Florida Doctor To Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘Let Us Do Our Jobs’

Florida cardiologist Dr. Bernard Ashby to Gov. Ron DeSantis says hospital staff in Florida are at their breaking point as hospitalizations surge again and accuses the state's Republican governor, Trump ally Ron DeSantis, of being 'reckless.'
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  1. Your not doing your job, Your just doing what your party wants, And now people are going to start dying again, Governor do what’s right morally, Florida is in trouble

  2. As a non-American, it’s astounding to me that this kind of reckless governance doesn’t hurt such politicians in the polls, AND that its even done deliberately as a political calculation due to the fact it won’t cost them any votes come election time.

    1. It’s astonishing to us, too. Stupid people elect stupid leaders. No wonder trump “loves the uneducated” – and they love him right back.

    2. JAX hospital has admitted an infant with Covid. Why would anyone listen to DeSatanic ? Why would a parent trust him?

    3. @Lea Smith There’s literally a one in a million chance of dying from Covid if you’re under 25, that’s not zero but still incredibly low.

    4. A sizable % of Americans have cognitive dissonance and are authoritarian leaning. Throw in a distrust of experts and expertise and rampant ignorance,and you get a borderline failed state.

  3. DeSantis is completely disconnected from his constituents and is turning his back on Floridians. Where is the Republican leadership? HE DEMONSTRATES THAT HE DON’T CARE! It is shameful, “VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.” This is a political stance and has to stop.

    1. DeSatan here in Florida and Abbott in Texas right along with Noam in S. Dakota.. Killing their own constituents..

    2. 👍👍👍👍👍🤗 killing their own ,who knew following Trump’s Regine, all these so-called leaders have had their shots, they’r voters no they don’t get a shot!! why ??????🤔🤔🤔🤔

    3. @G. E. Barbour They do until they die of COVID, which is almost exclusively the unvaccinated, which is almost exclusively Republicans. [insert popcorn emoji here]

  4. It seems DeSantis cares more about trumps approval then the Floridians health/lives. Numbers in the national metric don’t lie, Florida is the COVID Epicenter.

  5. Just leave the jobs, doctors and nurses just walked off. Go strike and protest your governor. See what’s the impacts on him and the patients who refused to vaccinated.

    1. @Jennifer Gagnon 99.7% survival rate! Tell us all again how you rised your life!

      You’re way more likely to die in a car accident tomorrow than covi d this year!

      But keep tuning into ms13nbc!

      How else will you know who to be upset with next or what to live in fear next!

    2. @Random Task Dr. Katie Passaretti, an infectious disease specialist with Atrium Health, says that 99% contains a wide variety of unpleasant, and even near-fatal experiences, including long-term hospital stays, and lingering effects, even after mild infection.
      “So-called long-haulers after COVID that are healthy people but have the consequences of COVID that can last,” Passaretti describes. “Yes, they survived, but it impacts quality of life, function and what-not.”
      She reminds, there is also a bigger picture too, and said the vaccine is important to not only increasing chances of surviving but also surviving well.

      “This isn’t just about the individual,” Passaretti said. “It’s about protecting the community and those most at risk in our community.”
      Estimates vary, but roughly 40,000 Americans die every year in auto accidents. We take all kinds of measures to prevent these deaths — seatbelts, airbags, speeding laws, federal safety regulations imposed on auto manufacturers

    3. ​@Random Task If we all got Covid that’s a huge pile of bodies. Almost a million more Americans alone. All because Tucker Carlson told you not to wear a mask or get a vaccine. I thought we wanted to put America First but you only care about yourself and can’t deal with a minor inconvenience to help save American lives

    4. ​@Random Task If we all got Covid that’s a huge pile of bodies. Almost a million more Americans alone. All because Tucker Carlson told you not to wear a mask or get a vaccine. I thought we wanted to put America First but you only care about yourself and can’t deal with a minor inconvenience to help save American lives

  6. Ron Desantis should be held accountable for his actions and should be sued for mis informing the people in his state we need these officials arrested

    1. @Scientific Methodologist And i bet you still call Trump an authoritarian dictator!

      As always if it wasn’t for double standards the left would have none at all!

    2. @Joe Biden loves 8 year old little girls Eww This stopped being a “china” issue the moment the first variant appeared in America, all on it’s own, last summer. The symptoms changed and people began losing their senses of taste and smell, it became more transmissible and the ages of people getting sick began to his younger people than the typical 70-80 yr olds, many of them without pre-existing conditions.
      –How about we hold the American non-maskers and anti-vaxxers accountable for the situation we are presently in? The people who refused to mask and allowed/encouraged the spread of the virus during the pre-election months, That continued to spread the virus in rallies after the election but before the final confirmation of the new President. Those that followed former president Trump in his quest to make this illness a political issue instead of a medical one, and those too ignorant to believe , even after 2 years of proof to the contrary that this is a flu. Hold the republican governors accountable for endangering each and every person in their state by balking at mask mandates and vaccination requirements?

    3. @Tosca Tattertail How stupid are you? It ultimately came from China so that’s who’s to blame stop your ignorant ranting and educate yourself

  7. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the endorsement of the orange one but lose his voters due to covid?

    1. .3 x 10,000 infections = 300 deaths per 10,000 infections. Some people are more risk-averse than others…

    2. @Edward Brown That’s also often 300 families who lost a loved one who may now be more inclined to vote him out.
      That also doesn’t take into account the misery that people endure even if they don’t die. Some have been dealing with covid for months. some will carry the ill-effects of this disease for the rest of their life. It’s truly sad how so many people don’t care enough to wear a mask, be careful and get the vaccine. So much for putting America First. Its more like Me First

  8. Schools are a huge risk. In Brisbane Australia we went from no cases (so no masks) to 25 in 48 hours after 1 school girl caught it. this Delta spreads fast. Mask up

    1. @Donna B You agree that delta is more transmissible, which is universally acknowledged, but the op never said anything about dead children, that’s your defensiveness projection. It is only less deadly because the medics have learned a lot. 1 kid to 25 in 48 hours, these kids have parents, grand parents, relatives, neighbors. Think about it, some of them may be medically vulnerable and/or unvaccinated. The us daily death rate is now up from 250 to 350 in about 3 days, and climbing steeply. Check out US coronavirus worldometers for the full picture, the graphs particularly tell the story of the coming peak. Deaths follow about 3 weeks later – that’s how long the patients struggle for.

    2. @Elizabeth Cullum Just an FYI for you and any others this may help. I’ve read the newest terms and conditions on YouTube. Misinformation and disinformation are to be reported under the spam radio button. If multiple posts or comments from the same user, the user’s profile/page is to be reported and there is a reason code and space to explain why it is being reported.

    3. Facts and truth matter!! Where are yours??? YOUR repeating a headline that you didn’t even read😜🤪 no wonder frump LOVES THE UNEDUCATED😜🤪😜🤪😜

    4. @Donna B facts please not your uneducated BS on the internet 😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  9. They’re being treated the same as capital police, like sacrificial animals. Watch how others are treated because you could be next.

    1. And relying on a child to keep their mask on, because you can’t make them keep it on. Letting a child make decisions like that.

    2. I wouldn’t set foot or spend a penny of mine in that state. Stupidity isn’t a virus but it sure is spreading like one in Florida!

    3. I’ve heard the teachers union is refusing to make teachers get vaccinated and half of them don’t want to be vaccinated , if that’s true then aren’t they adding to the problem of keeping children safe ???

    1. @Morphoziz Cute. Did you steal the name-calling from a 5-year-old? You’re a very basic troll indeed.

    2. @Trolling Them Softly Meanwhile your little leftist buddy called Ron “chubby” and you say nothing. Typical leftist hypocrisy.

    3. @A. Mac According to A.Mac
      Those who don’t lead the way I want them to lead are not leaders.. Sounds to me like you don’t like the way he leads. Unfortunately for you, the vast majority of Florida does.

    1. Ron Desantis is guilty of…

      CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE: Culpable negligence in the State of Florida is defined as course of conduct showing reckless disregard for human life, OR the safety of the persons exposed to it’s dangerous effects OR shows wantonness or recklessness; OR an indifference to the rights of others as is equivalent to an intentional
      violation of such rights.

      CIVIL NEGLIGENCE: Culpable negligence differs from conventional negligence, (as used
      in Florida CIVIL cases), in the degree of disregard a person must exhibit for
      the safety, rights, or welfare of others. In the civil context, negligence is
      established merely by showing a breach of duty to exercise reasonable care on
      behalf of others. If a person fails to act reasonably in the regard to a duty
      they have towards others, then civil liability may be imposed. …With culpable
      negligence, the accused must not only act unreasonably with respect to his or
      her duty, but he or she must also exhibit gross recklessness, or wanton
      disregard for others.

      And WORSE!

  10. He definitely has his own set of authoritarian tendencies. But this seems to be a Republican feature as much as an individual feature.

  11. I am astounded that one man is able to control all decisions at the detriment of the people even when totally incompetent

  12. Why is the Florida governor being allowed to make healthcare decisions without any health sciences degrees of a license to practice medicine?

  13. How long will DeSantis let this go on? He was so freaking wrong! He’s not gonna admit it – and it’s killing citizens!

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