See 2-year-old’s scary ride on airport conveyor belt

Edith Vega's 2-year-old son was injured after he was stuck on a baggage conveyor belt at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. #CNN #News


    1. So you have become a parrot to a not to bright form of language because of your need to fit in to something you saw on TV or a social site. Be yourself. Or what you think helps you fit. Or what others want you to be.
      Be proud of not being a parrot.

    1. BrainXTC : my son was on light speed at all times. It’s amazing he made it to adulthood really!!’

    1. Barry after reading your comments I am beginning to wonder about your parents…is all your anger coming from the fact your parents treated you like crap, ignored you unless it was to beat you…mate you need help, truly you need serious mental health help… please seek it soon….

    2. What is wrong with these people responding. Did leash with one daycare child. Thought it was funny to hide when I took some children to preschool. Problem solved!

    3. Hey my husband is 56 and his mom tied him to a tree so he couldn’t run off how is that

  1. Can we all admit at some point we all wanted to go on the conveyor belt. Even now as an adult the thought crosses your mind from time to time whenever at an air port

  2. “Scary Ride”…says the Adults in the room. “More!” says the Two Year Old…lol
    That Mom is going to have her hands full. I wish her well. and more hands.

  3. He is curious boy, lucky he didn’t get stuck and injured badly since the belt is not design for that kind of ride.

  4. This was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!!…He just did what we all wanted to do when we were kids…curious George

  5. I work around conveyor belts; let me tell you, those are Nothing to mess with. Place your fingers in the wrong spot, and SNAP- it’s broken (if you’re lucky)

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