold to the rest of the world in the last 70 years.

    In summary, Nixon did not hurt America image, just is own. Trump destroyed the image of America to the world, I am sure that his supporters do not care about that but there are a lot of people, including those in the top of the republican party that know the consequences.

  8. The absolute solution is vote in 2020 everyone of these bankrupt and moral.slugs. The Republican party is dead in morality and spiritually evil and is like Rome before it collapsed.

    1. Steven Escover: Right you are and with 4 more years of Trump it won’t be the party but the country that will be Rome.

    2. It’s no longer Democratic vs Republican. Its Integration vs segregation. It’s white supremacy vs Diversity. Its white male patriarchy vs female subservience.

  9. George Will is brilliant. Love his analysis and well stated explanations. Im NOT a conservative but i love listening to his perspective on issues. They’re in depth and his vocabulary exceeds trumps.

  10. „From unthinkable to thinkable to actions.“. This is exactly how it worked and still works. There is a monster in the WH.

    1. @capatga In the end, Obama was nothing more than an authoritarian, community agitator who sought to rule rather than lead and he had no respect for working Americans always seeking to punish success. He spent his time attempting to make dysfunctional and deviant behaviors a civil right. Thus, he, his failed polices, and his corrupt Administration have been rejected as he heads for the trash heap of history.

    2. @Gary Lee Obama NEVER went to another country and berated an American on foreign soil . Trump is a traitor that consistently grovels and the feet of dictators and adversaries .

    1. Yeah, @Jack. I already heard that riveting alert on another MSNBC video. You mean you have already struck it to memory?
      And what a coincidence that just like MSNBC you also left out the part about Trump later banning “his buddy” from the club when he learned what Epstein was into.
      What if MSNBC told you to jump off a bridge, Jack?

  11. I am so tired of hearing about our supposedly great economy. It is so “great” that we are letting our infrastructure crumble, screwing over our veterans who commit suicide daily in record numbers and abuse the most vulnerable. America is a country without a conscience.

    1. AMEN to that TRUTH bless you so many babies are killing themselves 22 a day real hero’s but the childish immature draft dodging cowardly sexual predator is still drawing breath smdh

    2. Bobbo Morgan: Most Americans have a conscience. What we haven’t had is consciousness. A conscience only works awake. Laziness, defeatism, cynicism, apathy have kept the American public out of the process and as we’ve seen SH$%$%T happens when we choose to remain uninvolved. It is our civic duty to be the national oversight for our poliiticians and political parties and we have abdicated. The ignorance of the minority makes them vulnerable to manipulation by politicians like Trump. Maybe Trump’s one contribution to his country will go down in history as being the shot of adrenalin needed to wake the rest of us up . Democracy is not a spectator sport!

    3. Yep, it’s a great economy if you happen to be in the upper class and beyond. These are lies the America people so readily believe. If you don’t like our economy, you’re labeled a “socialist” or a “communist.”

  12. Trump needs to be removed from office. He is a racist and this can’t be allowed to continue.

    1. Is Donald KKKrump’s racist rants another diversionary tactic???Is he scared that his buddy Jeffrey Epstein might sing like a canary about their gallivanting with underage girls???

  13. Remember when Spiro Agnew started the term “silent majority’? Now it’s come full circle and the silent majority I believe now is composed of the tens of millions of people who hate with great passion this piece of garbage dirtying the white house. This is my hope – that the silent majority will come out in HUGE numbers in 2020.

  14. can’t believe people are even debating this…the trump presidency is by far worse than anything nixon did…he’s dismantling our democratic system right in front of our eyes and could very well be our last president before dictatorship…

  15. I’m a Independent and Justin Amash is 100 percent correct!!!! This Republican Party is NOT working for the good of the people only for the good of their party!

    1. It’s not even working for the party. They are self serving power mad opportunist.

      We can only hope the nation reacts to this white supremacist revival the way California did. We opened voting to all. Removed gerrymandering and viola – GOP wipe out.

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