‘A Political Errand’ For A ‘Corrupt President’: Vindman Looks Back On Giuliani In Ukraine

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, U.S. Army (ret.), discusses his new book, "Here, right matters," and his role in the first impeachment of Donald Trump, including Rudy Giuliani's effort to manufacture a Biden scandal in Ukraine to help Trump in the 2020 election. 
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  1. Here is a guy who lost everything to do what was right. Meanwhile we got Republicans saying jan 6th was hugging and kissing love fest of tourists.

    1. We are now in the twilight zone… we can all thank the people who voted Trump in the office. I used to say that our country was above the rest, but now it just another $hithole like trump words it.

    2. @David Rink Yeah it’s easy when you live on the other side of the world. The Un-united States is in trouble and I don’t think Biden, while doing his best, can fix it. What they need is more schools, mandatory attendance and fewer guns!

  2. Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, the GOP & FOX News, ALL RIGGED the 2020 Election!

    1. @petal pink ide back that up. Trump thought putin was an idol.

      And he worshiped haaaaard.

    2. I think they did rig it, that is why they are going crazy saying Biden isn’t the president. They rigged it and STILL lost!

    3. @N K That’s because they didn’t take one huge thing into consideration that was more powerful than all of the corruption and rigging they could ever do……the vote of WE THE PEOPLE!!!! That is why we protect and they attack the one real instrument of power in this Democracy…….THE VOTE!!! Let’s keep protecting it, folks, and our Democracy will remain safe and secure for years to come.

    1. @Darcy Perkins I did not read as an accusation to Vindman, I saw like a general comment. A general comment that I partially agree. I clarify that in the case of Vidman I consider to be a case of integrity, but we see a lot of exaggeration out there that becomes self-righteous.

    2. @Luis Boqcas Good point. I knew he wasn’t accusing Vindmann. It appeared that you thought he was.

    3. The United States of America doesn’t look to kindly to people who lies ,cheat,or steal if that’s how you choose to be then you don’t deserve to be in this great country, take whatever the horse you rode in on and get the fooh

  3. Remember when the GQP used to pretend that they actually supported military, law enforcement, and free markets? That was cute.

    1. @Altrusian WolfDog lol you’re just another loser who calls himself a wolf dog while calling everyone else a sheep, you’re about as original as my socks

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog What? You are arguing for criminal behavior over the rule of law. You sound like a Russian.

    3. @paul herring You really have no clue what this is all about do you? You are about to lose your rights, liberties and freedoms to the elite global cabal and don’t even know it….Not that Biden telling us after the G7 meeting that we have no rights, God given or otherwise that can’t be controlled, regulated or outlawed by an all powerful government. For the common good of course…You better wake up dude, you are being sucked into the biggest coup to control the planet in history…at least you won’t have to worry about voting anymore….

  4. Alexander Vindman is a real American. More so than those born on this soil.
    Proud boys. Oath keepers. None of you are heroes and you certainly aren’t American.

    1. @maria schultz Care to describe what those two have in common? A man who has honorably served his country for decades and a shyster lawyer who’s an embarrassment for damaging victims of Trump because of his own personal dishonesty. Avenatti is just like Trump – a liar who damaged people who trusted him – a good grifter. I only wonder when Trump is going to pay with convictions and jail, along with all his employees and friends.

    2. He’s not just a real American… he’s a true patriot. All the clowns claiming to be patriots should take note of what patriotism actually looks like.


    2. @Richie Greign I can pinpoint when you did….when you let BLM and the dems regime on ‘what is right’ took place.

    3. @Ryan Ricks
      Interesting. Vittman swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and protect it from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Honored that oath. The same people who call him a traitor, attacked the country on Jan 6 to exercise a coup. Who is the traitor again?

  5. There is always a price for being a whistle blower, but the Vindman brothers did the right thing. It is a shame they haven’t been reinstated.

    1. They haven’t been because both parties are one in the same, acting out their deceptive rolls to the american public who has been sleep for decades, the Democrats is the other half of the twin, that’s why Trump, McConnell, Graham,and the rest of those traitors are not put before a firing squad

    2. @kiwimaori correct, it’s a shame that the truly brave soldiers are ridiculed by the cowards, and we the people allow this corruption to continue, Trump and his whole Nazi squad should be put before a firing squad and eliminated

    3. That should have been one of the FIRST things Biden did with his pen !!!!!!!!!!!! But the sad fact is the Oligarchs didn’t want him to.

    4. @oldschoolfunkster1
      Via labotomy, followed by bleach Disinfectant and light. It’s pretty dark inside 45 with all the cofefee crap he spews.

  6. Thank you Lt. Colonel Vindman for your integrity and courage. If the GOP only had a fraction of your integrity, the country would have a chance

    1. The GOP is not what it once was. When impeachment proceedings were started in the House against Richard Nixon over his part in Watergate the Republican Senators [the Republicans controlled the Senate then] went to the White House and told Nixon that if those proceedings landed in the Senate they would not support him. Nixon saw the writing on the wall and resigned. Such a contrast with the GOP and Trump’s impeachments

    2. We have a bunches of snakes 🐍 as Republican leaders so we may not see the light of days and peace again if we continue to elect them into office‼️

    3. Integrity housed in a human body? In the USA? In the government?

      May I have to privalege to utter we might actually have a chance on the world stage?

      Integrity, more rare than a sober American.

    4. @Duncan Macpherson I agree. Yet not 100%. The GOP was always shyt, now it is the gigantic pile of shyt it really is

    1. @CapNate WR and yet you still don’t understand the difference between the legsl authority to do something, and the legal constraints on how you do it. Watch less TV, and read more books.

      And on your latest… 1) write less, think more, spell better. 2) Don’t give yourself away with “Hillary” (drink!) and “Russian collusion hoax”. Hillary was history by the time it all emerged. “Collusion” is a made up offence by Trump supporters. An Aunt Sally which doesn’t exist in law so they could say he wasn’t guilty of it. But, now the evidence is being released after Trump prevented it, it is wholly proven that the Trump’s core team was thoroughly bonded to Russian intelligence and were sharing confidential information with it (whether complicity or just stupidly). 3) Stop making excuses, stop pretending your anything less than a died-in-the-wool Trump supporter, don’t assume saying your disabled is worth a hill of beans, suka.

    2. @CapNate WR what you are saying is if Trump giving away Alaska to Russia or Washington state to Canada is his prerogative? Wow, you are a cult follower.

    3. @CapNate WR No, you are the one that doesn’t know what you are talking about. Vindman Swore Loyalty to the USA Constitution, and admitted the President had by law the right to do those decisions, but not trump, a criminal, corrupt, good for nothing and treasonous potus *45. Yes, to follow orders of a corrupt and criminal president maybe is in YOUR constitution. Yes, there was dereliction of duty from the corrupt and criminal president that you are trying to protect using defined concepts with the purpose of confusing people- that is called DEMAGOGY. All the secretaries of trump’s cabinet, including the state department that served under the orange poop potus *45 were, together with bill barr and jeff sessions, fully corrupt criminals that were using the US Government for personal benefit, and that is not within the Constitutional Rights of the President as a Commander in Chief. trump was a commander of crime, corruption, treason, and who knows what else, and under those circumstances, you do not follow orders. So I guess that you by giving your opinion in this matter, you are saying that whatever corrupt or criminal activity your potus follows, that is what you have to do, and that is not true. Last but not least- Vindman has Principles based in good Morals and Ethics, Integrity, Honor, Courage, and gave everything to protect them and our Nation, while trump never knew, even less, followed any moral or ethic principle at all except the principle of scam and exploitation of the ignorant and desperate people of our Country to get their money like he is doing now with his lies and scams he is doing to destroy our Democratic Experiment.

    1. @The Blade healing can’t start until we have accountable. As long as trump is free to hold rally’s and spew his lie’s? Our democracy is in danger. He should have been arrested the day he left the White House.

    1. @Charles A Smith; You ancient silly hobgoblin gave you the chosen one, a ” very stable genius” you folks are never happy.

    1. @Dave Gilmour More like an Internet bully turned President, which might be funny as a premise of some made for TV family flick, but turned out to be real effing tragic in real life, as the nation and planet went through a major crisis, and lack of leadership suddenly became directly proportiona to loss of life…

    1. @Grateful Fredly so you don’t think Trump is a traitor who sided with Putin against his own security services? Let me guess, military intelligence, FBI, CIA, NSA they’re all in one massive deep state conspiracy against poor innocent Donald.
      Jesus, wake up.

    2. @Grateful Fredly you honestly don’t think Trump is a traitor? A fraud? An adulterous, lecherous, several times bankrupt, petty, loser?
      But wah wah wah something something Hunter Biden’s laptop, Four Seasons Landscaping Rudy told me, it’s credible intel.
      Hahahahaha woohoo hooooo bless you kid x

  7. Don’t forget that his brother also lost his position, merely for being related to the Lt. Col.

    1. Alexander retired from the military and his brother is set to get promoted to full Cononel under the Biden admin… : )

  8. Lt.Col. Vindman is a true American hero and should be asked to return to service as a Brig. General. He should also be paid for the intervening period.


    2. @Michael Fisher He is retired with pension….but YES he should be reinstated and made a Full bird Colonel!!!!


    2. @may wilson Charles Flynn has command of Army Pacific and that is unsettling.
      Brother Michael called for overthrowing the government. This Flynn is technically in the military and he should be held to high standards.
      On the positive side, Mark Milley is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

    1. It will be even rarer when people like this doing their job and the right thing, get punished for life…along with their family ! America has made another bad decision and a step in the wrong direction.

  9. Being denied a promotion was political, all involved in stopping his promotion, his superiors in the military or not, should be court martialed.

  10. It’s ironic that the Trump’s rioters of the Capitol called themselves patriots when in fact Mr Vindman exudes the very essence of being a patriot in every sense of the word….!!!!!

    1. think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Democrats community to our society. I love driving down there streets and seeing the American flag waving so proudly in every yard. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighborhoods family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.  You can witness this by their strict adherence to our local and Federal laws. Their commitment to academic excellence en-riches our schools and services as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as people.  Just watching their Special kind of Science change our society is simply amazing. I mean,who ever thought there are 187 Genders? Real estate values are fueled by the mix of Democrat Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of all they have achieve through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creativity drive, we would undoubtedly be poorer as a nation.

      Well,except for the Mass Shootings,The Racist, Lawless,Violence, Junkies. Self Entitled, Christian Hating, Antifa, Loving, Police Hating, Pedophile Loving, Hating, Abortion Loving, And Go woke Go Broke.

    2. @Matty ice and all them REAL AMERICANS, while your the hater ,and the problem . Id rather be around a thousand immigrants , than one nazi magat scum. Standback n standby…for the FBI to arrive, its imminent in your case no doubt

    3. @Matty ice Work on second paragraph komrade, before paste it again, also, work more on English capitalization so it not look like bad translation from cheap Russian App…


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