Five States Have Nearly Half Of All New Covid Cases

Health officials say that five states, California, Florida, Louisiana, Missour, and Texas, account for 46% of all new Covid cases as hospitalizations rate surge among unvaccinated Americans.
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    1. @Rodney Boehner Yup. So we should just wait to see what falls out. 🙂 The breakdown of the deaths reported should be very enlightening.

    2. @fba90130 that’s alright fba, rodney it’ll get around to you don’t get impatient, karma is a patient one strikes when you least expect it🤗😄

    3. @mary johnson It may not have to. If you’re vaccinated, you’re less likely to be collateral damage even if your neighbor is unvaccinated. We do have to find a solution for the children, though.

  1. Gee, it’s almost like people were told it was “just the flu” or “it will go away with the heat”, stuff like that. tRump did this.

    1. Yeah, Trump did do this and the Republicans followed right along with him. And don’t forget Fox News supported the lie and broadcast it to the mentally challenged.
      Now hear we are.

    2. @Cliff Roebuck mentally challenged as in our current POTUS or have you not seen the boy in action 😂 How about Cuomo though?! A real treat eh? First the concealing of the COVID-19 deaths now today the AG drops the bomb on him! Glorious times we live in bros!!!

    3. @HobbsO Instead of being a Biden mouthpiece try doing a little research yourself. Knowing the Biden censoring plan you need to look past first 100 youtubes to start seeing beyond the censorship. In us CDC quietly lets out a few thousand while others claim 50,000 or more deaths. Get a shock and see European Nations death counts as well as bar elderly from getting the shot. Open your eyes and put them to use.

  2. I remember telling my friends back on March 13th of 2020 that the “Spanish Flu” started in Kansas in late 1917 and finnaly burned out in India in late 1920. That was three years of global disease spread and that we should be ready for a few years of difficulties. Hang in there folks!

    1. @madmanszalinski history repeats itself besides its common sense, if you are forced against your own will just like the other communist countries then yes the Communist elites.

    2. @bert larsen common sense is something you have sorely lacked during our short conversation today…viruses don’t care what form of government you have, neither do the means of dealing with one

    3. @madmanszalinski the same people that selling the pandemic is selling the vaccine, do you know what’s in it? I do. But every time I post it it gets deleted

    4. @madmanszalinski let me ask you this, why in the United States are they paying people to stay home? I don’t know if you live here or not but I can tell you they are destroying this country on purpose. Power plant down the road from me closed down due to biden’s law, thousands of people out of work, railroad workers out of work, it’s a domino effect. I talked to a lot of people that’s part of my job and a lot of people has woken up that used to vote Democrat. Politics aside, you don’t run a country by closing down businesses, paying people to stay home, and telling a hard-working person to pay their employees more money. That’s what Biden told a business owner. Come on LOL

  3. What caused the surge? Um, rolling back mask mandates, amid the July 4th celebrations? Do you need a rocket scientist for this?

    1. In addition, the Delta variant is more than twice as contagious as the Alpha variant. As a result, it spreads much more quickly.

    2. Yes, I track daily cases.

      Covid exploded after July 4th.

      We can expect similar explosions after the next holidays.

    1. @Swimming in the Cesspool of Stupidity yes. I’m not disagreeing but the guy that was supposed to change all that is a bigger thief than all of them before him.

    2. @Mary Rodger nailed it. Never thought of him that way, but that is what he is. Mancin has a houseboat? Yeah, Dixiecrat, but from West By God Virginia, not in Dixie…sigh.

    1. And two states have almost ALL of the Nursing Home China Virus deaths. Both states, MI and NY have HORRIBLE Governors.

    2. @maria schultz Exactly. The media is trying to say this is a red thing however there’s millions of democrats that don’t trust this sht either.

    3. No it isn’t….purely biological. Man manipulated germs into ignorant creations of weaponry and arrogant wealth.

    1. Mostly republicans but they are just making their base smaller. Less republicans to vote in the next election. I’m ok with that

    2. Looks to be more of the heavier populated states but what do I know. New York. California. And Texas are 3 of the largest populations. And are in the top 4 on cases. And California is the worst one. Aren’t they a blue state. But yes. Republicans!

  4. At this point I’m almost inclined to say: ‘Republicans, you’re literally losing voters.’ But I hope they all come to their senses and get vaccinated so they don’t needlessly die.

    1. Wat about the black community?? Hmmm 🤔 we are the most unvacinated community in the country….?

    2. I prefer that they don’t get vaccinated, that way they can stop being a national security threat.
      No sympathy, no treatment.
      Evil must be opposed

    3. @[name here] yeah well that’s probably because after crap like the Tuskegee experiments I wouldn’t trust them to give me Tylenol 3’s

    4. Even when you are vaccinated if you continue to put yourself in the viruses path you are increasing your chances of getting infected. Hence, wearing a mask, hand washing and distancing are still important steps to avoiding the virus.

    5. If no republican gets vaccinated 1% will die. If young republicans don’t get vaccinated 0.03% will die. If you think “everyone will die” your watching too much msnbc

  5. Just so tragic considering these people listen to every word their Almighty Trump says … He could have changed this outcome for the better had he touted the vaccine as safe, and effective from the start. Ironic considering his bragging about Operation Warp Speed.

  6. Honestly, coronavirus this is too complicated for Republicans to understand. Even if they wanted to understand.

    1. I hear other than corona its even more complicated for liberals to understanding the notion and contents of an election audit.

    2. @stan Bartkowiak you’re either ignorant, or you embrace lies consciously. Not really sure which one is worse.

    3. @Unified Vision Watch Rand Paul expose your Liberal security blanket chin diapers. Liberal media refuses to push any truth against the lies by showing US studies done or as Mr. Paul showed other Nations masks studies that masks do not work. Unified vision needs to open his eyes for real vision.

    4. @stan Bartkowiak especially when liberals are correct that there was no widespread election fraud that would determine the outcome of the election in favor of conservatives and trump…🤣💯

  7. Refusing the be vaccinated should mean refusing treatment. People who put themselves in that situation on purpose don’t deserve a hospital bed.

    1. I agree with you. If they refuse at this point they shouldn’t even be able to interact with the public especially if they’re using their own personal freedom over the wellbeing of those around them as an excuse. This has gone on long enough I don’t like masks and social distancing and getting vaccinated definitely wasn’t at the top of my bucket list but at the same time I love my family and I cannot imagine the pain I’d feel if I gave covid to the most important people in my life nor do I want it for anyone else. Covid dont care it’s not political it’s commonsense go get your fauchi ouchie and be done with it.

    2. Yep save the bed for those who cant get vaccinated not waste it on nitwits who wont. They should stay at home.

  8. My husbands 2 friends are refusing to get vaccinated. I asked him how he has such dumb friends, he said he doesn’t anymore. He said man I didn’t realize they were that selfish and stupid.

  9. “it’s like a miracle.. it will go away”

    Donald trump

    Delta: ” hold my mask”

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