After Trump Era And BLM Protests, Police Shootings Continue At Same Rate

Police are killing Americans at the same rate in 2021 as they did in 2020, when the murder of George Floyd sparked major protests. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on police killings over the past year, and discusses three factors for why the rate of force has not budged — and how to change that. (This is an excerpt of a longer special report.) (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Just like average people can’t fathom what it’s like to be rich, a lot of White America can’t comprehend racism because it’s not happening to them. Just because you can’t see the air you breathe, doesn’t then mean it’s not there and the same thing applies to racism!

    1. @JasonDrvmz no not everybody is obsessed with race, we see a problem and we fix it, thats how society evolves.. ignoring issues is refusing change and thats something republicans and conservatives do very well.. thats why progressives have gained popularity.. so ya acknowledge problems so we can move on after doing something about it.

    2. @Allan Burns funny but the “race” angle was never mentioned at all in the trial. almost like…….it wasnt a factor. all your “stats” and feelings dont change the truth.

    3. @Ken Rimmer what does politics have to do with anything? Racism was around way before conservatives and Republicans. That seems to always be the go to, the blame game.

    4. @JasonDrvmz ya we’re not talking about before politicians were around.. again, acknowledge issues, fix em, move on. You pretending over half of America and nation wide 2020 CIVIL RIGHTS protests is because of nothing is even beyond wilful ignorance.

  2. Rates of police shooting in the USA will never decrease whilst USA continues to (stupidly) think that saturating its citizenry with firearms is a good idea.
    You can yadda yadda as much as you like but that’s the brutal truth.

    1. @Adam Taylor a racist, murderer, abuser lies dormant in each of us, and can be exploited depending on the context and the situation we’re in.
      Psychosis causes psychotics, and is a complex symptom of varied mental illnesses unrelated to what you seem to be saying. 
      Or did you mean psychopaths?
      Psychopathy is a personality or character disorder marked in general by patterns of behavior demonstrating low empathy and compassion, low or absent feelings of shame, and zero regard for any obligation towards others.
      Conservative libertarians, basically.
      jk/not jk

    2. @g person No, that’s simply not true. Racism is TAUGHT. It’s not natural. Nobody is born racist.

      Same with being an abuser. It’s not something people just are. They BECOME that through their life experiences (usually being victims themselves).

    3. In September, in Texas, the Republicans have decided that any “adult” can carry a concealed handgun. Yee-hah!

  3. why is this a partisan issue?
    shouldn’t everyone be against police brutality?
    why is the right defending it?
    the right insists the second amendment is designed to give the citizens power against an oppressive government.
    aren’t police executing ppl on the street an oppressive government? shouldn’t the right be against that?
    they are against an oppressive federal government, they don’t hesitate to criticize the FBI when they think it abuses its power.
    this shouldn’t be partisan.
    oppressive police should be punished. police forces that cover for them should be reformed.

    1. Yes, Republicans are only against police brutality when they are the victims, otherwise BLM does not matter.

  4. Police need to be overseen by a CIVILIAN authority. A commission that oversees every police action and can respond without bias. No ties to any police organizations or politicians.

    1. @Tammy Tate Great idea, but honestly, there’s so much corruption throughout the world. A commission could be paid to lie and I don’t foresee anyone stating they’re apolitical. Honesty, doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t foresee that working. Now someone did mention, in these comments, that these LEO’s would be liable to carry insurance. That may make LEO’s think twice about brutally hurting someone? Who knows.

  5. When you have just one police officer with 85 complaints, majority against black men and he cost that city almost $900k as he gets a promotion! Another in NY, 25 complaints, he’s promoted and has cost that city almost $200k, nothing will change at all.. If you make these officers carry malpractice insurance like doctors I bet you these incidents would drop by 50% in the first week..

    1. @overanDownUnder insurance actuarial practice would weed out ones with unnecessary force issues either by increased premiums or by yanking their insurance altogether.

    2. @Jay Dubs If you jeopardize their pensions they will not serve. The self-insured for 8 to 12 million is the best muzzle. Raise their pay and education/age requirements. Establish 3 to 6 class ratings for community policing (similar to public schools). Let the market drive the quality of the policeing.

  6. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. @Dave Gilmour <-----when you're to soft in the head to realize you just proved my point! You refuted no ones point and provided no counter points! You didn't win the argument! You only succeeded in making yourself look like a child! As most leftest do!

    2. @Random Task Fun fact: this thread wasn’t a thread up for debate, therefore I had no argument to refute. Our friend Muddy Water here is a quite well-known troll, and no amount of “refuting” would ever change his point of view – hence why I didn’t bother to counter anything he said.

      However, I notice that you chimed in immediately with your insults about “leftists” watching MSM and how we aren’t able to “think for ourselves – therefore there’s nothing to be gained from speaking to you either.

    1. @Jackson Damon your entitled to your opinion just like I am. It takes a special kind of low down degenerate to be a cop, there some of the worse human beings society has to offer


  8. “it was a case
    of mistaken identity….”

    so if they got their identity correct, they are saying their brutality would have been fine.

    1. It doesn’t matter if they turn them off….they are on….numbers don’t change because the arrogance in laws of immunity haven’t changed.

    2. Those cameras are made so police can turn them off because they are intended to help incriminate the people not the police.

  9. Police need to have immunity removed, a majority unarmed and all officers especially armed ones need to procure their own malpractice insurance. Too much of a liability for insurance companies due to shootings, complaints etc., they don’t get a policy which means they don’t get a job. And civilian review boards mandatory for all civilian complaints, shootings etc.

    1. @Winston Smith throwing what money? In every other job, you pay for your own insurance. Insurance companies have the mechanisms to make this work just like every other job needing malpractice insurance.
      In terms of civilian review boards, they’re mostly volunteer civilian positions… and instead of other mechanisms in government paying for/supplying things needed for differing investigations, put it under one house, give them the already doled out funding. Hence, civilian review board.

    2. @Captain Smoke lol how is being responsible and having someone to report to if you’re a bad cop “throwing them under the bus”? You’re delusional mate. Nobody is forcing them to be a cop and be horrible at their jobs. But just as in every aspect of life, they need to be held accountable and face repercussions for actions that can give strengthened civilian confidence in the powers given to the police.

    3. The trumpy’s should bill themselves as the party of no accountability.
      They try to overthrow Democracy and assassinate the VP and Speaker, trash the Capitol of our nation but year’s protests were
      “worse” because Black people.

  10. Those poor children. What does a person think in order to do that to innocent people? The outcome of 250 years of racism?


    2. @MariYah Israel
      Only in theoretical sense , descriptive sense , technical sense. Not in actual sense. There is structural and institutional racism and bigotry akin to slavery but very covert and indirect. Plus there is white privilege , male privilege that keeps the dominance of rich whites going akin to slavery.

  11. If all the DA’s are going to do is release them back out into the streets, I guess someone’s gotta do something to fix the problem.

  12. “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

    1. Baldwin is right, of course, but until policing is seen as a public service, instead of law ‘enforcers’ with impunity, nothing will change.

  13. The system needs to work in a manner that discourages police from turning off their body cameras.
    When an officer intentionally turns off the body cam, they need to forfeit their qualified immunity until they turn it back on. Police deserve leeway for judgement errors, but if they’re intentionally hiding their actions, I don’t think they qualify as good faith judgement errors.

  14. “Mistaken identity”? What the actual f?? Were they looking for a different group of unarmed children? Disgraceful

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