How DeSantis And Noem Are Using Covid Failures As Political Springboards

“The story of three Republican governors in particular is the story of Republican politics at the moment—and how deeply perverse the political incentives are in their party,” says Chris Hayes of DeSantis of Florida, Noem of South Dakota, and Scott of Vermont. 
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  1. That’s a sad commentary on GOP politics, and American politics in general, if allowing countless numbers of your constituents to suffer and perhaps die from a dangerous disease is a way to get get elected to “higher” office.

    1. @Bryan Get your facts straight. Over 39000 deaths in Florida since beginning of pandemic. Florida is leading country in new covid cases at over 21000 because their economy is fully open. Fascism is a right wing political party just like the GOP and lastly, Medals of Honor are only given to members of the military, not fascict dictators.

    2. To the republican scum in this thread, what is an acceptable death rate % before it’s a bridge too far?

    1. @dr1flush You forget, I’m on the Right, so this is not about me at all. The facts stand, I merely pointed them out for you.

    2. @S D    nationalism is STUPID imo.

      You don’t even get it, you’re literally proving this original post right. The gop would deny history to make themselves look good. When you’re aligned with Nazi ideology on facist center right it looks bad so use FACIST politcal tactics and blame the opposition and never learn anything from history👍. Best of luck on your politcal journey . Hitler practiced Marxist theory and was trying to achieve communism ,,, sure whatever.😂 whatever you say guy

    3. @S D notice how only right wing fanatics say this? and all historians are wrong and trying to change history… You literally have to CLAIM that every historian and HIGHER education is a lie. 😆

    4. @dr1flush The Right came up with and wrote the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Freedom and Justice for All, All Men are Created Equal, One Nation Under God, and they implemented these things. God and His commandments are all over here on the Right, as is Light, Love, Life, and Truth. Famous people like Jesus Christ and His Disciples are all over here. The further right you go, the closer to God you get.
      However, in socialism, it is the opposite. The further left you go, the closer to Communism you get, the further right you go, the closer you get to Marxism. Socialism itself is on the Left. If you go left of socialism, you get anarchy and the devil. That is just the way things are.
      As for me, I’m just a servant of Christ. The Left hates Christ, so it hates me. The Right loves Jesus, so it loves me.

    1. Ron Desantis is guilty of…

      CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE: Culpable negligence in the State of Florida is defined as course of conduct showing reckless disregard for human life, OR the safety of the persons exposed to it’s dangerous effects OR shows wantonness or recklessness; OR an indifference to the rights of others as is equivalent to an intentional
      violation of such rights.

      CIVIL NEGLIGENCE: Culpable negligence differs from conventional negligence, (as used
      in Florida CIVIL cases), in the degree of disregard a person must exhibit for
      the safety, rights, or welfare of others. In the civil context, negligence is
      established merely by showing a breach of duty to exercise reasonable care on
      behalf of others. If a person fails to act reasonably in the regard to a duty
      they have towards others, then civil liability may be imposed. …With culpable
      negligence, the accused must not only act unreasonably with respect to his or
      her duty, but he or she must also exhibit gross recklessness, or wanton
      disregard for others.

      And WORSE!

    2. @Louis Tully I’m not living in fear. I’m vaccinated. I am living with Covidiots and that makes me angry. I’m sick and tired of you assaulting me with your selfish arrogance. Americans are tired of the obdurate white children! Time to put y’all in Time Out!

  2. The National Association of Funeral Homes, FULLY SUPPORT DeSantis & Noem.
    PS. Benedict Donald’s boyfriend Vlad, does too!

    1. @Al Tischler oh I see your brother is in the ICU? You mean the ICU that you just claimed two comments ago were “all empty”??
      Wow, it must be so exhausting being you and having to remember which lies and neat little stories you told where and when you spewed them.
      What a tangled web, eh, Al?

    2. @Michael Cappuccio he claimed his brother was in the ICU right after he claimed all the icus were empty. He’s a very naughty boy, that Al. God is going to get him for all those lies…

  3. Harvard Law used to be the standard. Now they have given us Ted Cruz, Kayleigh I will never lie to you, and Ron DeSantis. Perhaps it’s time for the accreditation committees to take a look? “Just saying”!

    1. Absofuckinglutly they should, nobody can brag they graduated from Harvard anymore and then expect people to take them serious🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Unfortunately, intelligence and wisdom doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand. Having the intelligence to graduate from Harvard doesn’t translate into the wisdom to do the right thing.

    3. @buru898 Well done 🙃 Admittedly, I have not looked into which came first. Appears to me, generally enterprises are started with good intentions and begin that way; ending up on the road to corruption.

  4. What a terrible leader DeSantis is. Why doesn’t he try to help us? Who is he trying to appeal to, the uneducated?

    1. @Bakersdirtydozen “about to get way worse” is what the radical left has been saying about FL for the past year. And DeSantis keeps proving em wrong. Best governor in America!

    2. ​@Bryan This is from modeled data acquired over the past 1-1/2 years. When the dust settles your man isn’t coming out on top. He’ll still have far right fools following him around like a bunch of dogs in heat but everyday that passes the centrist are stepping away one by one.

    3. @Bryan 58 people who were someone’s dad”mom,child.
      How about if it was your mom,dad or child? Would you be praising that as well?

    4. @Bryan This is what ignorance looks like. Incapable of looking at the situation critically and understanding what the options are and how they will play out. Keep things open, keep covid spreading, and reject vaccines and we’ll never get away from covid. We had a choice early on: suppress the virus by giving up life as we know if for a few months, or… Be selfish Americans that can’t see why shutting things down and stopping the spread actually solves the problem. We wanted to stop new variants, but we couldn’t do that thanks to places like Florida. Most hosts equals greater chance of new variant.

    1. It’s very disheartening that the life of the Americans under this political figure is at stake. He priorities his political position and stability over life. Voters should teach him a lesson by voting him out in the next round of election. Your votes put him where he is now. He should remember that.

  5. “Good governance means you are bad politically,” that really says something about the state of the Republican Party these days. Wow!

    1. @Fábio Queirós only vaccinations I’ve ever had in my life other than a tetnus shot was the polio,smallpox vaccines required at the time and that was in the 3rd or 4th grade back in the early 60’s when they did that. The smallpox didn’t take on me, my grandmother survived it and I have a natural immunity to it and I’ve never had polio so that must have worked well enough I didn’t have to get a booster shot 6 months later…

    2. Any time a Republican sides with the American people, the GOP fights with all their might to remove that individual. That speaks volumes.

    3. @Altrusian WolfDog you have fallen for the media narrative that democrats want the government to control your life.

    1. I somehow agree but no all. Only those under the charm spell if trump, McConnell, McCarthy, Ron Johnson, MTG, Gaetz and many more. Look at Chenney and Kinzinger. These two should be commendable for their boldness in upholding the truth. These two are no nonsense leaders. Americans need more like them.

  6. The contest is about who can be the most corrupt and vile politician within the Republican party, worthy enough to run as their lord president.

    1. And let’s not forget the most idiotic with obviously the lowest IQs!!! Their voters have to be able to understand!!🤨

  7. Republicans: I’m not getting vaccinated, I’m not wearing a mask
    Also Republicans: We’re in a permanent pandemic, waaaaahh

    1. @Cal Rich It’s mostly repubs not getting vaccinated. Minorities BTW have plenty of reason to not trust vaccinations, but repugnikkkans? No excuse! This is ALL political. Proof? repugs have NEVER been anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxers have always been goofy liberals, hippies, crunchy moms, all convinced that vaccines cause autism & are a scam by “Big Pharma” to make sure we NEED their drugs for the rest of our lives.

    2. @P Webb can’t talk any sense into you doesn’t matter what your reason is for not getting it..the result is the or other…don’t make excuses for one side and degrade the are contributing to the divide in this country

    1. Why devolve to Republican’s bad logic? There is no need to attack their looks. We can more rationally point out their failed rhetoric and policy.

    1. It’s honestly such an empty, meaningless statement. But the right loves buzz words like that. Strong men that will save them. It also implies the left doesn’t have grit, which further reinforces the “own the lib snowflakes” mentality. Empty speech for empty heads.

    2. Say it loud, repeat it, double-triple down, say it louder, repeat it again. When they seek an oncologist and that professional says here are your two options… Ride it out, or surgery/chemotherapy. A segment of our society have made a pledge to a political philosophy over facts, science and medical professionals. This group does not trust truth.

  8. De inSanetis is showing everyone by example how well he will handle the presidency. It would be a Trump copy of death.

    1. It’s changed so much from how conservatives were at their core. Now it’s about ignoring the science and not wanting change. But conservative ideology should have totally crushed this pandemic because they are the ones who tout personal responsibility. They, by and large, are the ones prepared for disasters, with tubs of water and MREs and gas masks for emergencies. They should have been the ones totally fine with holing up at home, living off the savings they worked hard for, eating their disaster food, and keeping their families safe until the emergency was over, and they should have been the first ones in line for the vaccine. IMO, Trump turned the pandemic into a “liberal hoax” at the very beginning and that spelled the beginning of the end for the lives of many conservatives who follow him. It is tragic.

    2. There’s nothing conservative about “conservatives”. They just demand to be called these flattering names and the stupid Democrats do it!

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