Biden, McCarthy set to discuss debt ceiling after months of stalling | USA TODAY

The White House said Congress should "avoid default without conditions" as Congressional leaders prepare to meet with President Joe Biden over debt limit.

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he last time Joe Biden met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy – 97 days ago – the president reiterated his long-held position that raising the debt ceiling is "not negotiable or conditional."

But as the two leaders meet at the White House again Tuesday, Biden faces increasing pressure to soften his stance on Republicans' demands for spending cuts ahead of a June 1 deadline to avoid a government default.

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  1. 78 times in the past, that shows how real the debt ceiling is.

    1. House Republicans have only gotten 2 bills passed into law this year. They’re not taking anything as seriously as we would like.

  2. I’d say there is some fluff in the military budget you can cut, the Trump 2017 tax stuff can be repealed, but no way you cut Medicare, Social Security, SNAP, etc. Those items are generally needed more than fluff in the military that does no one any immediate good or the 2017 Trump tax cuts which does no one any immediate good as well.

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