Alexander Vindman On Lessons From Exposing Trump

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, U.S. Army (ret.), discusses his new book, "Here, right matters," his future, and the lessons he has drawn from his experience at the center of exposing Donald Trump's corruption and Trump's impeachment.
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      2ND COMING OF CHRIST..🇺🇸🕇🇺🇸

    2. @Natan A Amazing how stupid the Dems are who can’t even acknowledge the truth presented right before their eyes. Vindman was caught lying, Trump never was, Vindman was the guy behind the entire Russian Collusion scam…. One word he changed that started the whole thing and it was all propaganda… Vindman, and Comey should both be at the head of the line at a firing sqaud.

    1. @evan doe do you know the legal constitutional definition of treason? And what lie was it specifically, and can you provide a hyperlink to a legitimate news site source that reported it? Thanks.

  1. So when will President Biden reverse the evil that Trump did to so many of our honorable men and women who served our great nation???

    1. @Nic Moreno stating facts is causing trouble to you….. Pretty sad…..
      Trolls call people trolls…..

    2. @lynda medley John McCain is one of the biggest traitors in history…… I insult his service! And what!? Hurt gold star parents? How?
      You’ve clearly been brainwashed……

    3. @evan doe trump/pillow 2021 is the definition of dilusion..alternative reality..where mike lindell is the u.s vice president and trump retake office in aug..does it sound dumb?? well its the gqp reality nowdays…its pretty sad

    1. @evan doe for instigating hate and betraying America, he’ll be awarded the Medal of Fweedumb

    1. @evan doe sorry, trolls can not hurt feelings. No dumpy worshiper is smart enough to hurt any feelings. And Yes I realize I can’t hurt a dumpies feelings as they have none or brains.

    1. @evan doe
      Saw a stack of copies of tRonald dUmp Jr’s book in the trash, talk about not even being good for Toilet paper!
      People won’t even pick them off the trash for free! Hahaha 🤣

    2. @Benjamin Franklin are you five? My mother isn’t even good for tp? Do you use your mother as tp or what?

  2. I hated the way Trump would say Vidman’s name. You could feel the disdain in his voice (for the military honor) when he would say “Lieutenant Colonel” with a smugness on his face. He hated the professionalism and honor code of our military.

    1. As with his hatred of McCain, it is all due to uncontrollable envy. Trump is a pathological narcissist, his vile mental landscape has only negative emotions, predominant is envy, resentment of others ‘possessions’ anything they have that he can’t have, and self loathing at knowing that he is truly a weak cringing coward. This weakness is covered (he thinks) by shows of oafish provocative behavior. McCain had a hero’s reputation, as does Vindman. Trump can’t steal a reputation of that sort and knows he avoided even serving. That is unbearable for a narcissist, hence his expressions of contempt, which are projections of his own dismal failings.

    2. @Les exactly! Well said. You described Trump and his narcissism to a T. I’m afraid he’s also a phycopath.

  3. It is heartwarming to see Mr. Vindman – a genuine hero. His book, doctorate at Johns Hopkins and work at think tanks bode well for a bright future, one well deserved.
    Among all those who were attacked by trump the most vile and egregious ones were against Vindman and Marie Yovanovitch

    1. @Gregory Parrott Also, against Lt Col Vindman’s “Twin Brother”, who did Nothing to deserve him being dismissed… tRump is a very Vindictive, Spiteful, and Revengeful person.😠 Unfortunately, so many other people have also learned that.🤷‍♂️

    2. ​@mike briganti Seriously, I don’t know when that UFO landed & dumped all you stupid people on this planet, but apparently they aren’t coming back for you!👽🤪👽

    3. @Paul Ferrante Yes, right. But what else can we expect from a so-called “man” like little donald who refers to our greatest patriots, our soldiers who have died fighting for Western Civilization and our democratic republic, as _”losers”_ and _”suckers”_ ? Certainly you weren’t shocked to hear that this pathologically narcissistic, psychiatric basket-case and kleptomaniac would say these things.

  4. Lt. Col. Vindman, I doubt this will ever make its way to you sir, but I wish to thank you so very much for what you did for our country.

  5. Freedom is never Free! From day 1 Patriot’s like Alexander Vindman have make sacrifices for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. Thank you, Sir for your love of country and the sacrifice you have made. 🇺🇸

    1. @evan doe Absolutely it is. If I was as sure as Trump’s Traitors are, I’d be wondering when I’m going to jail. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about it. Accepting the word of someone out to stay in power, and lie in order to keep it, is always dangerous.

    2. @evan doe Seriously, I don’t know when that UFO landed & dumped all you stupid people on this planet, but apparently they aren’t coming back for you!👽🤪👽

  6. This guy is a patriot TO OUR COUNTRY verses those who call themselves patriots but are loyal only to a conman .

    1. Exactly they hide behind that flag to excuse their pathetic racist ways, none of these traitors are patriots as they plot to blow up buildings & shoot anyone who is not white, just cause they scream U.S.A. doesn’t mean they respect the people & Country!!

    2. @david brandie In the words of Commodore Stephan Decatur: _”Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong!”_
      Life can be unpleasant. Politics is compared to making sausage. History combines both. Proper history unbiased accounting of both.) USA is not perfect, but has its virtues, too. Our role as citizens is to keep ourselves out of the perils & pitfalls, and we do this by holding those with responsibility accountable. My opinion is that we’ve gotten complacent, and various actors have taken advantage of that complacency in recent years. Either way, if you don’t like our country, you don’t need to come visit.

    3. @mike briganti socialist? Don’t be a hothead. I’ll bet you
      – Pay for (and obey) stoplights (even though they are a means of government control)
      – use “free roads” to get places. Somebody built and maintains them.
      – rely on airplanes, either for your own transportation or for express freight service. Somebody coordinates the flights so the aircraft don’t jostle for runway access.
      – Drink water at places that don’t have their own well. Somebody ensures that water is safe to drink.
      – Listen to the radio. Somebody runs the licensing so different broadcasters aren’t trying to use the same channel.
      – got a high school diploma. How much did that education cost you?
      My point is that _even if_ you live on a farm away from any town or out in the woods, you rely on some kind of government services. These all fall under the mantel of what American conservatives call socialism, as a 4-letter word. (Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.)
      How is the country materially different from 1 year ago? How has Nancy Pelosi changed it?
      I think you need to reconsider your situation and words.

    4. @77thTrombone I wasn’t intending a holiday in Chicago ! [ Washington DC ,New York ,Atlanta ,Minneapolis,
      L.A., San Francisco , Seattle , Portland and plenty more dyuh geddit ]

  7. That is very profound ” i can look my daughter in the eyes”… honesty will always prevail if not here then the hereafter.

    1. Difference being Trump can’t look anyone in the eye that is not on the same corruption level as he is.


    2. We did…. and it wasn’t the guy who lied before Congress, and altered emails to push a bogus agenda that Vindman did.

  8. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people elected to power actually cared about serving this country like this guy does.

    1. When the electorate don’t care, it follows that you get a Republican with or without a Trump. A Republican for whom small government is that which is too small to interfere with their shenanigans, yet is big enough for them to hold the entire country by the throat. Joe Biden talks of the idea that is self-evident. . . But that idea is now: It is self-evident, that those who own the gold, make the rules.

  9. Such a wonderful man, such high moral values. He’s prepared to pay the price for it and no regrets. All the best life can offer you lt. col Vindman.

  10. This officer followed his oath as we all should. He is an example to all these insurrectionists who decided to listen to a traitor and attack the capitol on 6th January.

    1. @david brandie most of dumpies followers are in or waiting for jail. Not you your mommy would not let you out of the basement on the 6th.

    2. @Steve Nadort tens of thousands were nowhere near entering the Capitol
      anyway I get better reception in the basement when tuning in to Joe

    3. @david brandie well at least you got the truth from Joe. If you can get your mother to let you out to vote just vote blue then you just might be able to move out on your own.

  11. He doesn’t want his old job back – and who could blame him – but he should certainly be given full colonel status and pension and his brother should be given the choice.

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