Aide fired after Trump appears with doctored presidential seal

An audiovisual aide for conservative student group Turning Point USA was fired this week after President Donald Trump appeared on a stage in front of a parody image of the presidential seal at its Teen Student Action Summit.
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    1. @steven kelly + There is Communist people in the Democratic party that is a fact. There is a proof of that.

    2. @steven kelly + There is no evidence of Russian collusion. You low educated morons can’t prove that Trump is a Russian spy. Not even Mueller. You idiots are still angry over the 2016 election.

    3. Yah that is intentionally did ,you know that. People like this will make Trump flip more blue state of yours to 2020
      CNN is one of a cheerleaders of deep state

  1. That is the Presidential Seal for this president. Why would the person be fired for this? It was appropriate.

    1. @TheSlowbosambo yeah better that that north korean/ russian sellout phony patriot…everything about you tight wingers is phony …except your stupidity.

    2. Oh my God, I am reading some of these comments, you mean to tell me that some of you would wear a shirt that has a Russia logo on it. Oh my God what has happened? We in a whole lot of trouble. In God we Trust. Have Mercy.

    3. @Josh Lindsey,” it`s impossible”- how do you know?? You don`t, like you don`t know what i do. Typical assuming trumpeteer, always able to shoot himself in the foot if he thinks his neighbor will turn lame.

  2. The actual issue was that the seal was accurate, Trump’s administration is allergic to facts and this certainly seemed to cause a reaction.

    1. Yeah cause when your looking the opposite way you can see things behind you, your all a waste of a good nut

    2. Trump is so into himself – I’m certain he paid the artist to make him a personal seal. He’s shown the world that he thinks he can change completely HOW the American government operates. That’s my proof.

  3. This was just genious and so spot on…..
    They should’ve fired the “president” instead…

  4. Most epic troll ever. We must discover this said troll and kneel before him or her and bask in their awesomeness!

    1. @harry johnston Oh yes, your orange clown obstructing justice is hilarious. 🙂 Enjoy the final year, inferior trumpcuck. 🙂

    2. harry johnston kudos to you for presenting a dissenting opinion and not lashing out and taking the bait. Although my opinions are probably different, you handled being insulted well.

    1. The aggressive liberal ideology that Fox is spreading is only good for the feeble-minded, rich whippersnapper.

    2. Your trolls put anti-rating almost every publication that is objectionable to your ideology. Ie almost all Russian media have a minus rating for you, but this does not mean that the media is broadcasting a lie.
      No one believes in “likes”, that’s all you’ve achieved.

    3. Steven C if cnn has 0 credibility, then fox is in the negative. I get you, cnn could improve A LOT. But we all know fox is trash and caters to the lowest common denominator.

  5. The NRA could swap the golf clubs for rifles and use that seal for themselves!
    NRA = National Russian Association.

    1. maybe ILHAN OMAR can bring some Jihadis from Somalia to potect you against your mean american brothers ? inshallah 🙂

  6. Late night talk shows should be fighting over the person who did this for their graphics department

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